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Best Cocktails Near Ritz Carlton Chicago?

Thanks to each of you for your responses. I ended up going to The Betty, which was quiet (though it was a weeknight). We sat at the bar and the bartender was very knowledgeable and friendly. My Old Fashioned was well-made.

The next night we ventured to Violet Hour. It took forever for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but once in, we really enjoyed the vibe and atmosphere. The bartender was also very knowledgeable. We did "Dealer's Choice" for some of our drinks and were not disappointed. He sort of ignored us otherwise, but the drinks made up for that.

Finally, I went to the Berkshire Room which was by far my favorite. Per the suggestion, I did the Weston. Amazing. And the hand-carved ice was a nice touch.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

May 09, 2015
teresaalee in Chicago Area

Best Cocktails Near Ritz Carlton Chicago?

I will be in town this coming week staying at the Ritz Carlton/Four Seasons and am looking for a great place for cocktails somewhere in that general area. Willing to taxi within 15 minutes or so. Just looking for really well-crafted cocktails -- similar to the quality of Angel's Share or PDT or places like that in NYC. Would likely be going pre-dinner, but post-dinner is an option, too. Price is not a problem. Looking for a more upscale atmosphere rather than a chaotic scene. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

May 02, 2015
teresaalee in Chicago Area

Seeking Feedback on June London Dining Itinerary

Thanks to your helpful feedback, I have updated and refined the itinerary a bit. If I may impose, I still have a couple of areas on which I could use guidance (they are noted below). Many thanks for all of your insight!

--plane lands at 10pm; afraid we will be out of luck in terms of things being open by the time we get to our hotel (near Covent Garden) which probably won’t be until midnight

--Friend is taking me on a walking tour in an area between Regent Park/Marylebone Road and Hyde Park/Oxford Street. We’d like to do lunch in that area and she’d like to keep it under 15 pounds. Are there any good options for that?
--dinner at either Nopi (for the 20 pound pre-theatre, pre-fixe menu) OR Salt Yard (I picked Nopi to try to add some less expensive places to the roster and hope that the pre-theatre menu helps with that. Picked Salt Yard just based on the good reviews but this may be the place in the itinerary to shave costs. Thoughts?)

--Kopapa for breakfast
--Brown’s for afternoon tea
--dinner at St John (I booked at St John, not St John Bread and Wine; open to changing that if the latter is preferable)

--Nordic Bakery for coffee/pastry
--Helene Darroze for lunch
–friend planning dinner

--breakfast at Wolseley
--light lunch/wine break at Terroirs
--Trishna at 6:00 p.m. for their early evening menu

--Riding House Café for breakfast
--snack/light lunch at Borough Market
--dinner at Rules

--could be in Oxford that day; I keep reading good things about Magdalen Arms?
--dinner at The Ledbury

--lunch at Dinner
--is it even worth looking at dinner spots after Dinner? Maybe just a "snack" somewhere?

--Looking for a breakfast spot somewhere in South Kensington

Jun 19, 2013
teresaalee in U.K./Ireland

Seeking Feedback on June London Dining Itinerary

It sounds unanimous! I will very likely avoid Korean since we have a plethora of good options here in the Washington, DC area (particularly in Annandale, VA -- of David Chang hometown fame).

If there are other ideas for filling the gaps in my itinerary, I am open.

Thank you for all the helpful feedback thus far.

Jun 17, 2013
teresaalee in U.K./Ireland

Seeking Feedback on June London Dining Itinerary

This is excellent, helpful feedback. Thank you.

Sorry. The "an experience" comment was vague, wasn't it?! I think what I mean to say is that I don't want to look out of place dining alone! Usually, a talkative bartender, a lively atmosphere, a nice view, help take the "sting" out of that. (Not that I mind dining alone, mind you, it's just nice when there is something to "occupy" in a sense.)

Thanks in particular for the Sunday night suggestions. It turns out our flight lands at 10:00 p.m. so Balthazar might be our only bet (looks like they take diners until about 11:30 p.m. as best as I can tell from the website.).

In terms of ethnic cuisines .... yes! My husband is Korean-American and we always enjoy Korean food. I haven't seen much on these boards about Korean food in London but I might be missing it. Any suggestions there?

We also enjoy Indian cuisine.

Any additional feedback is welcome. I appreciate the insight!

Jun 16, 2013
teresaalee in U.K./Ireland

Seeking Feedback on June London Dining Itinerary


I plan to be in London (5 nights near Covent Garden; 2 nights near South Kensington) for 8 days later this month and have done research on some places to eat. For breakfast and lunch each day I will be dining solo so I'd like those to be "an experience"; evening dinners will be with my husband and we're up for trying all different types of places. Ideally, I'd like the itinerary to include a range of prices but right now I am heavy on the high end. I'd love suggestions for places with good value on the less-expensive-side to balance the list a bit. I'd also love feedback on the list overall (Are the spots I picked worth trying? Any suggestions for the "TBD" slots?).

Here's what I have so far:

Sunday -- arrive 10pm; we'll be hungry after the flight. Any late night spots to hit up near Covent Garden?

Monday -- breakfast or lunch or tea: TBD
dinner: Bubbledogs

Tuesday -- afternoon tea: Brown's
dinner: St John

Wednesday -- lunch: pre-fixe at Helene Darroze
dinner: TBD

Thursday -- breakfast: Wolseley
lunch: figure I'll skip since bfast will be relatively filling
dinner: TBD

Friday -- breakfast or lunch: TBD
dinner: Rules (I also have reservations at HIX, thinking of canceling those in favor of Rules)

Saturday -- breakfast or lunch: TBD
dinner: Ledbury

Sunday -- lunch: Dinner
(not planning on dinner that night, maybe just a snack somewhere)

Monday -- breakfast: TBD

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions! I am always nervous when writing a post.

Jun 15, 2013
teresaalee in U.K./Ireland

Dining For One in Beverly Hills

Thank you all so much for these great suggestions! I am looking forward to the trip and to trying as many of these as I can!

Jun 28, 2012
teresaalee in Los Angeles Area

Dining For One in Beverly Hills

I have a last-minute, solo trip to Beverly Hills next week for three nights and four days and am looking for good places that are comfortable for dining for one. Particularly places that serve the full menu at the bar (this applies more to dinner and lunch than breakfast).

I am looking for good ambience and excellent food. Upscale is fine. Pricey is fine. Casual is fine. (I am flexible.) Mainly just looking to try some of the better places in the area without having to leave Beverly Hills.

I am considering:


Barney's Greengrass
La Provence
Nate & Al's


Porta Via




Thanks for your help!!

Jun 27, 2012
teresaalee in Los Angeles Area