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MSP - Good places in Brooklyn Park?

I know it isn't in BP, but Buona Sera in Champlin (just down the road), is REALLY good authentic Italian. It has been quite a few years since we've been there, but I think the menu was in italian. It's not the cheapest at about $10-$15 per entree, but it definitely is wonderful and worth the drive over!

Beef liver?

I tend to just pan fry it also, but I have seen a ton of new ideas here I can't wait to try out! Just thought I'd throw in my two cents from how I made mine tonight. I soaked my beef liver in milk for about 45 minutes. I then rinsed it off, and patted them dry. I had mixed flour, salt, pepper, a big pinch of dried dill weed, and about a tablespoon of dried parsley. I dredged the liver and put on a medium-high skillet with olive oil for about 3-4 minutes or so per side (my pieces weren't real big). I know it continues to cook a little bit after, so I take them off when they're still the tiniest little bit pink. Then at the last minute I splashed in some balsamic vinegar over all the meat and turned the meat once to get it all over. Then I plated with onions to cover.

I also found that it paired very well with something I kind of messed up on. I realized too late that I only had a couple of potatoes to mash, so I added a medium size peeled sweet potato to the pot when boiling. I made them the same way I normally would make mashed potatoes, and it was just a tiny bit sweet and paired very well with the sweet balsamic liver and caramelized onions!!

I've seen suggestions of apples cooked down a bit, and I think that would be very good with this also.

Jan 05, 2010
enestvmel in Home Cooking