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Favorite Hamentaschen filing?

Date spread filling is my favorite

Feb 19, 2013
DobbsFoodie in Kosher

Best Sandwiches in westchester?

Battaglia Brothers - I usually get simple sandwiches (ham and swiss, Turkey, mozzarella and tomato, egg salad) but whatever I get is delicious.

Brunch options - lower Westchester?

Rain Water Grill in Hastings has a nice brunch menu on Sundays - you can call to get a menu but I liked the different eggs benedict options they have.

Buffet Brunch in Westchester County?

I second the Restaurant X brunch recommendation. They book up very fast, but out yourself on a waiting list if they are already booked. Your chances are good to get a table.

65th Birthday Brunch for Mom--Northern Westchester County

I too was going to suggest Restaurant X - their brunch is an experience. We were there a few weekends ago and had the brunch for over 2.5 hours. It's unlimited champagne and the waiters come by with large treys of different courses. Over 20 in total. It's in Rockland but it's not too far from Northern Weschester.

I am not a Kittlehouse fan. Another place which is lovely, is Le Chateau. I have not been to their brunch but their dinners are wonderful and the place is absolutely beautiful.

CIA -- any intelligence?

I have only been to Escoffier and really loved the experience. We went in the summer when they were offering a special Julia Child inspired meal because of the movie Julie and Julie. They had the regular menu too, but I noticed most of the tables were ordering from the Julia Child meal.

Our waiter was so friendly and at the end, when we asked, he took us for a tour of the kitchen and introduced us to the head chefs and explained about the different working stations in the kitchen. There is one head chef in charge of the food and one head chef in charge of the drinks. The waiters are student to - they work back of the house and then front of the house or vice versa.

Kosher Deli Westchester

We go to both Epstein delis and like both of them. I didn't find one to be better then the other. We just end up going to the one we happen to be closer to.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is coming to Pelham Manor

We are looking forward to the Pelham location. We Visited the one in Havertown, PA where our friends live and wished they had one closer to us. The burger meat it thin but you can add any toppings you want for no extra charge and peanut for the table. We will visit when they open.

Pepe's in Yonkers -- Great Pizza

We tried the clam pie and loved it. We kept ohhing and ahhing for every bite. My husband is a pizza purist and doesn't consider it pizza because it doesn't have cheese and tomato sauce but that didn't stop him from loving it.

The only downside we had was that it doesn't travel well. We ordered it one day and it didn't retain it's texture in the 15 minute car ride so we will only eat it on premise rather then take out. Maybe for people who live closer, that is not an issue.

If someone doesn't like it - it just means shorter lines for me.

Stew Leonard's vs. Fairway

Thank you for giving Stew's a chance and for sharing your review.

We LOVE Stew and do most of our shopping there. It's also so much fun when you have tastings and the staff is so friendly, I had never seen this kind of service in a food store. We still go to our local Stop and Shop for supplementals and frozen items, but any meat and sea food only Stew.

It is also nice getting the ice cream on the way out when we spend $100 which we usually do since we do our major shopping there.

When I used to live in Manhattan I was never a fan of fairways. It wasn't bad and had good quality, but I never had as much fun grocery shopping as I do at Stew's. But I know that some people love it and there is a place for all places.