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Eating like a Chowhound on $3 a day – overview

I love what you are doing. I know from experience that children are brought up to think that hot dogs and taco bell are good food. My husband and I took in 4 children who wouldn't touch a vegetable. I cooked very well rounded meals and a dessert every night. The rule was that you didn't get dessert if you didn't atleast try your dinner. For over a month there was a lot of waste and complaining but eventually the kids learned that if they didn't eat the healthy foods they would be really hungry at breakfast. Believe me they ended up eating dinner very well with very little waste. This behavior of wanting only fast food can be reversed. We just can't give in to the children because they don't want to eat their vegetables. My mother didn't and at 30 I still wear a size 4. Maybe if others stick to not giving in our children won't be overweight.

The foodstamps are sufficient and if a family believes they are not then they can and should take the free college grants offered and make a better income so that they don't need the foodstamps.

Jul 23, 2007
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