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Good Ethiopian in Calgary?

After taking a year off from eating at Marathon because of poor quality, I tried it again tonight. For $60, my husband and I got arguably the most disgusting meal I've ever had. We ordered take-out. The food was cold, unseasoned, greasy, and sweet. Several of the dishes were unrecognizable to me (I lived in Ethiopia for several years and have eaten it in restaurants for 10 years.) The cold injera that had obviously spent its fair amount of time in the refrigerator was completely bland, and void of any hint of a sour taste that injera should have. The cabbage dish had been seasoned with sugar or something sweet and was inedible. The rest of the sauces were unseasoned and watery. To me, it tasted like food that had been thawed from the freezer or had been in the fridge for too long of a time; Ethiopian food should be rich with spice and flavor. I can pretty much eat anything, but this was inedible. I was upset enough about it that I called the restaurant to complain and and then subsequently returned the entire meal to them. To the credit of the restaurant, our money was returned in full. I will happily overlook any cleanliness suspicions I have at the Blue Nile or the long drive to Fassils after this experience.

Jan 03, 2010
neverland in Prairie Provinces