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Roasted Potatoes

An excellent side dish for a winter's dinner! Like some of the other comments have said, the high temperature gave me some doubts. After last night, I will use 500F whenever I want that crispy exterior because it all came out so good.

I added some fennel that had started to wilt on a whim, and it came out perfectly with the russet potatoes I had on hand. The garlic cloves caramelized a bit more than I desire, so next time I might use whole cloves in their paper skin to peel quickly before serving.

Mar 03, 2010
micaelaneus in Recipes

Potato, Quinoa, and Cumin Hash Browns

I want to try these as a gluten-free substitution for the egg muffins foundation of Eggs Benedict. At any rate, I agree that these do not belong in the "hash brown" category!

They ought to freeze well, as long as you allow them to cool completely & wrap them air-tight in parchment AND plastic. Just defrost in the fridge for an few hours (or overnight, if you're thinking ahead) & fry 'em up as indicated.

Feb 26, 2010
micaelaneus in Recipes

Braised Red Cabbage with Bacon

The vegetarian version came out extremely delicious as a side dish I made for an informal potluck a few weeks ago. I used a little more onion than listed, plus I added sesame seeds about ten minutes before the cabbage finished softening-- wonderful!

The sesame seeds made me think that the Nori Fumi Furikake blend produced by JFC (an unexplained acronym!) and stocked by any decent Asian grocery would make an excellent seasoning for another vegetarian version of this dish. However, it might depart so much from the original flavor palette that some people would consider it a separate recipe all together.

Feb 15, 2010
micaelaneus in Recipes

Basic Pancakes

I agree with Chowhound-- made as directed on a cast-iron skillet, these pancakes come out beautifully with an aroma of vanilla! Served with a Morello cherry compote warmed on the wood stove & a cup of coffee, these made us a perfect winter breakfast.

@ Tit for Tart: I also made them with almond milk and used 4 Tbsp. butter instead of oil to make up for the missing fat. Different, but still fluffy & mouth-watering.

Pancakes might belong to the same category as pizza crusts; everyone has a subtly unique take on what they should taste like & to what level they should rise. If you like pancakes that fit the fluffy-but-not-dense, vanilla-tinted cakes-- here's the recipe for you!

Feb 04, 2010
micaelaneus in Recipes

Potato Latkes

I made these latkas for breakfast this morning as a replacement for standard pancakes; they came out beautifully! I paired them with homemade applesauce that bubbled alongside me as I prepared the pancakes--the two timed out neatly-- and a generous sprinkle of parmesan. I would not use a food processor because the texture of hand-grated spuds has no parallel when it comes to latkas. However, I may add the eggs whole next time rather than whipping the whites & folding them in separately as I did today. Thanks for a great recipe!

Jan 25, 2010
micaelaneus in Recipes


Buttermilk also freezes well. Store single-use quantities (1/2 or 1 cup) in the freezer and defrost in the fridge as required; it will stay good for cooking (not necessarily drinking) for as many as three months after freezing. Excellent to have on hand for making creme fraiche.

Jan 11, 2010
micaelaneus in Features