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Dessert for special date: cheesecake or chocolate mousse?


I'm going to make dessert for a date that I'm very excited about later this week. I love all things (dark) chocolate, and if I was making something only for myself, I'd go with chocolate mousse, hands down. I like the recipe from Bouchon.

But experience and a brief survey of my guy friends tells me that most guys seem to prefer fruity desserts. (Why is that?)

SO... I'm considering doing a classic cheesecake (no crust) with some kind of fruit sauce (strawberries or raspberries).

First, which would you choose?

Second, if it is cheesecake, WHAT RECIPE would you use? Keep in mind, must not have crust (I'm gluten-free.)

Thank you!

Jan 04, 2010
CocoaB in Home Cooking