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Mexican in Kingston NY

No beer as per their religious beliefs as 7th Day Adventists

Mexican in Kingston NY

No beer as per their religious beliefs as 7th Day Adventists

Anyone been to Mexican Radio (Schenectady) yet?

I hate their place in Hudson. Terrible food and service. Look for real Mexican food in Kingston

Mexican in Kingston NY

Today discovered Just For You on Bwy in Kingston across from Kingston Hospital. Delightful family operation serving great home style Oaxacan dishes. Huge tamales and had an excellent order of goat tacos. They gave me gratis a fresh homemade tortilla with a slice of queso blanco and avocado yummy!! Very reasonable prices and a clean cheery decor. They are 7th Day Adventists so they close early on Friday and all day Saturday. No pork or alcohol but turkey sausage etc. their homemade hot sauce won first prize at a recent contest at the Y. Well worth checking out

The Tappen in Kingston

Perfect free parking lot next to the building

The Tappen in Kingston

Located in a 17 th century building on Crown St this cozy little gem puts out great food. The menu is small but nicely varied and lovingly prepared and served.
Our favorites
Brandy enhanced French Onion Soup
The best cream of crimini mushroom soup I've ever had
Grilled wasabi crusted tuna w spinach and homemade rice cakes
Ribs with tamarind and mango glaze
Killer Mac and cheese
No liquor license yet but the food is worth the visit in any case


Had a truly disappointing dinner last night at Mayona.
The house salads were soggy and overdressed with the least flavorful shaved Parmesan ever. Tasted the quail salad which was good due to the bacon involved in it and the quail was perfectly cooked.

The noise level in the rear dining room was horrible and the staff in a staging area behind us kept bumping into each other and knocking things over. At one point one of them shrieked like they had been stabbed. The assistant server was sort of jumpy and abrupt and at the end of the meal spilled an entire glass of water on the table in front of me. My rabbit entree arrived barely lukewarm and they just reheated the plate. I don't intend to go back. GW Fin the night before had been totally superb on every level.

Dec 29, 2012
spector49 in New Orleans

real mexican food truck comes to Saugerties!!

Danzante on wheels is now in Saugerties behind the Quickie Mart just off Main St. 6 days a week.
Super good tacos, burritos, tlayudanas, etc. This is the brother of the guy who ran Danzante restaurant in Kingston for many years. You can go into the Quickie Mart and get a beer right out of their freezer and or soda etc. Hours seem to be from 11AM to 9PM, really nice people and several patio tables with umbrellas to sit and eat at.

Real Tacos in Kingston NY

Killer tacos in the 541 Mini Market on Bwy right next to UPAC
$2 each. Muy authentico

Mexican Radio big disappointment!!!

This place has been open for 8 years according to their radio spots and was recommended to me years ago by a friend who is an excellent cook. We were in the mood for a drive up to Hudson from Woodstock and tried it for an early dinner. First off, the hostess was somewhat surly and tried to seat us in a corner even though the place was almost empty. The Dos Equis on tap was cold and tasty but the salsa was very garlicky and had no heat to it at all. I ordered the enchiladas moles and had them use two of their sauces, the verde and the house mole. Both sauces were sludgy and had no pop to them at all. The steak in the enchilada was rubbery, the shrimp ok, and the carnitas really dry and flavorless.
I just came back from Orange County CA so I can't imagine what I expected here to hold up to the real deal out there, and it certainly doesn't even come close to being as good as the cheap Mexican food available at the 535 Mini market on Broadway in Kingston NY right next to UPAC.
To top the meal off we ordered their Mexican hot chocolate, it came out and was tasty, my wife's cup of it was fine but I started noticing this strange viscous sludge in my cup. They managed to curdle the milk while making the batch and I wound up with that. I gave it back to the waiter and the manager came over and explained and apologized and took both cups of the bill.
Scratch another one off the list, I won't be going back there.

Mexican Radio
537 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534

former Tiffany Diner. Now 1046 Grill

you're welcome, proud to be part of this community.
on to better food, which won't be difficult

Jul 24, 2011
spector49 in New Jersey

former Tiffany Diner. Now 1046 Grill

I was on my way to Newark airport today and stopped at the former Tiffany Diner for lunch.
It has now been renamed the 10 46 Grill and signs outside say "comidas Mexicano". they had a lunch special of beef tacos for $7.99 which I ordered. I tried the black bean soup, mistake, totally disgusting flavorless black paste. Then the plate of tacos came out and they looked like they had been made from dog food. This was probably the worst food that I have been served any where in the world. When I complained to the "chef" I got almost no reaction and none at all from the cashier manager. I choked down some of this rubbish because I knew there was no food on the flight. This was another mistake as I felt pretty queasy on the ride to Newark. I would urge all Chowhounds to spare yourself this experience. It's a pity because it used to be a decent diner.

Tiffany Diner
1045 State Rt 17, Ramsey, NJ 07446

Jul 20, 2011
spector49 in New Jersey

Nyack Main Essentials

We finally got to have dinner at Nyack Main Essentials, a vegetarian, Caribbean restaurant.
145 Main St. Nyack.
Really friendly informative staff, Reality is the name of the front of house man, his brother Henrique is the cook. All vegan cuisine that was very tasty. We had the tofu pepper steak mix, with sides of rice and beans and terrific chopped kale. A really healthy well flavored plate of food for $8.50.
The sound track was some nice old school reggae music. We will be going back soon.

Aria Afghan - Persian Kingston NY

Yes they are open for lunch and have very nicely priced lunch specials on the regular menu items. I think they are open 7 days per week.

Aria Afghan - Persian Kingston NY

Aria has only been open for 30 days, located on Broadway in Kingston directly across from the entrance to the UPAC theater. I have been there twice in the last 10 days with two different groups of friends and the food has been excellent. The sign outside says Afghan - Persian Kebab house and there are many different type of grilled items on the menu. So far we have had the chicken kofta, lamb kebab, steak and beef Kofta, you have your choice of different types of birani rice to go with these. The owner Zahil suggested the orange pilau and it was so good I had to have it again. Aside from the orange, there is saffron, currents, sliced almonds and even some capers, very very good.
I also ordered an entree called Ashak which is meat dumplings, sort of like Afghan ravioli, very thin wrappers, and a sauce made from yellow lentils, yogurt, meat, tomato and spices.
There is no liquor license so its BYOB and they supplied very nice wine glasses for the bottle we brought.
Could not resist trying their rose water flavored rice pudding (Firney) for dessert and I thought it was one of the better versions of that I have had in years.
In speaking to Zahil I learned that his family is Afghan, Aria is the original name of Afganistan, and that the chef who has 40 years of experience is Persian ( Iranian). They will be adding specials to the menu and I was urging them to make some Persian dishes which are fantastic and I have not found anywhere in the NY area. I have only had Persian food in Frankfurt and Los Angeles and it is a wonderful and sophisticated cuisine.
Very friendly excellent service in a nice comfortable room with high ceilings and the prices are quite reasonable. both times we got out of there for $20 per person before the tip.

Lunch and nice dinner in/near Kingston?

In Ellenville for lunch I love the European Deli. on rt 209 opposite and just south of the McDonalds. wonderful home made Polish food, superb blintzes, soups and peirogi, grilled kielbasi and parprika wild mushroom sauerkraut.
very very reasonably priced. My favorite place in Kingston is El Danzante Mexican up near the start of Broadway, close to the Thruway. The real deal, owned and partonized by Mexicans who live in Kingston. As good or better than the food like this I get on visits to California.

Aroi Thai Rhinebeck

Had dinner last night at Aroi Thai in Rhinebeck and considering a few favorable posts re: this place it was terrible. We were greeted by the matriarch of the family, a very nice lady and put in our orders. For starters I ordered mee krob as an appetizer and a tom ka gai soup, two of my measuring sticks for Thai cuisine. The mee krob came out first and I looked at it in disbelief, there was only plain cripy rice noodles with no coating or garnishes and a dish of peanut sauce with a tiny bit of tamarind buried in it somewhere. When mee krob is done right the noodles are stir fried with the tamarind paste and shrimp, scallions and coconut are added. In response to my complaint the daughter? came out and told me that this recipe was obtained by her mother from someone who was a chef at the palace in Bangkok and that it was authentic and very popular. I was not convinced and she promised to remove it from our bill. A little while later the mom came out again and told me that the cook came up with the mee krob recipe and that she didn't like it herself.
The tom ka gai soup was pretty anemic with almost no coconut milk and no slice of galagna. My masaman curry was pretty much along the same line, chunks of undercooked potato and many pieces of canned pineapple with a little bit of sliced chicken.
I won't be back.

Woodstock, Kingston, Saugerties area

Don't miss Danzante Mexican in Kingston, just at the start of Broadway.
The real deal, owned, run, and patronized by Mexicans, great food and a very extensive menu, including 3 different types of homemade flan.