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Russ' BBQ Bar and Grill - If you like frozen food then this place is for you!

ha ha--- perhaps we lucked out that evening in the menu items that my group chose; although I'm also sure that not everythign was made fresh--like the sweet potato fries were definitely frozen but that's not uncommon.

Coolio---what is Five Guys?

Russ' BBQ Bar and Grill - If you like frozen food then this place is for you!

A group of friends & I were @ Russ's Bar & Grill this past weekend and had a great experience with both the food & the service. Our server was terrific--friendly, efficient and didn't miss a beat. Prices were reasonable for us--we were serious foodies that dine from Quince to Annona to Duckworth's Fish & Chips.

Here's what we ordered:

Spinach Dip for Sharing: Naan bread was warm when the platter arrived. Dip had plenty of melted cheese but there were chunks of spinach that were not properly separated and were left in chunks ---overall, it was a beautiful appetizer. $ 9.99

Chicken Strippers which were battered, arrived juicy and moist and were definitely not frozen. It was the 1st time that we ever had chicken fingers in this pubby style restaurant that wasn't frozen. Sweet Potato Fries were frozen but this is not a uncommon thing. $12.99

Steak Sandwich--6 oz AAA steak; it was alright but nothing outstanding. Garlic bread that the steak rested on was flat with a thin layer of melted shredded cheese and onion straws. Baked potato was a a baked potato--no surprises or dissapointments. $14.99

The Big Russ--1lb of ground beef was massive and topped with bacon, and the usual topping. It was juicy and hot when it arrived to our table.

Ordered the Baked Apple which took 8-10 mins to bake. It arrived bubbling to our table ; layers of thinly sliced apples layered like scalloped potatoes sprinkled with plenty of rolled oats, spices ----we found it extrememly reasonable for $5.99

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the addition of an independant restaurant such as Russ's Bar & Grill over lacklustre franchises like Firkins, East Side Marios, and especially Caseys which was beyond horrible but the general masses appreciate. Mr.Greek Express wasn't bad --too bad the tables are not cleaned & santized more often; it reminds me of Dangerous Dan's from Broadview/Queen. Someone else's crumbs left behind is a slight turn off for us.

Dangerous Dan's
714 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1H2, CA

Eggspectation---not meeting expectation

MickeyDeez is a great alternative indeed! Too bad re: new buttermilk sandwich---I was going to try it soon--thnks for the heads up!

Eggspectation---not meeting expectation

Our bill was actually $34.63 so I just rounded it off to $40. I'm in the hospitality field and normally a nice tipper as I understand the nature of the business. I should have elaborated that our server looked quite stunned as the look showed me that he should have received a better tip.

Eggspectation---not meeting expectation

Was invited to see Sunday Matinee at Canon Theatre so I wanted to treat my guest to brunch somewhere close so I chose Eggspectation.

Place was packed on Sunday morning shortly before 12 noon; seating within 10 minutes. Brisk polite bare minumum service -ordered french toast with bacon with a glass of orange juice.My guest had cheeseburger with shoestring fries.

French toast looked fine on the surface until I picked it up ---the undersides of both pieces were burnt to a beautiful black. Texture of french toast was soggy as it was more than likely sitting there on the counter waiting to be picked up. By this point, I finished my orange juice and really wanted another beverage to wash down the tasteless cardboard that they called French toast. It took me 3 tries before I was able to flag down our server who looked annoyed that he was flagged down--and asked him for a glass water.

$36 for the both of us without alcohol ---it's $$ for an extremely mediocre meal with equally mediocre service so we left $40 and when the waiter picked it up; he looked quite stunned. It's unbelievable the level of entitlement that certain wait associates have--it ruins the reputations of the true professionals who are in the hospitality industry beacuse they love the art of treating guests to true hospitality.

Skip Eggspectations for brunch and go to McDonald's for an EggMcMuffin instead---you get service with a smile and a nice little sandwich.

220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B2H1, CA

"The One that Got Away " should have

I've also eaten here more than once and it was never as bad as reported. I ordered Halibut & Chips @ $12.99 --nice piece of filet, crunchy thin batter atop a heap of fries that had potato flavour and surprisingly not oily or greasy. It wasn't the best Fish & Chips that I've consumed aside from the fabulous Fish & Chips I've eaten throughout Ireland but it's not too shabby for a big city like Toronto.

Winterlicious LOVE only - Where are the MUST eats?

The only restaurant during any of the licious events that we were never asked for coffee/tea and literally rushed us out the door was "The Corner House" .

Corner House
501 Davenport Avenue, Toronto, ON M3R 4R6, CA

Winterlicious LOVE only - Where are the MUST eats?

Here is the Winterlicious / Summerlicious places that I like and not care for so much:

Lucien--reconstruction of menu items were brilliant, service was near perfect. Lovely.
Mistura--intimate atmosphere, food items were perfectly executed, service was great.
Annona--located within Park Hyatt, went during a heavy snowstorm and sitting in a bay window just added to the elegance of our meals--any thing was that you had to take the elevator to the 2nd floor for restrooms.
Ciao Wine Bar: Nice presentation of all items, service was very pleasant and didn't rush you. Waiter overheard that one of our friends at the table had a birthday and he put a candle on her dessert without us asking.

Centro- all 3 courses were very pleasant, service was seamless--would go back.
Turf: service was nice, beef carpaccio was good, steak frites ( way oversalted--both the steak and the frites had so much salt that it literally coated each one)

Auberge du Pommier: Food was alright but didn't bedazzled us. Service was way over rehersed--you couldn't really enjoy your meal without a really zealous associate asking us how our meal was.

Not Good:
Corner House--food was pleasant enough but service was deplorable and reminded me of the 1st Winterlicious /Summerlicious events when the whole event was seen as an inconvienance. While we were having our mains, the associate told us that they needed to move our table back to make more room for other guests. Then while we were having dessert, we would have liked coffee or tea but instead the assocate just plopped the bill on the table without even asking us if we would like anything else.

Sassafraz: One wouldn't go here for the food--only for drinks or to people watch. On the night we went, soon after we arrived-- the waiter knocked over a carafe of wine on the woman sitting next to us. Pork Loin came naked with no sauce, 1 baby boy chok with plain rice--it was flavourless. Strawberry shortcake was tough and hard--no moisture whatsoever. The 2 waiters collided and one table's worth of dishes crushed on the floor. Eventful evening and not for the right reasons.

Toula: View was gorgeous, service was very pleasant but the food was past horrible. Ceasar salad appeared to be unwashed --how would I know? There was still dirt on stems of one of the leaves with a dried up insect on the leaf. Crostini was hard as a piece of slate. Shrimp with pasta---pasta was way overcooked, shrimp had no flavour. If it wasn't for the view....hmmm?

100 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A6, CA

2472 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4P 2F5, CA

Park Hyatt
Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON , CA

1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, CA

Ciao Wine Bar
133 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1C4, CA

Sunday Brunch near the Eaton Centre. Who's got it going on?

I agree re: Eggspectation being simply awful. Didn't think anyone can fudge up " French Toast" so badly. Bottom was completely burnt and service was just as mediocre.

220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B2H1, CA

Is Sassafraz really that bad?

Sassafraz is really that bad in terms of food- was there for dinner 2 summers ago.

Watermelon Salad was just that- cubes of watermelon in a rectangular bowl. Pork Tenderloin with greens came with sliced pork that was dry with no sauce or flavourings and 1 piece of baby bok choy . Strawberry Shortcake was a scone sliced in half - it was so hard dry that the fork couldn't break the surface with 3 tries.

Try it ONCE just to see if my one time experience was just a bad night. If you have a great food experience, I may give it another chance.

100 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A6, CA

Girls Night Dinner Recommendations? ASAP

How about Bloor St Diner right at Bay/Bloor? You're close enough to Yorkville or the subway to go to other places.

Hey Lucy coming to the Annex - old Mel's Diner location

Know it's an old post but I just went to Hey Lucy- 440 Bloor St.W - don't waste your time getting excited about the food. Stick with drinks.

New location is a prime spot. Beautiful decor, menu descriptions sound absolutely mouth watering until it comes to the table.

Appetizer was terrible - Garlic Cheese Bread for $7- 5 pieces of limp foccica trianges with a few sprinklings of cheese.

3 out of the 5 meals dissapointed:

Nacho platter $14- small rectangle platter of fried wonton triangles covered with chopped lettuce, diced tomato and again small amount of cheese melted over perhaps 10 wonton trianges. Their version of salsa for nachos?? Marinara sauce...are they for real? Pizza sauce to dip nachos. Absolute worst nachos that I've ever had .

Stuffed Chicken on Organic Greens- stuffed chicken was 4 pieces of dried chicken on limp salad with nary any dressing...don't know how salad can be messed up so badly.

Olive Branch Pizza- flat mess of a pizza with scatterings of black & green olives. Menu descrip read that it includes 4 cheeses...didn't look or taste like it at all.

Lucy's Mac & Cheese tasted as good as it sounded on the menu- only winner here! At least there was one.

Fried Calamari was alright.

All in all, go hang out here for drinks as the staff are attentive, friendly and on the ball. They are the saving graces for close to horrible food.

Hey Lucy
440 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5R, CA

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

I briefly looked googled "Waterside Inn"- the website menu looks good. Did you attend a function there? Any food comments?

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Jane T; thanks for your great comments. WIll definitely try out the food before any commitments are made for party.

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Charming idea re: 50th anniversary dim-sum party..we'll keep in mind, thank you Grizzlyman

Caplansky's - You have got to be kidding me!

I also think Caplansky is just plain mediocre, with food & service. Hyped Smoked Meat Sandwiches being the best in Toronto did not live up to the "rep" it has. And to boot, the fries came first, a full 15 mins before my sandwich. I may be odd but I like having my fries which I consider a "side" to accompany my sandwich, not be the main course. Ordered a sandwich as 'take out" , a bag came which I assumed was the sandwich and was on my way out when another associate came with a 2nd bag which contained the actual sandwich. It turned out the original bag contained the coleslaw and not the sandwich...another 20 sec, i would have left and not known until I got home. Not a good thing.

356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Thanks JennaBean; if you have any suggestions as to alternatives; all is welcome.

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Thanks for the suggstion re: Beaches Lion Club but we are looking for an "all inclusive" restaruant complete with catering, staff, etc.

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Sounds really charming- I'll check it out; thank you.

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Great idea bout going to the Islands but logistics may be factor due to mobility of elderly relatives. Need to check out Rectory Cafe though..looks really charming.

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Around 25-35 guests....great suggestions re: Balmy Beach Club & Boulevard Club; thank you...will check it out.

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

Appreciate all the great suggestions from everyone; will check it out! Balmy Beach Club, Boulevard Club, Canoe Club ...all sound promising. Even Canoe though not waterfront may be an option- as I agree bout the great service.

Can anyone had an event at Palais Royale there? Would love to hear back from anyone who has...please be honest with your critque.

Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

In the process of planning parents 50th anniversary Party on Aug 20th. One of there favourite hobbies still is anywhre wiht a dance floor would be a bonus.

Looking for a waterfront location that has good atmosphere, good food & service.

Suggestions so far is Bluffers Restaurant- a dated restaruant that looks like it is stuck in the 80's. Tacky decor is not attractive but it's never looks busy so it may an option if all else fails.

Palais Royale perhaps?

All suggestions & recommendations welcome- thank you

Heading to St. Lawrence Market for the first time...what should I look out for?

something for everyone here.....a foodies delight

Fresh Pasta on Saturdays - main floor; way in the back on the right side - pick up fresh pasta bought by the pound with the tr-color sauce- delisio!

Chicken & Eggplant sandwiches at Mustachio's in the Basement.....mmmmm

Shaeffers Deli- eggplant dip with little paris toasts, or any other dip.

Chuarassco Chicken Deli- near the front of the market- nice fella who makes nice roasted chicken with piri piri sauce....hmmmm good

Sausage King- nice duck sausages with apples or the hot chorizo

Worst in Toronto

Aw..I'm sorry to hear the ownership of Celstin has changed- I was hopefully to make it there while the previous owner ( Pasqual) was still there. What changed?

Worst in Toronto


Frans- the worst of the lot ( ALL LOCATIONS) with horrible food at elevated prices with equally terriible service staff.

Spring Rolls- I agree that it's the biggest insult to Asian cuisine unleased upon Toronto. Those who love it there, have no idea what real pad thai or good food is. I was disgusted with the taste of ketchup in my pad thai when I was there.

John's Italian on Baldwin- pizza was cold and halfway through my slice, there was a long piece of hair on my slice that was not mine. Haven't been back since.

Lone Star Grill- half a pound of salt on your food...not good.

Chippy's- fish ( salmon) wasn't bad.....but not worth the price despite the pedigree of the owner having worked for Susur Lee. Would have gotten the same qualtity at a lower priced mom & pop chip shop.

Sassafraz- horrible food, strawberry shortcake had a scone like biscuit that was as flakey as a hockey puck. Couldn't break it with your fork alone. Go there to only have a drink among the pretty decor.

601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

100 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A6, CA

Lone Star Grill & Bar
360 Great Northern Rd, Sault Ste Marie, ON P6B4Z7, CA

Looking for O Noir reviews

I was there March 2010 for a birthday party. People made it fun but it's a novelty thing to do.

Food was not gourmet but pleasant like a meal made by a "home cook". Most chosed the 3 course meal for $39 & 2 brave souls chose the "surprise" everything. Did the 5:45pm seating which was really early but only other alternative is 9pm.

It was SO dark; you couldn't see in front of you but it felt like one was sitting in an ordinary room - we did have table cloths and cheap banquet style chairs with sturdy fabric seat cover. I did ask the cashier what the room looked like- she replied that it seated around 90 seats- standard tables with black table clothes, wood panelled walls..all in all..because no one can see the decor; you could be sitting in someone's basement and wouldn't know the difference.

Appetizer- I ordered the stuffed portobelllo mushroom on greens - nicely flavoured once my fork found the fugus & I could taste the balsamic vinegar. salad, with an even distribution of calamari. Main- 5 spiced filet mignon with potato & assorted vegetables. Meat was tender & pre-sliced which made it a lot easier to eat. Dessert was 1932 or 1952 Chocolate Cake with ice cream- cake was moist but don't know what made the cake the year it was....!

I agree with bluefirefly's comment that the food was average, but nothing special.

Our waiter was very pleasant , friendly & attentive. As he was talking to our table, his hands rested on my shoulders and give me a demi massage quite a few, I wasn't charged extra for this service!

One climatized to eating comfortably in the dark! Overall, a good novelty experience if just to "see" what it is like to live in a visually impaired world- one has a new appreciation of sight.

What's your most disappointing dining experience?

Sassafraz- the food was horrible. Appetizer of watermelon cubes came exactly as is with a few slivers of mint. Pork tenderloin was overcooked , no sauce or flavour with 2 baby bok choys with again---no seasoning. Dessert was Strawberry Shortcake- what came to the table was a dried scone that you could use as a hockey puck with a dollop of not fresh whipped cream and roughly 3 strawberries.

Service wasn't bad with the exception of a busboy with a full tray of dishes crashing with another server on the way in to the kitchen which left greasy floors on the way to the restrooms. Ditto for the table next to ours- the waiter knocked over a glass of red wine on the seated lady. Manager dealt with it quickly & effeciently. All in all, don't go for the food cause it's bad...go there to watch people pretending to enjoy the food just not to be rude!

100 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A6, CA

What's your most disappointing dining experience?

Thanks for the review- I was just going to book a table for a birthday dinner there. Do you think it was a one off with the server with the condescending service or is that the culture?

What's your most disappointing dining experience?

I agree too! I also don't get the Chippy's what if the owner used to work for Susur Lee? It doesn't guarantee good fish.

601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA