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The Gabardine - Rod Bowers' new spot (long)

FYI ... though Rodney is involved, this is not his restaurant. The owners are Katherine Rodrigues and Alison Mackenna, and the chef is Graham Pratt. Credit where it is due.

Delivery around Dundas & Ossington

I find and sites like it tend to have a pretty weak selection (it seems to be mostly Thai food for some reason); I usually just try my luck by calling different places to see if they deliver. I don't know if Mazz sushi delivers, but they are at Bloor and Westmoreland between Oss. and Dufferin, and they have excellent sushi, definitely worth the short trip.

Delivery around Dundas & Ossington

If you want Indian, Banjara is a good choice, and their menu is online. I usually order King Lobster (which used to be called Happy Seven) for Chinese...I don't know how late they deliver but they are open until about 4 or 5 am, so they might do late night delivery. They also have the best General Tao's chicken I've ever had. Roma doesn't have my favourite pizza, but it's definitely the best your going to get at 3 in the morning. The best pizza delivery during the day is definitely Massimo's....their margheurita is not exactly traditional like Libretto's (which is still my #1 food choice in the area), but it is awesome nonetheless.

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

I haven't been to Lahore Tikka House in a couple of years, but that used to be my favourite. I usually go to Banjara now...I really like their butter chicken, but I highly recommend you try the chicken Korma.

Worst in Toronto

I was kind of joking there....and I actually have been to Milestones for a drink. It just had a very cold, off-putting feel to it...and it was easily the noisiest restaurant I've ever been in. I do realize it is a chain so I wouldn't expect too much from there are so many greater options. That being said, I will de-nominate Milestones as I have not had their food; in it's place I shall nominate The Lakeview, because I've eaten there several times and it is truly awful food.

Worst in Toronto

I had take-out from Coco Rice and it was easily the worst Thai Food I've ever had. However, now that I think of it I've never really had "good" Thai food in this city. I've never eaten at Milestones, but I nominate that as well, just because it exists.

Best Burgers in Toronto?

Sometimes it doesn't matter, ManAbout. No on has mentioned the old school Dairy Freeze on St. Clair. It is far from being the best burger in the city, but when you're stumble home at 3:30 AM it's pretty sweet to discover you've just bought yourself a greasy bag full of Dairy's exactly what I want I that moment. At the very least, it's better than Johnny's Hamburgers. Aside from that I usually go to Utopia or BQM (though I primarily go there for the onion rings).

Can't decide...rec's please

Thanks for all the suggestions...I think I'm going to go with Starfish since they seem to have a great seafood menu for my gf and pork belly for me! - though, I'm sure I'll end up ordering the lobster..I haven't had lobster in years, I'm due. Plus, she has apparently never had oysters...! I don't think she should miss out any longer. Everything on the menu sounds good, are there any "must haves"?

Onion Rings at GBC

Agreed. I go to the Ossington location, and they have most awesome onion rings.

Are smelts available with the heads on anymore?

I would assume Kensington Market has them. There's a Portuguese shop on Ossington @ Dundas that might have them. They have a lot of whole small fish, so there could be some smelt in there...

Can't decide...rec's please

I'm taking my girl out for our anniversary but can't decide where. I've narrowed it down to these four, none of which I have ever been to, I'm just going by reviews and blogs and such:
Nota Bene
The Harbord Room
I would love to take her to Black Hoof, but she does not eat meat, only fish. I'm hoping she'll come back to the dark side some day. Also, I'm looking to spend about $200 (probably have a 1/2 bottle wine at most), so I'm not sure about Splendido...any suggestions?