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Taste of Toronto 2015

Just wondering if anyone is attending Taste of Toronto this weekend, at Fort York. We went last year and it was pretty good- once we got the hang of the Crowns payment system!
Weather looks great for this weekend, so thinking of going again...

Foodie dining, Yonge and Carlton area

Help! I have colleagues coming from out of town tonight, and need to book a restaurant for 4. They are very much foodie types- they like good, clean, food, and a great wine menu. One guest is from France, another is Belgium, and the 3rd from Quebec.
We are staying in the Yonge and Carlton area, so would prefer to stay in that area. We all enjoy a good walk. If its a true derth of options, then we have a car, and can drive somewhere.

It does not have to be super fancy, but just done right. A nice bistro can be a great option...

Thanks so much for your wisdom and help!

Taste of Toronto: Fort York this weekend

Wondering if anyone is attending Taste of Toronto this weekend, at Fort York. Some good restaurants lined up to be there, but I have not seen much discussion on it.
if I go, what are the items I "must try". Any good items to buy and take home?

Where to buy bitters downtown

Gilead Distellery out of Bloomfield makes their own bitters, and they are selling them at Taste of Toronto, downtown this weekend.

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

Is that the Bonne Maman jam? I was happy to see it at Costco Warden the other day. Yum!

Where to buy GOOD eggs in Toronto or GTA?

Update- here is their website, if you want to know more about their eggs:

Where to buy GOOD eggs in Toronto or GTA?

There is a lady around Danforth and Main who has an egg depot, at her house. Mennonite Farmers deliver the eggs, and then you just drop by and pick them up (Ideally, she likes custoemrs to pre-order and pre-pay for eggs, 6 weeks at a time). The eggs are amazing- really hard shells, and super yellow yolks. They are $6.75/dozen. She also sometimes has chili, sauerkraut and other jarred goodies available from the farmers. Her egg business is called Eggy Weggs.
She also delivers eggs to Lazy Daisy Cafe, and I think you can pick up from there too. (Gerrard St)

Tonic Water

If you buy those machines to make your own carbonated beverage, could you make tonic?

Need a recipe that uses Muffets cereal

I have a box of Muffets at my house, that a houseguest left behind. I dont really like them, so want to find a recipe to use them up. Any suggestions?

Muffets are made by Quaker Oats, and are basically a whole wheat, no sugar cereal.


Sep 18, 2012
shocked in Home Cooking

Moo Milk Bar, Beaches, Toronto: Anyone been?

Noticed that the Moo Milk Bar opened recently in the Beaches. Just wondering if anyone has been in to check it out?

Where to buy soft corn wraps (or tortillas)

A friend brought soft corn wraps over one day, and they were really good. I have been trying to find them ever since, with no success. I have checked both the Mexican section, and Wraps section at a few grocery stores, with no success.

Have you seen these, and can you tell me where to buy them?

A quick google search showed that Dempsters make such a product, but does not say where you can buy them...

Thanks a lot.

pie of the month?

If you are in the East end (Beaches) you could call the guy at Pie Shack. I know when he opened he had a pie delivery thing going on..

2305 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M4E 1G7
Neighbourhood: The Beach

(647) 351-1411

Sunday Smashed Burger

What is a smashed burger?

Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf Muffins

Great recipe, except the salt needs to be cut way back. I am sure the 1 Tbsp should have been 1 teaspoon. Definitely will change that next time.

May 17, 2012
shocked in Recipes

ISO Fresh Eggs

I tried the eggs from Eggy Weggs this weekend, and they were amazing. Quite big eggs, and super yellow centres. Easy pick up system too.

Here is the website if you want to be added to their distribution list:

iso Speculoos spread

there is a distributor of many Dutch foods in Burlington, called Custan Foods. I did a quick scan of his website, and he has a lot of Speculaas products- not sure if there was a spread in there or not. Here is the link- if he wont sell directly, he will at least be able to tell you where he sells the product you want in to.

Good luck!

ISO Fresh Eggs

I recently read in the Star that you can order free range Mennonite eggs from Lazy Daisy cafe (Gerrard at Coxwell) They get their eggs from Alysa Golden and Eggy Weggs. They have a monthly eff depot run by Golden. Eggs are $6.50/dozen and must be pre-ordered (May 14 is next run)

That might save you a drive to the country!

Where oh where to get canned or packaged poutine sauce (e.g. St. Hubert) in east end Toronto

Dollarama does NOT sell St Hubert Poutine, but Metro and Loblaws both do (Confirmed that both of the stores at Vic Park and Danforth sell it) Dry and canned- poutine gravy specifically (Not the hot chicken gravy, which is different)

It was on sale at metro a few weeks ago- 4 for $5.

Toronto bakeries with swiss meringue type frosting on cakes and cupcakes- please help

We have ordered cake from Tre Mari bakery in Little Italy (St Clair West). Their sponge cake with cram inside is really light and good. Not sure if they do cupcakes, but their cake is a hit at our house. My kids dont like the super sweet icing, so the tre mari is a good choice for us.

I will freely admit that their cake styles are a little dated. but if they do cupcakes that might be less relevant. ( I did not ask if they do cupcakes) While you are there, try the cannolis. Yummy!

Rehearsl Dinner suggestions for TO

We had 20 people at Papillon (on Eastern, but there is also a location on Front) this weekend, and it worked out fantastic. We had a semi private room, and a dedicated waitress. Our waitress was fantastic, and the restaurant did a great job of accomodating our various requests. We were able to tweak our menu to get the price where we needed it to be, and everyone LOVED the food.

Great recommendation for Papillon on the Park (And they have dedicated free parking, which was a great relief for many of our out of town guests- we did not want them to have to deal with Toronto street parking!)

Good luck

Organic Big Burger - Brown's Line, anyone heard of it? On a daily deal site today...

How could he tell from looking around that its not organic?

We went last year, and it was certainly an odd place, but the food was actually very good. It is not a typical granola-esque pretty organic place, but it was busy, and popular

Sunday Luncheon for 25, in the East end

We need to find a restaurant in the East end, to take a group of 20-25 people to, on a Sunday (May, not Mothers Day). Its a celebration, so if we are able to get a space to ourselves, or a room, that would be perfect.

Ideally, we would like a prix fixe menu, something around (or under) $25/pp.

Thinking Beaches Leslieville area....

Catering might be an option, if we can get the space we are hoping for. Ideally though, for simplicity sake, would prefer to find a great restaurant to go to

Niagara Winery Tour, for a group in the off season

I need help! We won a 12 hour coach bus tour at a charity auction, and thought it would be fun to take a big group of friends to Niagara on a winery tour.

At the same auction, we also picked up a Tour and Appetizer event for 20, at Pilliterri. So I know Pilliterri will be included ono ur tour, but who else should be?

There will be 20-40 adults with us, and it will be a saturday either in late February or March. Which wineries should we think of going to, and which will be free or most reasonable. Since we already paid for the bus and Pilliterim, dont want to break the bank on other wineries (AND, I dont want our friends being charged everywhere- doesnt seem right, if we are inviting them)

Finally, any ideas for a reasonable meal, or something catered to the coach bus? Again, if we are visiting wineries for the afternoon, I think I'd better feed people!

Thanks so much for your help!

Rowe Farms: Whole Organic Chickens only $9.99

I was walking by Rowe Farms in the Beaches today, and they have a sign in their window advertising Whole Organic Chickens for only $9.99. They are frozen chickens and the sale runs until Saturday.

Not sure if other locations have this sale too...

Looking for "LUDA" Soup Base(s) Vegetable, Chicken & Beef...Help please..........

The packaging has changed, so be sure you are looking for the right item. It is in a black, metal cylindrical container.
Good luck in your search.
There is another great bouillon from Quebec that is also MSG free. Its called Fin Cuisine, if you know anyone traveling that way...

Kubo Radio: they had an amazing burger

Despite the many problems at Kubo radio, they did have an amazing burger there. It was called the Chuck and Cluck, or something like that. It was a combination of Duck and Beef Chuck. Served on a sesame bun, with an onion ring on it (if memory serves correct)

Would anyone know how to recreate that burger?


Kubo Radio
894 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1J3, CA

President's Choice Black Label

51 Musgrave
Basically Victoria Park and Danforth, in Toronto

President's Choice Black Label

The products were in my local Loblaws on Friday. There are 120 items in the Black Label franchise, and most will roll out between now and October 1. they are having production issues with some, and some will only be ready in time for Christmas (I chatted with a guy who was setting the section up)

I did not actually buy any BL products while I was there, but the packaging looked good, and prices were reasonable for what they were selling. Alot of consumers were stopping to look at the 4 way display, so Id say lots of interest...

Where to find Marcy's Croutons?

I used to find Marcy's at my local Loblaws, but they dont seem to have it.

Anyone know which specialty stores carry Marcy's Gourmet Croutons? Its salad season, and I want to jazz it up.


Where to buy extra-small cans of coke?

I saw them at Canadian Tire yesterday (Lakeshore and Leslie)