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Mishkins [London]

nor are latkes with eel! latkes yes- but eel?!no! i love russel norman's restaurants but think in this case might stick with what i get at home..

Dec 13, 2011
icingoncake in U.K./Ireland

Maida Vale [London]

I was very disappointed by Ida, especially as it's right up the road from me. The place is really cute, but we had awful service.. 2 starters turned up, 2 didn't, then when they arrived my boyfriend's wasn't what he ordered. When asked, the waitress seemed to think he should just eat it anyway. He probably would have done but had the temerity to ask what it was he had been given... the waitress didn't know, went to the kitchen to ask and then came back and told us it was a pork soup (pork soup sounds weird but it was some kind of soup with pork!)... we don't eat pork so obviously this was a no go. i had pasta and found it unremarkable, there was however a very good chocolate dessert! maybe we caught them on an off night but i'd be reluctant to go back.

what is good round here... there is a new atari ya (sushi) on fairfax road (Southhampstead). the food is pretty good, the service hit and miss, but they do a fantastic £10 set lunch. you should totally walk up to queens park farmers market on a sunday.. its a v gd one. there is a very yummy, reasonable, if bizarrely decorated, indian on willsden lane called vijays.. lots of veggie options. dont be put off by the exterior! all of these recs are kilburn/queens park though sorry, but not too far away if you feel like venturing north!

Jul 11, 2010
icingoncake in U.K./Ireland

Romantic fun dinner rec, London.

thanks all... i had looked at andrew edmunds but it just didn't seem our thing. definitely want to try Yauatcha at some point but dim sum is v restricted on choice for us. We ended up going to Latium - bit quieter than our usual haunts but a real treat, relaxed but sophisticated and lovely service. And ravioli which looked like flowers :)

Jan 09, 2010
icingoncake in U.K./Ireland

Romantic fun dinner rec, London.


Its my anniversary friday night and I have yet to decide on a venue! Looking for somewhere a bit special and romantic, but not too serious/snobby. We are 23/25 - budget no more than £30 - 40 each (not too fussed about wine). Central, east or north london preferred. We like italian, japanese, asian/mediterannean in general... We don't eat pork/shellfish. Love fish and veggies!

and also somewhere I will be able to book at this notice!

Thanks for any suggestions!

Jan 06, 2010
icingoncake in U.K./Ireland