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desserts/drinks around bloor and avenue

I need some recommendations for a good, casual place for desserts/drinks in the bloor/avenue area.

Anyone been to Nyood?

I'm contemplating hosting a work dinner at Nyood. I have seen the space and LOVE it but know nothing about the food/service. Any thoughts?

Recommendations for a Work Event

About 50 people for an hors d'oevres buffet. The budget is about 20$/person including a drink (hopefully!) Yes A/V would be useful, depending on how big the venue is and what the acoustics are like. Thanks for your help, I will check out Biff's.

Recommendations for a Work Event

I am organizing a professional forum/panel discussion and need recommendations on a downtown location (near MTCC). Should be somewhat fancy/trendy but not extraordinarily expensive. Any ideas on a place with great food and a private area for an evening seminar like this? Thanks!