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Attn: Canadian Chowhounders - Cuisinart ICE-100 at Futureshop for $169.99

w/ free shipping!

I can't wait until mine arrives so that I can start experimenting :D

Jan 01, 2015
jaredcook in Cookware

Lello Musso Pola 5030 Commercial Ice Cream Maker

I have an opportunity to buy a used one for about $375 - it has a cracked lid though! I wonder if there are replacement parts..

Dec 25, 2014
jaredcook in Cookware

Adcraft Countertop Induction Wok Cooker - 3000 watts

Good Evening Chowhounders!

Say... has anybody out there had any experience with one of these units?

I am seriously considering having an electrician in to set up the proper outlets in my kitchen in order to power thing up.

I am thinking that this little unit will help kick my stirfry's up a few notches.. 3000 watts is a lot of power! Although I am a bit concerned with the ( seemingly ) low price point.

Available at Katom for $246

Nov 30, 2014
jaredcook in Cookware

Ruined CI seasoning after a high heat sear

a combination of stuff burning / sticking on and the seasoning then stripping off. A bit of a mess really :/

Jan 30, 2014
jaredcook in Cookware

Ruined CI seasoning after a high heat sear

Hi CH members

Sorry for yet another discussion on CI - however, I was just curious if I was the only one to run into trouble when cranking the heat on my CI to sear a steak. It seems like I can not do this without damaging the seasoning.

Is it just that I have not seasoned properly? Or will a good seasoning not tolerate the demands of the high heat necessary for a good sear on a steak?


Jan 30, 2014
jaredcook in Cookware

Handheld vacuum food sealer recommendations

yes, I would be keen to hear about this item as well. I have not been impressed with a number of the Foodsaver reviews for their various models, however, this Waring Pro seems to be generating positive reactions on

Jan 17, 2014
jaredcook in Cookware

Fagor Futuro Pressure Cooker

Hi All

About to use my pressure cooker for the first time and am noticing that the the lid, although locked and sealed ( seemingly ), seems to jiggle a bit. Is this 'jiggling' normal? And by jiggling I mean that it moves back and forth about an 1/8 of an inch. Or should it be firmly set in place?


Dec 21, 2013
jaredcook in Cookware

Have you made things other than pizza on your baking steel?

Hi - yes, I am very intrigued as to how this is working out for people as well. Especially its effectiveness at operating as a griddle, and anti griddle :)

Dec 03, 2013
jaredcook in Home Cooking

What's the BEST cooking site?

hi pitterpatter :)

Do you mean

I am a member, and yes - it is a great site!

Feb 01, 2010
jaredcook in Food Media & News

What is your preferred way to evenly preheat a pan?

Hello Chowhounders!

This is my first topic posted, and I apologize in advance if it is rather elementary. I did do a search on the site and was unable to locate any other threads that specifically referenced this topic, so here it is:

Which is your optimal way for evenly preheating a pan?

The reason why I ask is that I just bought my first set of really good pots and pans. Some are All Clad Copper Core, and some are All Clad Stainless. I also own 2 cast iron skillets.

I recently purchased an infrared thermometer from Thermoworks, and started taking surface temperature readings of my various cookware during the preheat stage. Needless to say I was horrified at how uneven the readings were as I preheated my various cookware on my glass top electric stove. I thought good cookware was meant to prevent this sort of thing, or am I expecting way too much?

I understand that there are a number of variables in play here, but I was hoping to get some feedback from other Chowhounders on their experiences with this.

As far as I can tell, the glass cooktop seems very flat, however, I have not checked the coils to see how they are performing ( if this is even possible).

This all being said, I seemed to have found a way to get even heat to my pan: I stick whichever pan I am going to use upside down under the broiler at full heat for about 5 minutes, and voila.. an evenly heated pan!

Anywho.. I look forward to reading other people's experiences :)

Ps. Is anybody aware of information related to this topic on the Cooksillustrated site? Apparently there is some info there, however, I am unable to find it....

Feb 01, 2010
jaredcook in Home Cooking

Online culinary courses

I signed up and paid for a lifetime membership at, who is in partnership with the Northwest Culinary Institution.
They have a free course available on their website that changes weekly, so you can get a feel for what they offer. The narration and camera angles are very professionally done and I am enjoying working through all the various courses.

Feb 01, 2010
jaredcook in General Topics

All Clad copper core unofficially induction compatible?

I have 3 pieces of copper core that do work on induction, and one that doesn't.. go figure!

Feb 01, 2010
jaredcook in Cookware

Do You Eat Food off the Floor?

You're asking a guy who went to India for two weeks without getting the necessary(?) shots ha ha

Food on my kitchen floor - no problem! But not in public ie. restaurant or sidewalk.. there is a big difference!

Feb 01, 2010
jaredcook in Features

Tony Bourdain, the Food World's Miles Davis

I love Bourdain!

Feb 01, 2010
jaredcook in Features