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Pizza Coupons for Dayton, Ohio

Hey, everybody. I just finished scanning and uploading a bunch of pizza coupons that I got in the mail recently. Domino's has a "buy 1 get 1" large single topping pizza coupon that gives you 2 pizzas for $5.50 each. I also discovered a link to an online offer for a Large 2 topping for $5.99 (pickup only) Large Pepperoni at Cassano's $7.99 with coupon. Also have Papa John's, Donato's and Marion's coupons posted here:

I'm attaching a scan of one of the domino's coupons

Also, a couple of days ago I read a news article about a woman breastfeeding her infant at a Dayton area mall. She was confronted by security, and asked to move to a restroom. She refused, and the whole incident seems to have caused a lot of discussion. Every few weeks I tend to post a dining related poll at the top of my blog. I realized that we all start out "dining" this way, so this time I made the quiz about breastfeeding, and whether it is acceptable in public. If you have any thoughts on this topic, please visit and take the poll. Thanks!

Feb 21, 2011
Dayton Dining in Great Lakes

First time ever in Ohio - Springfield questions

On the east side, I recommend Cat Daddy's Cafe at 1802 East Main Street. I tried it a couple of years back with a friend, and they had some good seafood that tended towards the spicy side of things.

call them: 937-322-9006

On the west side, I'd recommend Bradfield's - located in the Upper Valley Mall, just south of the movie theater. (if memory serves) I had a nice steak there with a friend about 3 years back.

Bradfields Restaurant
1475 Upper Valley Pike Ste 800, Springfield, OH 45504

Aug 10, 2010
Dayton Dining in Great Lakes

Boulevard Haus - German food in downtown Dayton (Oregon District)

I can only report on what my experience at the restaurant was. The menu that I used specifically mentioned an 18% gratuity being added, and nothing about party size. The gratuity was added to my check, and only my wife and I were eating there. I have to assume that we were the norm, rather than the exception - especially since this is exactly what the menu said would happen.

Dayton Dining

Feb 16, 2010
Dayton Dining in Great Lakes

Pop's Diner & Kettering Italian Oven - Dayton, Ohio area

Pop's Diner - American/various, north Dayton

After I had finished a plate of salad, my son said he really enjoyed the chicken and rice soup they had brought him. Just a couple of minutes later, they brought the main dishes for our supper. I was rather astounded at how large the burger was on my son's plate, even though it was presented in two pieces. Heavily topped with melted swiss cheese, it certainly met any definition for a "melt". My son, however, was very disappointed that they ran out of pickles that night, because his meal was supposed to include one, and he really loves them.

Kettering Italian Oven - Italian, Kettering
(it's all in the name!


The "small" calzone turned out to be 11" across, and although I enjoyed it very much, I could only eat a little more than half. I can only imagine how big a large would be. It had a nice crunchy crust, plenty of cheese, and generous amounts of banana peppers and green olives.

Keep in mind that these are very truncated excerpts from the whole reviews. My website features reviews and commentary on restaurants I have visited recently in the Dayton, Ohio metro area. I post a new review every time we eat out, which averages weekly - about what our budget and time constraints will allow. I am a "foodfan", and enjoy trying new cuisine. If you do as well, perhaps we can discover some new restaurants to enjoy together. If there are any other folks out there in the Dayton, Ohio area who enjoy eating out and doing occasional reviews - please contact me! I'd love to feature occasional guest reviewers on my blog.

Dayton Dining

Feb 14, 2010
Dayton Dining in Great Lakes

Taco Bell quality

I'm not so sure that I agree that the quality has gone downhill, though certainly there is variation between locations, and your local one may have some quality issues. For example, I've experienced one Subway location putting half as much meat on a sandwich as another one about 2 miles away. I truly enjoy Taco Bell's chili cheese burrito, chalupa, and nachos bellgrande with guacamole.

Feb 14, 2010
Dayton Dining in Chains

Boulevard Haus - German food in downtown Dayton (Oregon District)

Yes, the 18% seemed to be automatic. I prefer to tip with cash, but I guess some folks would rather it just be added on to the total. Regarding the spaetzel, they were perhaps a quarter inch in width, and maybe a little more than 1/8" thick. There was a hint of olive oil and herbs, but I don't think they had any sort of filling. Very mild but good, and I finished them all.

Jan 12, 2010
Dayton Dining in Great Lakes

Boulevard Haus - German food in downtown Dayton (Oregon District)

Located at the former "Cafe Boulevard" location, Boulevard Haus now focuses almost exclusively on German foods, though there are just a few holdovers from their original menu.

My wife ordered the Chicken Riesling for $19, while I got the Bavarian Sampler for $22. The Bavarian Sampler includes "Tender shortribs, currywurst, grilled bratwurst, wiener schnitzel, red cabbage, sauerkraut, spatzle" and mustard sauces for dipping. Bread and an excellent creamy butter were brought out to our table within a couple of minutes of placing our order. I have to say that the "pretzel bread" is excellent. I probably could have filled up on that alone.

The currywurst is a large sausage, cut up into small sections, with a sweet, tomato based sauce that has a very small amount of curry in it. It was not hot at all, and overall had a sweet taste. The shortribs was really one massive rib and chunk of meat. While it was adequate, it was also a mite overcooked. I think that the rib could benefit from marinating, to both enhance the flavor and internal moisture during cooking. Thankfully, this was only a detraction because it was so-so, while the rest of the meal was magnificent.

The grilled bratwurst was very good, and I especially enjoyed chunks dipped in the sweet mustard dipping sauce that was provided. The weiner schnitzel was also tasty, mild and flaky, and I enjoyed some of the more robust mustard sauce with it. The red cabbage was, as expected, mild and sweet. Often I find sauerkraut too bitter for my tastes, and I find myself drawn to the sweeter "bavarian" variety. While not as sweet as the bavarian style, Boulevard Haus's kraut was mild, and I surprised myself by finishing most of it. The spatzle was something new to me, a delightful tiny flattened ball of pasta with a hint of oil and herbs, which reminded me somewhat of pierogies.

18% tip is automatically added to the bill, so if you prefer to tip in cash, you will
need to tell them so before they bring the check.

address: 329 E. Fifth Street, Dayton (North side of street)
telephone: (937) 824-2722
website: - with downloadable menu

this is an excerpt of a more detailed review posted Jan. 2, 2010 at

Jan 07, 2010
Dayton Dining in Great Lakes

Dayton Area-Chinese food and groceries

I would like to suggest a couple of places in the Airway Shopping Center. The Airway Shopping Center is located at the very SW corner of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where Airway Rd. & Woodman Dr. intersect.

In this shopping center, you will find China Garden Buffet, and Far East Foods next to each other. The former is a nice buffet that, if memory serves, has a bit more than the typical selection of seafood for supper. Far East Foods is a very large Asian grocery, with fresh, frozen and dried fare. It also has a nice selection of Mexican grocery items.

Both of these places are located in the Northern end of the strip. I enjoy going to the Airway shopping center to eat at the buffet, then I'll browse the market for things to take home and fix later. Plus, there is also a Goodwill "last chance" store nearby, where you never know what you'll find. I've gotten shoes for my kids for a buck, a decent stereo system for $8, and plenty of other finds over the years.
Dayton, Ohio Metro area restaurant reviews

Jan 04, 2010
Dayton Dining in Great Lakes