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Affordable equipment to maintain constant temperatures?

I wrap my yogurt in a towel and set it overnight it in the cabinet above my refrigerator. The steady warmth from the fridge motor directly warms the bottom wood panel of the cabinet and seems to be enough to make the yogurt set--and that's electricity I'm already paying for!

Apr 13, 2014
TravelGayle in Cookware

Making Yogurt at Home

I make my yogurt on the stove (success w/soy milk--but coconut milk and nut milks failed to set), pour it in a large glass crock jar, wrap it in a blanket, and stow in the cupboard above my fridge overnight; the motor of the fridge lends a steady warmth to this cupboard. Refrigerate. I guess my fridge could be considered a yogurt-making tool.

Apr 12, 2014
TravelGayle in Home Cooking

Fettuccine with Pesto, Asparagus, and Artichoke

It was fun to prepare artichokes and asparagus differently and the directions were excellent (I usually buy prepared chokes.). I may have overblanched the spears, since they were thick, but I didn't care for the final peeled texture. A bit slimy, vs the usual crunch when chopped whole. Also, I would skip searing the 'chokes. Made them kind of greasy. The pesto portion was fantastic.

Apr 18, 2013
TravelGayle in Recipes

Raw Kale Salad with Oranges

I've made this twice now, once with a Southern greens mix, next with a baby kale/spinach/greens mix. The dressing is light and delightful, just what I've been looking for. I left the salt out the second time and didn't miss it, in fact, preferred it. I used mandarin oranges and dried cranberries the first time, mandarin and pomegranate seeds the second. Major yum. Thanks for the recipe.

Feb 25, 2013
TravelGayle in Recipes

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

This looks yum, but I have two vegetarians in my house. What can I substitute for gelatin?

Nov 29, 2012
TravelGayle in Recipes

Basic Tomato Sauce

@lin58m: What kind of beef bone? Never cooked with that. Also, no onion?

Mar 23, 2011
TravelGayle in Recipes

Know Your Legumes

Planting heirloom varieties, like yin yang, is a blast.

Mar 10, 2011
TravelGayle in Features

Backpacking food ideas?

For coffee addicts, Starbucks has little instant coffee pouches, called Via--find at REI (I thought the Bold flavor fantastic), Costco, prob Starbucks, too, I'd imagine. They're really tasty for instant brew and save a ton on space and weight. I plan to tuck some into my suitcase for regular travel.

Last backpacking trip I splurged on beef hash in a sealed pouch from Trader Joes (comes in a box, which I recycled--strip all packaging to a minimum)--it's OK to carry heavier food for a two-day trip, and it was yum for breakfast, high in needed cals. I also presliced apple and prepeeled whole orange into a ziplock--again, heavy, but good for quick desert trip, no fruit waste.

Feb 25, 2010
TravelGayle in Home Cooking