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Great food and cocktails for 12 pp

Thanks! I've heard mixed things about the food at Saxon & Parole - anyone have a take on that? And what's the crowd like?

Aug 30, 2012
m519 in Manhattan

Great food and cocktails for 12 pp

I'm looking for a recommendation for a lively, fun restaurant
with both great food and cocktails. Downtown preferable. Not Stanton Social, Beauty & Essex, or The Dutch - although they all fit the bill, this group has been there. Any ideas?

Aug 29, 2012
m519 in Manhattan

Unique dining experience

I'm looking for a really unique dining experience for my husband's 40th birthday. We've done Per Se, and the chef's table at Gordon Ramsay . . . I'm hoping for something really out of the box, upscale, for 12-16 people. Ideally, something where it's personalized somehow (like at the chef's table at Ramsay, where you sit in the kitchen. That was fantastic.) Any ideas?

Jan 06, 2010
m519 in Manhattan