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Cold Pressed Chocolate?

Chocosol is amazing, there chocolate is so good and have various flavors. They are at the appletree market on tuesdays at Mount Pleasent and Davisville and at the Wychwood Barns market on saturdays

Appletree Market - new weekly market at Mount Pleasant and Davisville

I went today and it was great! Lots of different vendors from fruit and veg, baked goods, jams, cheese, meats and fish. Like that there was so much variety and the location is great for people living more uptown. There was one food truck when I got there at 3:30, cupcakes, were decent, not amazing. Parking on the side streets is easy

Birthday Dinner, not sure which restaurant to pick

I have actually been before and I just find it a little stuffy, I am in my late 20's and would rather go to a place with a more upbeat vibe but thanks for a the rec!

Birthday Dinner, not sure which restaurant to pick

Thanks for the suggestions, I went with Enoteca as I loved the first time and my mom really wants to try and it sounds like everyone else likes it too! Will let you know how it goes, hopefully we will get to sit outside too

Birthday Dinner, not sure which restaurant to pick

It's my birthday in early august and me and my mom (me in my late 20's) always go for a dinner out to celebrate. I am torn between three restaurants. I would like to try Grace or Frank's Kitchen and my mom would like to go to Enoteca Sociale but I went there in the winter, and loved it, but was hoping to try something new, but if you all think it is the best of the three would go again. Thanks!

Enoteca Sociale
1288 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Frank's Kitchen
588 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B2, CA

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

Yes had amazing mini donuts there in march, so warm and fresh and yummy!

Good eats near Hunter College?

Thanks everyone for the recs will for sure check some out next week

Feb 24, 2011
sweetcreations84 in Manhattan

Good eats near Hunter College?

Hi , I am a grad student from Rutgers taking a class at Hunter College in Manhattan (Lexington and 68th). I don't know this area of the city well, does anyone have any rec's for a place for a yummy dinner for a grad student on a budget? Thanks!

Feb 23, 2011
sweetcreations84 in Manhattan

Anyone tried the Sweet Flour Bake Shop?

As someone who bakes a lot herself and can create any combo I like hot out of the oven, I was interested to see how these cookies stacked up against mine. I was quite dissapointed as the actual cookies did not taste that good, I found them quite heavy and with a texture more like a muffin than a cookie. It is a cool idea, and they have lots of options, but I find the price a little steep for a so-so product.

best brunch places in Toronto?

The new Le Gourmand, just south of eglinton on yonge, had amazing brunch, try the Creme Brulee french toast, to die for! As well they have good coffee and amazing crossiants