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Wine Discoveries Newsletter

Wine Discoveries Newsletter

I’ve posted some back issues of a nice wine newsletter on my Google Drive. Wine Discoveries by Arthur Damond is a “Guide to Exceptional Wines Under Eight Dollars”. It’s always easy to spend more, but getting great value for less is more attractive to me.


Dec 24, 2014
Got_Wood in Wine

Where to buy Sangrita in the DC Area? (Not Sangria)

Still no suggestions? Cinco de Mayo is almost here

Where to buy Sangrita in the DC Area? (Not Sangria)

Does anyone know which retail stores or liquor stores carry Sangrita in the DC or VIrginia area? I'm talking about the fruit/sometimes tomato chaser served with a tequilla shot in Mexico and not the wine drink.

There are many recipes on the web, but I'd like to try a commercial offering before trying to create my own.

I've checked the major DC and VA liquor stores and some VA latino supermarkerts and they don't show anything on their web sites.


Arthur Damond's "Wine Discoveries" Newsletter

I just subscribed to Arthur Damond's "Wine Discoveries" Newsletter. Quick question for those who know this newsletter -- Is there any difference between the White/Red "Featured Recommendations" and his grape-specific "Exceptional Values"?

Are both considered to be eqivalently strong recommendations?

Apr 03, 2010
Got_Wood in Wine

Where to buy Half Smokes at a Grocery?

It's my understanding that half-smokes are half beef and half pork. I understand that Ben's Chili Bowl is the quintessential vendor of half smokes. I also understand that they have them made for them by a meat packer in Baltimore.

Does anyone know where I can buy half smokes a grocery? Most groceries usually have a pretty good assortment of various smoked sausages, but nothing that is half beef/half pork.

Does Ben's vendor sell half smokes through any local outlets?


Irish Whiskey

Does anyone know where in the US I might be able to get Green Spot?

Jan 02, 2010
Got_Wood in Spirits

Good breweries/microbreweries around Northern VA?

Shenandoah Brewery on Picket Road in West Alexandria. This is a "Brew on Premise" facility. They have 6 packs and growlers to go, but any beer connoisseur should make their own keg here at least once.