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Tomato Bruschetta

Nice classic preparation of a great summer dish. We love the fresh garlic taste, but some may not. Cutting down on the garlic in the tomato topping is still a tasty variation.

Aug 11, 2012
wallatom in Recipes

Old Fashioned Cocktail

I am no conoisseur of Old Fashioned, but I like this recipe a lot. We didn't have the recommended cherry, so we skipped this. I liked the muddled orange which went very well with either the bourbon or straight rye version. This recipe is a keeper, and we have enjoyed this for a few nights in a row after a long day at work, before dinner. Enjoy!

Jan 19, 2010
wallatom in Recipes

Nagging Unsanitary Cooks

Because someone got away with poor food hygiene doesn't prove the negative. If you don't follow some of these simple rules, eventually someone will get sick. If you are cooking for someone else, follow the rules for their sake. If its just for you, you can bend the rules, but you still risk your own health. Isn't it just common sense? I know a guy in his 70's who smokes two packs a day and drinks a fifth of vodka daily and is in great shape! What does that prove?

Jan 13, 2010
wallatom in Features

Nagging Unsanitary Cooks

We all need to be reasonable and comfortable with our level of food hygiene. I work in medicine where we are trying to become even more paranoid re cross-contamination of patients in the trauma ER room, OR, and the examination room. But most of the contaminants in the kitchen dont really fall in this category. Most of it is common sense. Like my college dorm buddy who used to fry steaks and pour the fat back into the unrefrigerated oil bottle for re-use. By the next week he and his girlfriend were so sick they needed to be hospitalized.

Some of food hygiene is absolutely essential, e.g. raw meats, unrefrigerated cream, dirt on lettuce or mushrooms, cutting raw chicken, etc. Much of it is personal cleanliness. Why go through hours of prep for a dinner party and make wonderfully tasty food served with a beautiful presentation, only to make your guests secretly question whether the food is safe to eat. If anyone gets a stomach ache within 24 hours of seeing you pick up something off the floor, guess who gets blamed?

Wash your hands before touching food. Don't pick up dropped food off the floor and use it. Keep a separate tasting spoon on the counter, and rinse it after use. Keep the counter clean. Don't ever give your guests a reason to feel uncomfortable.

Jan 07, 2010
wallatom in Features