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College Football in Toronto...where to go??


I'm a Bama fan through and through, but I will give you the scoop on a place or two. Though I'd recommend giving them a call first, O'Grady's on college may be playing the game, and I know for sure that Gabby's will be playing the game on some screen. I have class until 8 so I will be trolling college street after class tomorrow trying to determine which will be my best bet!

Good luck to you tomorrow!

Is there any restaurant that makes fried okra and/or real sweet tea in Toronto?

backrockandroll...this would be the easiest way to explain it...

basically, it is an iced tea, but the process is a little different. most of these places that sell "iced tea" are using lemon slices or a lemon syrup in their mix, or some other fruity flavouring, sweet tea is loaded with sugar, so more than anything its really really sweet. though you can put lemon in your sweet tea, it's not an overwhelming taste or a major ingredient, i really like mint in mine. in my opinion, sweet tea is waaaaaay better than regular old iced tea. hahaha, i doubt that helps??

i don't know how close to gerrard and jarvis you are, but there is a convenience store inside the condo building that sells arizona sweet tea cans. it doesn't compare. it's either a little too lemony or metallic for my liking. i can't quite place it. but you could give that a shot.

Is there any restaurant that makes fried okra and/or real sweet tea in Toronto?

I spent quite some time in the south this past year (specifically Alabama) and as anyone would, fell absolutely in love with southern cuisine, particularly fried okra and sweet tea. When I came back to Canada I more or less searched high and low on and and even in restaurants in the Burlington/Oakville area where my mom lives for some place that made the two, but much to my dismay, every menu of every "authentic" southern restaurant I looked at I was disappointed with as fried okra and sweet tea were no where to be found. Is there some place that I'm overlooking? Anywhere that anyone knows of in Toronto or the GTA? There is mac n cheese, bbq and iced tea galore, but come on, fried okra and sweet tea are as southern as you can get. anyways, if anyone knows of anywhere, could you post a response?