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Bar Harbor Winter Dining?

I think Geddy's (spelling?) is open year-round too. Not cheap, but decent pub grub and surprisingly great desserts.

Fish & Chips Southern NH

Looking for cheap and good fish and chips in Southern NH or the Merrimack Valley, preferably eat-in but will do take out (probably have a bottle of malt vinegar in the car...). Had them at many chains, including the Weathervane....not good. For me, a hearty fish portion is key; dining partner likes thick fries. Any tips?

Fresh milk in southern Maine/NH ?

I would give Laschi Brothers Greenhouse/Farmstand a call. Don't know if they're still open (they were thru Christmas); they'll certainly be back for Valentine's Day.

Help me understand Italian food in New Hampshire (and northern New England)...please?

Hi everyone,

I haven't eaten there in three years, but my family is also from Caserta (Casale)/Napoli, and years ago, very much enjoyed The Colosseum in Salem, NH. They had excellent tripe, fried zucchini blossoms (in season), an amazing amatrician sauce. But again, I haven't been there in awhile. Anybody been there recently?

I absolutely agree with you about the sweet pizza sauce. All our homemade sauces were savory, and many included at least a hint of anchovy, cooked into oil so that it dissolved and only left a nice ghost of flavor. This seems to be a regional thing.

Off topic---I have found good tourtiere and okayyyyyy cretons in Thwaites market in Methuen for my French Canadian relatives.