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Upcoming Paris trip- after a lot of research, here's what we've booked- COMMENTS PLEASE

Hello .. Do not know any of these places but can recommend some of the BEST in Paris, including Must-Dos when in Paris.. Not the High-End places like Tour d'Argent but some of the best Bistro and Cafes as this is what Paris is all about.

1) La Palette .. A great inexpensive Bistro on the Rue d Sein about 3 blocks from Blvd St Germain as you walk down toward the Seine. Best at lunch, great Plats du Jour and quintessential Bistro atmosphere.

2) Cafe Duex Maggots .. Probably Paris's most famous Cafe and one of Hemingway's favorites. It's on Blvd St Germain across from church of the same name, St Germain. Cafe Flore next door is also one of Paris's most famed cafes and the favorite of Picasso.

3) Brasserie Lipp, across the stree on Blvd St Germain from Flore and Duex Maggot is one of the Great Brasseries of Paris, wonderful ambiance, great food. It was a favorite of Hemingway.

4) Polidor Bistro on Rue Monsier la Prince ... Probably the coolest most authentic Bistro in all of Paris .. A couple blocks away from the epi center of St Germain walking away from the Seine in the direction towards Montparnasse and the Louxenbourg Gardens, a "MUST DO"

5) (La Coupole) Speaking of Blvd Montparnasse and Must-Dos, one is the great Brasserie
"La COUPOLE" on the Blvd Montparnasse, great ambiance, wonderful food, great service. After a dinner at La Couple you might want to stop at Le Select across the street for a nightcap or coffee. Great place and a favorite of Hemingway.

Hope this was Helpful. Have a Wonderful time. Daniel, NYC

Apr 25, 2012
xpicassox in France

Affordable foodie restaurant (not chinese, mexican or street food) - for 6 mothers taking 20 something daughters

Affordable Food? When you cut out Chinese, you cut out a lot of affordable food. You can get an order of Tasty Dumplings for just $1.25 & Sesame Beef Pancake a Buck .50 ...
Affordable Food, "Forget Capsuto Feeres and The Boat House, they'r not cheap. You want affordable food, but not Chinese or Mexican, then head to East Sixth Street between !st and Second Avenues for some tasty Indian Food.
Veselka (corner 2nd Ave at 9th Street) is a good choice. Cool East Village Diner where you can get a great Burger or anything else for about $10 and sit down and relax in a great atmosphere.
Mamoun's (McDougal St at Minetta Lane) Best and most Famous Falafel in New York $2.75 or Percy's Pizza, 1 block south at Bleecker and McDougal where you'll get Thee BEST $1.00 Slice of PIZZA in town, a BUCK a SLICE or 2 Slices and Soda just $2.75
Oh, and Don't forget The SHAKE SHACK at madison Park 23rd Street at Fifth Avenue for Thee BEST BURGER in the City, $4.50 for a Cheeseburger, $2.40 for a Soda, $4.00 The SHAKE ...Wait on The LONG LINE (The Girls will Love It), order your Burger, wait for you Burger to be made, the buzzer they give you will virate n light up when it ready, Get Your BURGER, sit down in Madison Park and Enjoy the BEST BURGER in Town regardless of price ($26 Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern is good, SHAKE SHACK BURGER is BETTER...Sorry KEITH)
Hope this was helpful
Good Luck and have a Great Time !!!!

MINETTA TAVERN ............ photo Daniel Bellino Zwicke

PS...Minetta Tavern is not a recommendation for you. Just added the pic in reference to The Black Label Burger for $26 being quite renowned, but you'll get a Better Tasting Burger (but not Ambiance) at the SHAKE SHACK for just $4.55 ... I LOVE The MINETTA TAVERN, but .......

Shake Shack
Madison Ave and E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Mamoun's Falafel
119 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

Minetta Tavern
113 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

144 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Capsouto Freres
451 Washington St, New York, NY 10013

Central Park Boathouse
Central Park East Drive E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021

Percy's Pizza
190 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Mar 11, 2012
xpicassox in Manhattan

Why Can't We Just Have a Decent Cooking Show on TV??

The FOOD NETWORK SUCKS! It SUCKS because the IDIOTS who run it program Shit that appeals to the kind of Moronic Women who like to watch Soap Operas and other Crap. And they insist on using mostly Untalented boring Hillbilly Hosts like Sandra Lee, Sara Malton, and Rachel Ray. They do have a few good show here and there like when Mario Batali had his show Molto Mario and Guy Fieri's Diners Drive-In and Dives is quite good, although as good as Guy and his show DD&D's is his Cooking Show like the Food Network SUCKS. It's apally how much GARBQAGE the Food Network puts on and programs when there are many possibilities to produce good shows, yet the Food Network refuses to go this route and instead puts one Horrible whow after the other with even more Horrible Hosts like Sara Maulton, Sandra Lee and such.
Bring back Mario and Molto mario and save him from the Shit Show on ABC "The Chew."
This is the kind of crap the Food Network and other networks (ABC) give us, geared to moronic minds and horrible taste. Why do you think Hip Hop is so popular? A sad fact is that much of the population of this country has small minds and Horrible Taste, thus Hip Hop and The Food Network.

Mar 10, 2012
xpicassox in Food Media & News

My French Quarter Plan - Am I On Track?

CUVEE "A Waste of Time" !! Go to Galatoiers instead, or Arnaud's or Antoine's, just forget Cuvee.
Cafe du Monde is a Must !!!! You haven't been to New Orleans if you haven't been to Cafe du Monde..
Go to Domilisee's and get a Poboy instead of the Burger at Port of Call..... The only things I'd leave on your list are Cafe Adelaide and The Central Grocery where they make The BEST Dam MUFFULETTA in The WORLD but be prepared for The RUDENESS of The MISERABLE SOB OWNERS Behind the counter, "Give The Rude SOB's your MONEY, block out their outrageous RUDENESS, get your TASTY MUFFULETTA, eat it and ENJOY !!!!

Picasso .


Mar 09, 2012
xpicassox in New Orleans

Central Grocery is Rude

TigerAtty, there is No other Option. Believe me. Yes they are No-Good Dam Bastards, I discovered this FACT the First time I went there in 1995. They have reconfirmed what MISERABLE No-GOOD BASTARDS They ARE the 20 times of been there ever since, but they also Confirmed that they are The No-Good Bastards who make Thee BEST DAM MUFFULETTA in The WORLD "Bar None."
You just gotta "Bite The BULLET" Give the SOBs your MONEY, get your MUFFULETTA and it's all Worth it!!!!!! Best MUFFULETTA in NEW ORLEANS, which means The BEST DAN MUFFULETTA in The World !!! Nuff said !

photo by DBZ

at NY-Foodie

Mar 08, 2012
xpicassox in New Orleans



Invented by Daniel Bellino Zwicke 1987 New York, NY

Fill a Highball or Collins glass with Ice
add a Shot of Vodka
Fill almost to top of glass with Grapefruit Juice
add a splash of Campari on top and Enjoy!!!

Best made with fresh squeezed Grapefruit Juice if you have it. Quite refreshing. I invented this cocktail way back in 1987 when I used to drink Vodka and Grapefruit quite a bit, but wanted to change things up a bit, so one day I added a splash of Campari and Voila The Daniele Cocktail was invented.



Mar 05, 2012
xpicassox in Spirits

The Negroni

If you have nice fresh Grapefruits Relish, try a "Daniele" Vodka and Grapefruit with a splash of Campari on top. Awsome with fresh Grapefruit. You'll Love it......

PS...When I had my place "Bar Cichetti" which was the First Venetian Wine Bar (Bacaro) ever in The U.S., we had this poster hanging in the bar.......

Mar 05, 2012
xpicassox in Spirits

Visiting Manhattan on smallish budget

1) You can have a great inexpensive meal at The BEST Vietnamese restaurant in NYC at Nahn Thrang on Baxter Street about 100 feet south of Canal Street in Chinatown. A great restaurant where you can get a fantastic bowl of Pho (Vietnamese Soup that's a meal in itself) and get an appetizer each for about $25 total pus tip.
2) SunSai Gay Rice Shop is right up the block on the corner of Baxter and Canal. Great Roast Duck over rice for $5.00 or combo of Duck and Soy Sauce Chicken with rice just $5.50 and you can get a pork bun to start for just $1.00
3) Cheaper thant this and the greatest food value in New York is at either Prosperity Dumpling where you'll get an order of 4 Tasty pork Dumplings for just $1.00, and Sesame pancake with Beef just $1.50, a whole meal just $2.50. Prospertiy Dumpling on Eldridge Street and a new one on Clinton St. just south of Houston Street.
4) PERCY'S PIZZA, great quality and the BEST $1.00 PIZZA in town. 2 slices and soda for $2.75 in Greenwich Village on Bleecker Street at McDougal
6) For a nice affordable sit-down dinner, Go to East 6th Street between !st and 2nd Avenues and pick any Indian Restaurant you like, dinner for two about $30
Have a Great Time and Enjoy

photo Below.. New Prosperity Dumpling location on Clinton Street south of Houston .. great inexpensive happy Hour Bars on this street......

Nha Trang
87 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013

Sun Say Gai
220 Canal St, New York, NY 10013

Prosperity Dumpling
46 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

C&C Prosperity Dumpling
69 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

Percy's Pizza
190 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Mar 05, 2012
xpicassox in Manhattan

The Negroni

I know that, but that's for people who just read and don't do. I've been drinking Negronis since 1985 and this is the perfect Negroni, no one who reads things in books and has probably just jumped on the Negroni Band-Wagon in the past 2 years or so and hasn't been to italy a dozen times is going to tell me otherwise.

Mar 05, 2012
xpicassox in Spirits

The Negroni

The Negroni! A cocktail most Americans do not know. To bad! It is so fine. Well not many know except among the more Sophisticated of our population. Even just a minute percentage of those who have traveled to its birthplace in Italy will even know of the cocktail. In this country, it is drank more often in the city of New York, a city with a higher "Sophisticate" ratio than most, but still only a few will know of this drink, the Negroni Cocktail.
So what it is it? Well its base is the highly popular aperitif bitter Campari, a Bitter-Sweet aperitif from Torino, Italy. The Negroni made of 1 0z. Cmapari, 1 1/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth, 3/4 oz. Gin, over ice cubes in a Rocks Glass with a splash of Club Soda on top and garnished with a slice of Orange or Orange peel. Voila! The Negroni! Usually drunk as an aperitif before dinner in the early evening, but just as wonderful anytime of the afternoon, especially Alfresco, or late into the evening for that matter.

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

photo Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Mar 04, 2012
xpicassox in Spirits

Fat, Sick & Really Into Juice

I saw this movie. It's Great! Every American should see this. They should show it in schools so children can get in tune with this whole concept. I wish this was around when i was younger. I'm no health food not by any means. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and not a good balanced diet I might add. The saying "You Are What You Eat" is true and not a myth. You may be fine eating a lot of Junk Processed Food when you're younger, but over time and as you get older, "It will Catch Up to You" and not in a good way. You'll have bad health and will be forced to change your diet or?
What you need to do is eat as Many Fruits and as you can a day and not a bunch of Junk Processed Food, sugar, or too much fat. You can eat Meat, Sugar and Sweets an things of this nature, just in moderation.
Juice!!! JUICE, JUICE!!! Eat lots of FRUITS and VEGETABLES, Whole Grains, WHOLE FOODS, NOT PROCESSED, not too much Sugar or White Flour. You be HEALTHY, have less medical Problems and live Longer. OTHERWISE???

Feb 25, 2012
xpicassox in Features

No Drinks = Bad Service

I hate to tell you this, but yes you should feel bad about taking up a whole table on a busy night and not ordering drinks. Running any kind of restaurant cost money to run. Restaurants just "Eat Up Money" Rent, Labor Cost, Insurance, Gas & Electric, etc., etc.. If you don't have the money to spend on a proper meal then don't go. Wait til you have the money or go when the place is not busy and there are plenty of empty tables. If you're talking about a Pizza Place that has waiter service then yes, you should be ordering drinks, if you're talking about just a plain old pizzeria with self-service then it is OK not to get drinks. Basta.

Feb 25, 2012
xpicassox in Features


Check out Wikipedia and others. Reuben Sandwich made with Pastrami or
Corned Beef ....

Feb 16, 2012
xpicassox in Manhattan


Yes you are Correct, a Reuben can be made with either Pastrami or Corned Beef. It doesn't matter.

Below ..My REUBEN at The Bowery Diner ...

photo Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Feb 16, 2012
xpicassox in Manhattan


Had a REUBEN SANDWICH at the new Bowery Diner yesterday. Yumm, it was Dam Good. Succulent and tasty as I could have hoped for. Saw the piece in New York Magazine this week reintroducing the Reuben. There were some really juicy pictures that got my juices going and yearning for one of these tasty baby's. I had to get one, and I chose the recently opened Bowery Diner for four reasons. Number one, I'm an old diner from way back. Two, I had read about the Bowery Diner a few weeks ago and because as I said I'm a Diner lover from way back, I wanted to check it out. Three, it's in walking distance from my apartment, and four, the price, it wasn't $15 and up, not like some of the other ones, although it is more than $15 on dinner menu at The Bowery Diner, but at lunch it's just $8.75. Let was the deal closer. And there is actually a fifth reason, as I saw in the picture in NyMag and read about it, it was a Classic Old School Reuben, not some Dumb Ass version of a Reuben made with Chicken or Turkey. The Reuben at the Bowery Diner was Classic and Old School and really looked mouthwatering in that picture.
So after my morning Coffee and reading the papers on Monday morning, I left the Cafe and started heading east on Prince Street and over to The Bowery, the street that is, of which is the namesake of the Diner. it was a nice brisk Winter's day. The Sun was out and it wasn't too cold, so I had a nice little walk.
So I get over there and take a peek inside first. It looked pretty cool and it was kind of dead, I was a bit surprised. Thought it would be a little more lively. Maybe at night? One good thing about it not being busy, although I was by myself i should have any problem of getting a nice booth, cause when I'm in a diner, I just gotta sit in a booth. If not a booth, then at the counter but not a regular table. So I walked on in and was greeted by the hostess. I asked for a nice booth and she gave me on. Excellent. The waitress brought me a menu and asked if I wanted anything to drink besides the water. A Coffee please? She brought me a nice Cup of Joe and asked if I was ready to order. Ready to order? I new what I wanted two days ago. So I ordered my Reuben, and oh by the way, I'm hoping and wondering if this baby is going to be as good as it looked in the picture and of how I had been hoping in anticipation that it would. It arrived arrived ten or twelve minutes later and guess what? Hell Yeah! My Reuben Sandwich was every bit as succulent Tasty and Marvelous as I was dreaming it would be. It was downright "Outstanding," nice and juicy and succulent, perfectly toasted Rye Bread, nice melting Gruyere Cheese, Sauerkraut and most important of all a nice thick pile of Succulent Tasty Slightly Smokey, Just about perfect Pastrami. "I Love it." I was in 7th Heaven and ectsty with my Bad Ass Tasty Reuben.
Well i gotta say, The Bowery Diner and new York Magazine with their little piece on the Reuben and the picture of the Bowery Diner's Reuben met my high expectations. So many times you get disappointed, but here I was thoroughly pleased, a Great Reuben, nice ambiance, and a real nice waitress taking care of me. Great service. And one other happy discovery I made on my way to the laboratory, they got a Cool Old Seeburg Jukebox. it's beautiful. i wanted to play a few tunes, remembrances of my childhood but the hostess said it wasn't hooked up yet. Let's hope it will be, cause it's always a lot of fun throwing quarters in those old baby's, watching your records picked from the pile, put on the turntable ans spun. Love It!
So, it was quite a nice lunch at The Bowery Diner with My Reuben, the booth, a Cup of Joe and a Cool Old Jukebox, Check it!

Bowery Diner
241 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

Feb 14, 2012
xpicassox in Manhattan

$1.00 pizza slices


Yes The New York Post is jumping on The Band Wagon proclaiming Percy's Pizza The Best $1.00 PIZZA in New York, and yes this is true. And I don't blame The Post for writing this piece and I'm glad they did, as let's face it, they have a lot more power and exposure than I, just let's not forget who "Discovered" this Gem first and who was the First to write about it and Proclaim It
"New York'S best $1.00 Pizza." ? Mwha! Yes I. Me writing the piece and making the proclamation way back in December 2011, more than 2 months before the New York Post's piece.
For those of you who may have forgotten here it is, my Proclamation that Percy's Pizza is The Number One Undisputed Champion King Best $1.00 SLICE of PIZZA in New York. Look below.

Post in NyFoodee .... December 10, 2011 by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

The latest entry into the DOLLAR a SLICE PIZZA "PERCY'S PIZZA" on Dollar Slice is phenomenal. It's Top Notch and Superior to the likes of JOE'S PIZZA just a mere 200 feet away from this wonderful new establishment.
The Pizza at Percy's is just about absolute perfection. The way real pizza should be, perfect dough that is cooked to crisp perfection with just the right balance of tomato to cheese ratio. This slice is tasty, and at a Dollar a pop, one of New York's greatest culinary deals. And as for the other Buck a Slice guys, they just don't measure up. They're pretty good for a Dollar, but the slice at Percy's is Superior, even up against $2.75 a Slice joints like the famed Joe's Pizza just feet away. Percy's blows them away. They have a couple great Pizzaiolos, one from Sardegna, the other from Cairo of all places. Percy's is a simple unassuming place, that's nice and comfortable and serves up some of the Best Pizza in town, and at a Buck a Pop, you just can't
beat it. I Love it, and hope it last.

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke at NyFoodee

photo Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Percy's Pizza
190 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

Feb 10, 2012
xpicassox in Manhattan

emergency chow needs--tantalizingly close, but....

MENA'S PALACE (corner of Iberville & Chartes) is thee Best Diner in The French Quarter .... Great for a lunch or dinner too. The place gets packed for Breakfast as it's one of the very few diners in the whole French Quarter. I've eaten here at least a dozen times on 6 trips to New Orleans and love it, especially and mostly for breakfast. It gets packed and you may have to wait outside for a table for a few minutes. Inside the place is lively and always has a great vibe. The waitress's are all wonderful, nice friendly service always. Reall good Breakfast options, standard with some Big Easy twists. You can get Burgers, Po Boys, Red Beans & Rice, Gumbo, and diner fare. Overall Mena's is real good, fun, friendly service with good honest food at very affordable prices. Don't miss famed restaurants to come here, but use Mena's as a filler place and Breakfast option.

Daniel, NY NY

Jan 26, 2012
xpicassox in New Orleans

Central Grocery is Rude

I LOVE The Napoleon House, one of the World's Great Bars, and I'm never in New Orleans without making a least 2 stops for Pimms and other libations. As for the comparison of Muffuletta between
Central Grocery, in my book, there really is none, The Central Grocery Muffuletta blows it away, it's superior and to me, the only Muffuletta to eat. Yes I love Napolean House and often eat there, some food to go along with the drinks, at reasonable prices and with an atomosphere that just can't be beat. But the taste of the Muffuletta at Napoleon House is so far behind Central Grocery's, it isn't even funny. "No comparison!" You're better off getting some Gumbo or Jambaylaya at Napoleon House.
As for the Personality and Demeanor of the owners of Central Grocery, it's appalling! From the first time I ever stepped into the Central Grocery back in 1994 and every time since I've been amazed at the awful disposition of the owner ( I believe his name is Sal), he's an absolute "No Good SOB" to put it mildly. The guy is an out and out prick. I've said it over and over again, and I always will as long as the guy continues to be such an Ass. Thousands will agree.
But they do have amazing sandwiches, The Muffuletta at Central Grocery is one of the World's Great Sandwiches but no thanks to that no good SOB, it was his in-laws who set the business up over 100 Years ago, and this No Good S.O.B. benefits on it everyday. The place is a "GOLD MINE" that he doesn't deserve


Napoleon House Bar & Cafe
500 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Jan 26, 2012
xpicassox in New Orleans


LOL! "Good One, MARIO'S EGO is BIGGER Then his Tired Old Shorts and Orange Crocs" Very true!
That get up is really tired. Also true is that "THE CHEW SUCKS" Big time. Worse than the SHIT They have on The Food Network. But the only thing that would save it would be MARIO alone and on his own. Everyone one else is DEAD WOOD. They are So AWFUL it's disgusting.
"FIRE EVERYONE Except Mario Batali" and you'd have yourself a pretty dam good show ABC, otherwise ............

Jan 25, 2012
xpicassox in Food Media & News

Venice Wine Bars

Do Mori is one of the Oldest and most Historical Wine Bars (Bacaro) in Venice. It's too Bad the Owners are such "Assholes" "Truly" I hate to say it but it's True. They are rude and have the "Personality of Dead Fish" I LOVE the Wine Bars in Venice. I recommend;
all Arco which is near Do Mori and the people running it are just the oposite of Do Mori, "they are Warm and Friendly" also recommend; alla Vedova, alla Botte,
la Cantina,Paradiso Perdutto, al Ponte, ai Rusteghi, and Cantinone Schiava

Jan 30, 2010
xpicassox in Italy

Vegan Cassoulet

"You're Kidding Right" !!!! Vegan Cassoulet ??????????
What is this WOrld coming to ??? !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 23, 2010
xpicassox in Features

Fried Chicken in the Quarter

To tell you the TRUTH, if you listen to most who have replied to you and you got to "FORELLA'S" you may be highly disapointed. I went last year and I was "Disapointed" that is. It was awful. I was grossed out went they brought me Chicken that was "Raw" inside. This place used to be good, not anymore and I don't know of any places that are famous for Fried Chicken in the FRENCH QUARTER. You have to go Uptown, to Treme, or some other neighborhood. Dunbars used to be Great, but I beleive they are closed now. Get in a TAXI and go to "WILLY MAE's SCOTCH HOUSE." They are Famous for Fried Chicken, "it's the BEST in NEW ORLEANS." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 22, 2010
xpicassox in New Orleans

Please help me decide! First real NOLA trip!

Nikkii, If you're staying at Marriott on Canal, "You have to go to"Mena's Palce" a 2 minute walk from Marriott, it's on the corner of Iberville and Chartres, and is probably, without a doubt "Thee Best Place" in all of New Orleans to get BREAKFAST. It's also excellent for Lunch and Dinner and on the days I have a "Splurge Lunch" at Galatoire'e or Arnuad's, I go to Mena's for Dinner. I've been to New Orleans 6 times and I have 90% of my Breakfast at "Mena's Palace" LOVE IT !!!!
"Secondly," ACME is always packed and not really worth it. If you're able to, hop in a Taxi and go to "Cassamento's" in the Garden District, "It's Far Superior to Acme"
3rdly Go to "GALATOIRE'S" for that Tuesday Lunch. Only problem is if you go there then before you go to the Airport, you'll wish you had gone sooner. Galatoire's is "Awsome" , but almost just as good, is "Arnuad's" a couple blocks away. PS. Galatoire's, Antoine's or Arnuad's for Anniversary Special occasion. If you go to GALATOIRE'S, make sure you sit downstairs dining room, not up, and at Arnuad's , the front main dining room, nowhere else.
Spotted Cat on Frenchmen Street in the Faurborg Marigny is a great Funky Bar for Jazz, especially on Monday Nights when the "JAZZ VIPERS" play
Hope this was helpful to you, Dan from NEW YROK, NY

Jan 10, 2010
xpicassox in New Orleans

Fried Chicken in the Quarter

Well. I'm sorry to say, but I had FRIED CHICKEN at "Fiorella's" last February and it was absolutely "AWFUL", as a matter of fact, the whole Experience at Fiorella's was awful, the Vibe in the place was BAD, my Chicken was "Raw" in the middle and absolutely "Terrible" !!!!
I LOVE "New Orleans" and I can tell you some Great Places to go to.
"CENTRAL GROCERY" is an absolute "MUST" and as most will tell you the only place to go for your first "Muffuletta" experience. There Muffuletta is "Fantastic" and the ambiance is the best to eat a Muffuletta (Old World Italian Grocery almost 100 years old). It can't be beat.
After you have your Muffuletta at CENTRAL GROCERY, take a 1 minute walk up Decatur Street for the #2 "MUST DO" on New Orleans Culinary Tour at "CAFE du MOND" for Beignets and Cafe Creme.
Also just a minute away from these Great places, you may want to stop by Tujague's also on Decatur St. and have a drink at the Stand-Up Bar, where the cocktail the "GRASSHOPPER" was invented. It's also a great place to eat (not Cheap), and it's almost 140 years old.
"NAPOLEAN HOUSE" close by on Chartres Street, is another NOLA "MUST DO" This is one of the "GREAT DRINKING BARS of the WORLD" get a "IMMS" which they are famous for. This building is 200 years old and the ambiance inside is fabulous.
Go to the "SPOTTED CAT" on Frenchmen Street in the Faourborg Marigny fro great JAZZ. or "Fritzel's on Bourbon Street.
I highly recomend, if it's within your budget to have at least 1 meal at one of the 3 Great Oldline New Orleans restaurants of; GALATOIRE'S, ARNUAD'S or ANTOINE'S. I especiallly LOVE both Galatoire's or Arnuad's and I feel LUCH is the best at these places, and lunch is cheaprer than dinner.
Domilise's has the "BEST" Po-Boys
Dan in NYC

Jan 05, 2010
xpicassox in New Orleans

Fried Chicken in the Quarter

Fiorella's Fried Chicken is absolutely "AWFUL" !!!!! Sorry, I know I'll get alot of flack. I wanted to like it, but it was awful. I my last trip to New Orleans, which was my 7th time, I wnet there. I had pasted by many times on all my trips to the Big Easy, and I had always wanted to go, especially when I saw the prices and heard that the Fried Chicken was great. Well, I went there last February, waited a very long time for the chciken (40 Minutes) and when it finally cam out, it was "RAW" in the middle. It was "Awful" The ambiance was not and the Vibe was terrible as well. "MYABE" the Fried Chicken is Great and I just hit it bad on that night, but after that experience, which was quite BAD, I doubt if I'll ever go back.

Jan 05, 2010
xpicassox in New Orleans