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Good basic breakfast in NoVa?

And Pan Am restaurant at the Pan Am Center on Nutley

Capitol Hill tower area

Note that wait times are extraordinary at this time b/c it was named best resto in America by someone.

Fresh Un-shucked Oysters? Local market or mail order suggestions?

Been awhile since I've been, but American Seafood in Arlington may be a source.

TonTon Chicken

Stumbled on this place on Vermont just north of K. Looks like a hole in the wall on the outside, and gives sense of soul food and Asian. Inside it's surprisingly nice, but not fancy by any means. It is an Asian staff/ownership. The chicken (fried) is very good. Not really southern fried, but very good and not oily at all. They also have mumbo sauce though I didn't get it yet and don't have a reference point myself.

I wouldn't make a trip out of your way, but if you live or work nearby, definitely check it out.

Three days near Dupont Circle

Second Hanks - perfect for the OP's request.

I'd also add CF Folks for lunch if the OP has a weekday lunch open (the only time CF Folks is open themselves). Order a special for the day.

Tuesday Dinner Around Arlington With Friends - Suggestions?

Athena Pallas might be a good option for you. In Crystal City just a couple of blocks from the metro. Very good Greek food, nice atmosphere.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

Yes - that's it.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

The taco bar has a woman's name - I forget the exact name - sorry. But it's two doors down.

I can't vouch at all for any of the cajun offerings. I just had two dogs, fries, and samplings from the pickle bar. Today they had crab and lobster, but those specials change each day. Greg is the owner. An older guy who is very nice. Talk him up - I think he's open to suggestions, etc.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

For a taste...

New England Blue Plate Platter - lobster roll made with fresh steamed Maine lobster (tail, claw, & knuckle meat) sautéed in butter, served on a toasted New England roll, served with a Shields (Shields Beef Company of Kennenbunk, Maine ) natural casing pork & beef hot dog on a New England roll, with a side of French fries 18.95

Joe's Noodle House (and Sichuan Jin RIver): Downhill concerns?

I was there about three weeks ago and things seemed just fine. Hopefully just an off day.

Wiener Circle - and tacos

In Herndon there is a place with the name in the title (on Victory Drive). If you're after dogs, it's the place. They have multiple pickled offerings on the toppings bar, but also serve a lot of daily specials, including a lobster roll and crab cake today.

The owner runs a catering biz in Great Falls, and also owns the taco bar next door to the hot dog place. I was up for trying the tacos after my two dogs and fries, but it was SO crowded that I'll save it for another day.

Retail brats, sausages, bangers

For brats you can always go to the German Gourmet.

Maryland Style Fried Chicken???

Snyder's Willow Grove used to serve it but they are either closed or closing soon.

Snyder's Willow Grove

Too bad.

Arlington local institution

For fried chicken - Flavors. They cook to order and it takes about 20 minutes.

One dish at Grace Garden

I'm going away for a month flying out of BWI. I have some fave dishes at GG, but wondering if there's any votes for specifics. This will be on either Friday or Saturday, mid-day either way. TIA.

xmas stollen?

I'd start with the German Gourmet.

Shopping advice in Arlington/DC

I'll start you off with the German Gourmet at Baileys XRoads, and AmerIca Seafood in North Arlington. Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike near Glebe used to be a decent small Asian market. I haven't been in a while, though.

What's in Leesburg

Second Lightfoot. Would add Windy City Redhots. Would also add Ford's Fish Shack even though it's in Ashburn (but still close enough in my mind).

Need Good Eats by Baltimore Airport

Third Grace Garden, and really it's fairly close.

I'd also add Snyder's Willow Grove - American fare with a time travel aspect to the decor.

Your Favorite Ethnic Dives in DC Area?

Congrats, welcome, and thanks for the input!

Thanksgiving near Air & Space at Dulles?

It's a good bet that either Szechuan Village or 100 Degree would be open - good Sichuan either way (at SV order off the menu, not the buffet).

I wonder if Amphora in Herndon would be open.

Ben's Best Time of Day?

Kinda like Gray's Papaya.

Saturday dinner in Leesburg

We had mediocre service to start a meal once. I talked with the maitre d' and everything was fixed. The food for us has never been off, but I understand it can be at any given time.

Saturday dinner in Leesburg

I think Lightfoot has veggie fare. It's a great place overall, imo.

What's in DC that's not in LA?

I'm just saying that for the most part, even in those months you're probably not getting anything from the Bay. So with that in mind, what does it really matter?

What's in DC that's not in LA?

Sad to say, you can get steamed crabs all year. They're not MD or VA and they're usually not that even in season.

But still, a great idea and I upvote!

New Fries Size At Five Guys!

I think they changed this policy but when they first started franchising, the franchisee had to at least be able to support 5 stores. I think that at first you had to open 5 stores, then they tweaked that policy and I believe they finally did away with it.

At any rate, for growth, it's not a bad way to go.

Nov 06, 2013
Dennis S in Chains

Anything But Mall Food Around Crystal City Doubletree?

Just had lunch again at Athenas Pallas on 22nd. They have free parking in their lot. You could pick up your friend, shoot down Eads, park there and drive back. Nice white tablecloth type of place.

Good Hush Puppies - Ashburn or nearby

You may be correct. Like I said, I'm not a hush puppy fan anyway, and assumed they had them.