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In search of squid, etc.

Joe's Noodle House does salt and pepper items very well and I believe they do squid.

close-in DC: decent crabs, family-friendly environment

Capt. Pell's is a little more friendly and clean than Quarterdeck so it's what atmosphere you'd prefer. I haven't been to Bethesda crab house. There's also more space at Capt. Pells.

Shopping: Hidden Gems to find Unique Items

Bangkok 54. They have keffir lime leaves in the freezer, btw.

Usuals for the OP: German Gourmet and Mozart. Russian Gourmet. I would think nearly any of the Asian/Latino/General ethnic big stores, like Lotte. Also there's a Halal market in Herndon at the K-Mart shopping center (along with Russian Gourmet). Max's in Wheaton has a good market with Jewish items. Also keep an eye out for festivals such as the Thai festival North of Wheaton in the coming month or so. There used to be keffir lime trees available but they go fast.

Looking for great fish and chips (VA or DC)

That's too bad. I have a doctor near there and I would always go after the visit - of course not telling the doc that that's where I was headed.

I'm looking for good ramen in the Reston/Herndon area. Anyone have suggestions?

FWIW, Ariake has udon and soba, but I don't believe ramen.

Looking for great fish and chips (VA or DC)

There's also always Arthur Treacher's (one in FFX). Guilty pleasure...

Looking for great fish and chips (VA or DC)

Jimmy's in Herndon does this extremely well on Fridays.

A Long Weekend Plan

Near enough to Columbia is Grace Garden. Fantastic food though the outside looks scary. It's across from Ft. Meade. The thread below is one of the most replied to threads on this board, as a guide.

Another idea for your way back to Dulles is to stop in Reston at Passion Fish. You can also search this board for that name. High end seafood by some folks that have a few high end restaurants in DC.


You used to have a great feature where 1) I could know what threads I've been following by graying them out if there was nothing since I've been there. And now 2) I go into a thread and ALL items are open even if I've seen them before.

This all has NO benefit to me. I have to look to see what MAY be different in the thread.

I've been here since before you all took over. Most of the changes are great, but this one sucks and I don't know why it would ever cross the minds of the developers OR the PMs to put this into production.

Someone should rectify or be fired. Or both.


Dec 31, 2014
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Peter Chang opening restaurant in Rockville in early 2015

Went to the Williamsburg location yesterday (didn't know he was there). Apparently he was there that morning. Anyway - I had already eaten dinner b/c I didn't know he had a place, but the skinned tofu was really good.

Lunch in Leesburg, Virginia?

Fourth Lightfoot

moved: Manassas area restaurant (or surrounding area)

You at least used to be able to switch out the bread for another side. protip.

Anything halfway decent really close to Skyline

I'm pretty sure that Flavors has closed much to my dismay.

Bethesda suggestions?

What about Clarke's Landing? I thought it blew the doors off of Stoney's, but that's been a few years now.

Best current Burmese, Vietnamese and Ethiopian DC-area restaurants

I'll put in a plug for Nam Viet in Clarendon, which is feet away from metro. I revisited them last Wednesday. My go to soup was a little more bland than usual (spicy sweet and sour salmon soup), but my entree was as good as ever (curried squid).

Whole Foods Friendship Heights and River Road and the Thanksgiving crazy

Thanks for the clarification. Just a note that even re-reading the post, especially with the all caps, it reads that you were astonished in the bad way. Great that you appreciated her making the call - if only more people recognized good or great service (I've always thought that everyone should work a service job at least once in their life).

Whole Foods Friendship Heights and River Road and the Thanksgiving crazy

Stockers are there at the Reston location - but they are usually very knowledgeable and helpful.

I'm most surprised about the dissatisfaction with someone picking up the phone to call. Sure, a UPC lookup could be nice, but that has failings as well. For someone to pick up the phone and make a direct call in this day and age should be lauded, imo.

Good basic breakfast in NoVa?

And Pan Am restaurant at the Pan Am Center on Nutley

Capitol Hill tower area

Note that wait times are extraordinary at this time b/c it was named best resto in America by someone.

Fresh Un-shucked Oysters? Local market or mail order suggestions?

Been awhile since I've been, but American Seafood in Arlington may be a source.

TonTon Chicken

Stumbled on this place on Vermont just north of K. Looks like a hole in the wall on the outside, and gives sense of soul food and Asian. Inside it's surprisingly nice, but not fancy by any means. It is an Asian staff/ownership. The chicken (fried) is very good. Not really southern fried, but very good and not oily at all. They also have mumbo sauce though I didn't get it yet and don't have a reference point myself.

I wouldn't make a trip out of your way, but if you live or work nearby, definitely check it out.

Three days near Dupont Circle

Second Hanks - perfect for the OP's request.

I'd also add CF Folks for lunch if the OP has a weekday lunch open (the only time CF Folks is open themselves). Order a special for the day.

Tuesday Dinner Around Arlington With Friends - Suggestions?

Athena Pallas might be a good option for you. In Crystal City just a couple of blocks from the metro. Very good Greek food, nice atmosphere.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

Yes - that's it.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

The taco bar has a woman's name - I forget the exact name - sorry. But it's two doors down.

I can't vouch at all for any of the cajun offerings. I just had two dogs, fries, and samplings from the pickle bar. Today they had crab and lobster, but those specials change each day. Greg is the owner. An older guy who is very nice. Talk him up - I think he's open to suggestions, etc.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

For a taste...

New England Blue Plate Platter - lobster roll made with fresh steamed Maine lobster (tail, claw, & knuckle meat) sautéed in butter, served on a toasted New England roll, served with a Shields (Shields Beef Company of Kennenbunk, Maine ) natural casing pork & beef hot dog on a New England roll, with a side of French fries 18.95

Joe's Noodle House (and Sichuan Jin RIver): Downhill concerns?

I was there about three weeks ago and things seemed just fine. Hopefully just an off day.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

In Herndon there is a place with the name in the title (on Victory Drive). If you're after dogs, it's the place. They have multiple pickled offerings on the toppings bar, but also serve a lot of daily specials, including a lobster roll and crab cake today.

The owner runs a catering biz in Great Falls, and also owns the taco bar next door to the hot dog place. I was up for trying the tacos after my two dogs and fries, but it was SO crowded that I'll save it for another day.

Retail brats, sausages, bangers

For brats you can always go to the German Gourmet.

Maryland Style Fried Chicken???

Snyder's Willow Grove used to serve it but they are either closed or closing soon.