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Ethnic brunch places?

I have been to Rumi for brunch, and its good, they do a classic turkish breakfast there thats decent. I have never been to KM for brunch (didnt know they did it!) but I love their dinner fare, and can imagine that their brunch would be awesome as well. And I prefer dinner at KM to Rumi any day of the week.

Ethnic brunch places?

Its good, if a bit on the empty side. There dishes are fresh and interesting and the service is friendly. It is located next door to vieu velo though, who's eggs benedict (B.A.B) is kind of irresistible to me though...

Ethnic brunch places?

Sadly, Sablo has been closed for some time. :(

Hakka cuisine in Montreal?

they do have at least one Hakka dish, which I love. Great restaurant - I used to work nearby, and ordered off menu quite a lot. I should talk to them about other Hakka dishes... they always laughed at me, when told that I was Hakka. :)

Hakka cuisine in Montreal?

Hi, I'm looking for a Chinese restaurant that serves Hakka cuisine, either traditional, or adapted Jamaican Hakka cuisine (I'm Jamaican Hakka), or other adapted Hakka cuisine. The Hakka were nomadic Chinese people who ended up all over the world, so finding traditional Chinese only fare is rare - I'm just curious to try any variations.

Real Beijing Duck / Peking Duck - best place in Montreal?

Hi there,

I am looking to go for Peking duck for about 10-12 people, ideally in chinatown or plateau area. Can someone recommend a great place? And how many ducks I should order to fill this many people? Also, if any where delivers, I may just host it at my place (I live in Little Italy)


Best place to buy fresh oysters.

thanks, I'm going to check it out!

Best place to buy fresh oysters.

Hi! Is this info still valid? I would love to buy a case of oysters and some frogs legs for a party of 15. Is there anything reasonably priced and good quality around Jean Talon?

Vegetarian friendly restaurants

no i havent actually - i should stop by for sure, but it may be too late to get a reservation for this friday.

unfortuantely my friend does not eat fish.

if you have any other suggestions, it is very appreciated! in a jam now!

Vegetarian friendly restaurants

hey - I have a chef friend and a vegetarian coming into town, so I want to take them to a fine or "deliciously Montreal" restaurant that will also have vegetarian options. Any recommendations? If I was not looking for a veggie friendly menu, I would take them to Kitchen Galerie, or Laloux , or something. Thanks!!

Kitchen Galerie
60 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC H2R1S5, CA

Good eating near L'enfants Plaza hotel

Thanks for the advice - mid range for me is main course $15-$30. Its a business meeting of film producers and writers, so something an easy cab ride away would be amazing.

Good eating near L'enfants Plaza hotel

Hey! I am organizing a semi fancy lunch and dinner near the L'enfants Plaza hotel for about 5 people. Does anyone have any great recommendations? I am open to all different types of cuisine, mid price range. Thanks for your suggestions!

L'enfant Cafe-Bar
2000 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Ethnic brunch places?

Sablo Kafe - St Dominque and St Zotique. Great mediteranian, turkish inspired, breakfast and very reasonable.
Rumi's - good breakfasts - again turkish and persian inspired. Similar to Sablo, but bigger portions and more expensive. In Outremont.

Sablo Kafe
50 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K6, CA

5198 Rue Hutchison, Outremont, QC H2V4A9, CA

AMAZING South German food in Mitte Berlin!

Was in Berlin in September and went to this fantastic south german restaurant in Mitte, named Schwarzwaldstuben. Great wild boar stew, great Spaetzle, and yummy Flammkuchen. It was a wonderful atmosphere, very chill, and the waiters are knowledgeable. Had to go back there, and definitely think about it a lot now that I am back in Montreal!

Jan 19, 2010
spectraversa in Europe

Where can I eat South German food?

I recently spent time in Berlin, and loved eating south German at this Swabian restuarant in Mitte (


But am back in Montreal and craving Spaetzle and Flammkuchen! Are there any good south german restaurants here?

Delivery in Villeray/ Petit Patrie area

I love Nhu Y. Haven't been to Pho Tay Ho yet, will definitely check out! thanks for the recommendations!

Delivery in Villeray/ Petit Patrie area

I've been looking for good Korean in this neighbourhood too, my favorite is Chez Bong in Chinatown, but admitedly have not been to much else. Will give these options a shot! Thanks!

Delivery in Villeray/ Petit Patrie area

I'm looking for tasty solution to the winter laziness. Some delivery options to Villeray or Petit Patrie. Portuguese rotisserie, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican.... anything really. Any ideas?

Favourite Chinese?

Fu Kam Wah by Cote vertu metro on Decarie. So amazing. The dry beef with rice noodle dish and the Hakka dish are my absolute fave. They also do a mean shrimp wan ton soup (to share) and soft shell crab.