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Bar near Olympic and Vermont for buddy's get together?

We are taking a buddy out this weekend to celebrate some good news and are planning on dinner at Park's BBQ, just north of Olympic on Vermont. Any suggestions for a good bar near there? I'm looking for a solid pre-dinner place with good drinks at relatively sane prices, and an atmosphere where we can shoot the sh*t for an hour or two before heading over to Park's.


Park's BBQ
955 S. Vermont Ave, Suite G, Los Angeles, CA 90006

Asian market in or around Marina del Rey?

Sorry, this is a very fair point and I should have been more specific. Mitsuwa did, however, have everything I needed.

Asian market in or around Marina del Rey?

I am putting together a recipe which will require some uniquely Asian ingredients. Does anybody know where I can find a good Asian market in or around the Marina del Rey area? Thanks so much!

Recommendations for wife's birthday on the West Side or in South Bay?

Thanks for all the suggestions. These look great.

Recommendations for wife's birthday on the West Side or in South Bay?

Hi all. My wife and I recently moved to LA after living in NYC for many years. Her birthday is coming up and I wanted to take her out to a great restaurant, so I'm turning to the experts.

She primarily loves fish, veggies and fruits, and is not a fan of sauces or heavy dishes. (Not a big fan of red meat or game either.) That usually means we avoid traditional French cuisine. She tends to go for dishes that focus on the quality of the ingredients rather than layer upon layer of flavor, so relatively simple (but supremely tasty) cuisine is what I'm trying to locate.

We're going to have a party of five or more, so the place doesn't have to have an intimate, romantic vibe. That being said, since it's her birthday, I'm not looking for a fish shack on PCH (although I hear good things...).

We are in Marina del Rey, but are up for driving pretty much anywhere on the West Side or South Bay. Anybody have suggestions for a guy still learning the LA restaurant scene? Thanks so much!

Midtown/Hell's Kitchen <$20 entrees?

My in-laws are coming to town and my wife and I are taking them to see The Farnsworth Invention on Saturday night. Does anyone have recommendations for a nice pre-theater restaurant with $20 or less entrees? We're walkers, so Hell's Kitchen is as fine to us as closer Midtown places. They eat pretty much anything except Mexican, and I'd personally like to avoid a pizza joint.

Thanks so much for any help on this.

Jan 14, 2008
heywolfie1015 in Manhattan

Girls' Night Out (East/West Village)

Any ideas for a fun place to catch up with old college girlfriends? East or West Village preferred, and entrees $20 or below would be fantastic.


Dec 11, 2007
heywolfie1015 in Manhattan

Rec for Tri-Birthday Dinner (Parents, me and wife)?

My wife, Mom and I all share birthdays within two weeks of each other, so we are having a joint birthday dinner somewhere in Manhattan. My parents used to live near the City, but have since moved out to California. They are coming back in for the weekend and asked to try someplace new and fun, but with great food.

Food-wise, the pickiest eater is probably my Mom. She likes quality ingredients and food, but sticks to some of the more traditional cuisines (at least for her), like Italian, American and Jewish deli. (Did I mention she was raised in Borough Park?) She'll try new things, but is *not* into sushi, experimental places or some of the more interesting restaurants in the city (unfortunately).

My wife doesn't eat much red meat, but enjoys a good filet every now and then. Neither she nor I love dishes with lots of sauces. My Dad...well, he'll eat anything.

So, with all these puzzle pieces, does anyone have recs with a broad menu for everyone involved?

Thanks so much.

Sep 29, 2007
heywolfie1015 in Manhattan

Romantic, Lesser Known Anniversary Restaurant?

This is why I love Chowhound. Three suggestions (or four, I supopse) and now my trobule is trying to narrow down the choices. :) Thank you all.

Jul 23, 2007
heywolfie1015 in Manhattan

Jaiya Thai?

Room Service (8th Avenue between 18th and 19th) is a great new addition. Same pluses as Joya, but with a much hipper decor.

Jul 23, 2007
heywolfie1015 in Manhattan

Romantic, Lesser Known Anniversary Restaurant?

Hi there. I am trying to find a restaurant for my anniversary, but I'm operating under some tight constraints...the main one being my foodie wife.

What I'm looking for is a place that offers a romantic atmosphere with high-quality ingredients and perhaps isn't the talk of the town. When we head out, we often find that the most famous restaurants don't live up to the hype. (Maybe the hype is the problem...)

Anyway, to give you an idea of what we like, we've had wonderful dinners at Bouley, The Place Too, Room Service, Thalassa and En Japanese Brasserie, just to name the stand outs. The main thing for us (and, really, her) is taste and quality of the ingredients.

She is a huge fish lover, and also very big into fruits and vegetables. Not a big steak eater, and same goes for poultry. (Honestly, we should just move to a fishing village somewhere in Maine... heh.) She really dislikes most Italian food, but is otherwise open to most international cuisine out there. She loves Asian places, Middle eastern places and

Jul 23, 2007
heywolfie1015 in Manhattan

Thalassa in NYC?

I have been there many times; it is one of my personal favorites downtown. The menu changes occasionally, but not all that much. The only constant change is the fish selection. Desserts also sometimes change. I'm not sure about veggie options as it is a straightforward fish place. Also, in response to the hummus and pita comment, their omission makes sense when you consider that the focus of the restaurant is on Greek seafood dishes. They include some turf dishes for the sake of completeness, but you should imagine this restaurant as the product of a coastal village in Southern Greece.

Price-wise, menu entrees will cost you from low 20s on up to the mid-30s. Depends on what you want, but the average is in the mid-to-high-20s. If you like fish, they have numerous types that are paid for by the pound. Those vary much more than the menu items, but I'd say mid-20s to mid-30s is a good guess.

They have a great wine selection and an excellent sommelier. The decor is reminiscent of a ship, but abstract and high class. Also, if they have it in stock, you should try the rose sorbet. Same goes for the langostines.

Jul 23, 2007
heywolfie1015 in Manhattan