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Lunch near Love Field

Driving cross country, seeing some friends as I do. I'll be having lunch with a friend who works near Love Field.

I've checked out a couple of threads already, in particular this one seemed on point, but more focused on dinner:

from which, after a little winnowing (e.g. Neighborhood Services appears to be dinner only) I see the following possibilities:

Club Schmitz
Cafe Istanbul

Comments on these or additional suggestions greatly appreciated.

Up for anything authentic, anything with good bang-for-buck, pretty much any type of food. Much less concerned with ambiance than with finding tasty chow.

Thank you kindly, Chowhounders...

Neighborhood Services
5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

Cafe Istanbul
5450 W Lovers Ln Ste 222, Dallas, TX 75209

Club Schmitz
9661 Denton Dr, Dallas, TX 75220

Jun 20, 2011
rnarnarna in Dallas - Fort Worth

Thank you to San Diego Chowhounds

Staying here in San Diego for a week over winter holiday and today finally had a chance to use some of the recommendations I've seen on the SD board and wanted to express my appreciation.

* Opera Patisserie -- needed a cake for a special occasion and got one very successfully at Opera based on recommendations from this board. A Marquise -- your basic high-class chocolate calorie bomb. That was dessert tonight.

* Super Cocina -- that was lunch today. I can see why it's so highly recommended. The guy in charge (owner? manager?) asked us if it was our first time there and provided tastes of just about everything (you ask what something is, he provides a taste). I had the mole and the cochinata pibil, both very tasty. Others in my party had the pozole and the barbacoa and the potato patties (not sure what the name for these things is). The food was delicious, spicy, inexpensive and exactly the kind of thing you would want on a cold and wet winter day, and the guy in charge could not have been more welcoming. I said that we were there at the recommendation of people on the web, and he said that he knew that they had a lot of fans there. I wish I had a place like this just down the road from me. Yum. I'd go back there in a heart beat. Worth going out of your way for.

* Antica Trattoria -- good place to take my parents for nice family dinner. Food was above average for the price. My mushroom risotto was quite good (I was somewhat apprehensive about ordering it, because this is something that can be stodgy if not done well), my father's pesto gnocchi was tasty and tender, my mother loved her osso bucco, and my brother was pleased with his Italian sausage-based pasta dish. I'm not sure that this place would turn too many heads in, say, Manhattan, but it struck the right balance for a three-generation dinner including a couple young kids (one of them four years old).

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to act on some other board recommendations, but I wanted to put this out here while my impressions are still fresh. Thank you to SD Chowhounds for a great day of food.

Super Cocina
3627 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104

Opera Patisserie
9254 Scranton Rd, San Diego, CA 92121

Antica Trattoria
5654 Lake Murray Blvd La, Mesa, CA

Dec 29, 2010
rnarnarna in San Diego

50th wedding anniversary -- w/ (well-behaved) grandkids

Thank you for the replies. I am going to look into Addison. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

Sep 10, 2010
rnarnarna in San Diego

50th wedding anniversary -- w/ (well-behaved) grandkids

OK, so my family will be in San Diego for Xmas/New Year. One thing we will be celebrating is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

We'd like to go to dinner at a very nice restaurant. However, we're not looking for a super-high end experience, both because it would be largely wasted on all of us, but also because we'll have my brother's four and seven year old children with us. There would be seven of us at dinner (including the kids).

The kids are pretty well behaved, generally pretty able to keep it together for a couple of hours. But still, it would be better to go to a place that, if not specifically designed to be kid-friendly, is at least likely to be more kid-tolerant while still offering food that everyone would agree was in keeping with a once-in-a-lifetime experience (for instance, perhaps it is in a setting where perhaps an uncle could take the kids for a stroll while they wait for their entree -- not necessary, but perhaps a consideration). Or perhaps a place with a seating arrangement that would offer some privacy?

And perhaps a restaurant where I could talk to them ahead of time about perhaps a special 50th-anniversary desert or something.

We'll be staying in Mission Bay, but for this we'd be willing to travel for the right place.

Ideas, etc, greatly appreciated.

Sep 07, 2010
rnarnarna in San Diego

Xmas dinner near Mission Bay?

My family will be coming into Mission Bay on Xmas day. I'd very much appreciate pointers to somewhere we can find Xmas dinner.

Ideally looking for something nice but not too crazy or challenging -- my brother will have his 4 and 7 year old children with him, and my parents will be there too -- everyone will have arrived from the east coast that day.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Aug 21, 2010
rnarnarna in San Diego