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wine shops/wine recommendations

ISO a wine shop where the recommendations are good in the Takoma Park, Silver Spring area. We're in a neighborhood with corner liquor stores, which will most likely not provide the source of information I'm looking for.

What would you serve with:
- oysters on the half shell (with a chorizo mignonette)?
- jerk goat ravoli with cheese and mango puree?
- stuffed pork chop with greens, sweet and spicy fruit sauce, and cheese quenelle?

I am not a wine person, so I really need help on this one.


restaurant supply stores?

Thanks Joe, I found some of the old posts. I am new to the board so I appreciate the heads up!

2010 is here and I'm ISO vegetables that even my kids will eat.

Not sure how old your kids are, but we had a lot of luck wiht our toddlers, just giving them whatever we were eating. No alternatives. If they don't want to eat it, they don't have to,but that's what is for dinner. Plus, they see us enjoying it and not treating it like a "chore" or something we "have to do" so they genuinely get excited when we serve broccoli. One thing we definitley do is mix it up. Never the same vegetable twice in a week and if we mix two vegetables together, they feel like at least they have a choice between one or the other. Green beans and onion, broccoli and mushrooms, zucchini and yellow squash, etc. Garlic or salt and pepper is really all they need. Here's my recipe: cut up the vegetables, sprinkle salt on them, cover and place in the micro wave for a few minutes (3-5). They LOVE it.

Jan 04, 2010
nineoffour in Home Cooking

restaurant supply stores?

In search of inexpensive restaurant supply shops for plates, pans, and all cooking utensils in the DC metro area. Also, any Asian cooking supply stores? Trying to stay away from the major chains.