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slow cooker+organic free range chicken legs+good bbq sauce+ whiskey?+cacoa nips? *general advice needed kinda long

So I am not a cook by any stretch of the imagination but lately Ive actually been able to afford to try things out (rare luxury for a college student). My boyfriend is on a aktins type diet (though not as strict and with attention paid to fat content etc) so I have been learning how to cook meat lately. Easy foolproof slow cooker recipes have been my best friend! I made some bbq pulled pork and it turned out soooo good that I really want to explore this bbq/slow cooker thing.

I would have to say that my biggest issue "cooking" wise is I try to do too much. I tend to put things together that sound good individually and end up with a funky mess. I am so very intrigued by all the spices and herbs out there! So I am hoping you can stop me before I make that mistake.

I picked up some cocoa nibs and some whiskey (jacks) can I put both of those in the slow cooker with the bbq or would that be overkill on the sweet? Also what can I do to add heat- I have jalapenos and crushed red peppers available.

Here is a rundown of what I have. Any advice would be VERY welcome. Btw "limbo" is a local store famous for its "wall of herbs" they carry over 1000 herbs and spices and they sell all sorts of mixtures for .50$ a bag- so I have a bunch of exotic sounding things=)

*staples- garlic/onions/jalapenos/green peppers/your typical spices and herbs

-what sounds bbq related?
*some good bbq sauce
*bbq spice rub
*yakima smoked salt (smells like smokey bbq)
*durango smoked salt (smells like bbq)
*tons of different chilli powders
*curry powder
*bere bere (ethiopian spice rub)
*cocoa nips
*jack daniels whiskey

Thank you SO much in advance.

need quick advice making something with beans, fish, spicy bbq sauce

sounds great. Silly as it sounds I think all I was really craving was the sour cream part of the baked potato=) but if you think it will taste good without I will give it a shot=)

need quick advice making something with beans, fish, spicy bbq sauce

So I am an utter newbie to cooking and I am just trying new things. I want to make something easy (just baked or cooked on the stove in a pot). I was going to bake the fish (Tilapia) and make a baked potato. I wanted to make some sort of easy side beans. I have organic tri colored beans in a can and a really yummy spicy bbq sauce. I'm trying to stay on the healthy side so not a whole lot if any sugar/butter/oil. thanks=)

cooking/grocery shopping/MEAL PLANNING is a lifeskill I just do not seem to have. Advice on frugal(ish) HEALTHY options?

my goodness thank you for all the wonderful info everyone. I am working my way through each and every suggestion, gathering info and planning=) cooked my first butternut squash tonight and added a little butter/brown sugar/curry/cinnamon and it was wonderful=)

cooking/grocery shopping/MEAL PLANNING is a lifeskill I just do not seem to have. Advice on frugal(ish) HEALTHY options?

wow thanks for all the advice=) I will start reading up on those links and grab the suggested material from the library. I especially like the winter squash suggestions as I have picked up a few because they are so darn cheap and last forever.=)

*also I do have access to a slow cooker (crock pot?)

*I think I will look up the suggestion of using a whole chicken. It just fits in with the whole concept of less waste if I can use it for several different things. It always seemed less cost effective to buy anything cut and processed. I know prices vary but does anyone know how much one would generally run at a regular grocery store in the northwest?

*oh and GREAT bean resources everyone thank you. I am reading through the one package of white beans 5 lunches now=)

cooking/grocery shopping/MEAL PLANNING is a lifeskill I just do not seem to have. Advice on frugal(ish) HEALTHY options?

I am not sure why I am having such a hard time picking this up. I live with people who can do it but they eat so differently than I do that the skills haven't rubbed off. I get the concepts but how to translate it into something I can use??? ugh. Out of 3 roomates 2 of them cook. However one of them lives on fried/pizza/chicken wing/mt dew and the other lots and lots of pork which I hate. Both of them do not cook with health in mind.

I think I just need to bite the bullet and learn how to do it myself from scratch. The problem isn't lack of information. The amount of options that come up with a simple search is so overwhelming I just don't know where to start.

I cannot afford to spend 20$ getting together the stuff for one meal. I can follow instructions but I lack basic cooking skills and often a recipe will assume that I have them. Basically after reading a list of 20 different things that I dont have on hand and mentally calculating the cost I run into stuff I dont know how to do. Makes it seem pretty risky and I just give up and go back to my normal habits.

Add to this the health angle. Also so much information out there your head will spin and much of it is conflicting. You get to the point where you feel that you can't be right no matter what you do. I do not want to count calories, I believe that if you eat real whole foods that you will be satisfied and do not need to obsess.

Here is the criteria. Any and all advice, even if it is pointing me to something to read or learn, would be MUCH appreciated. I have read through other posts regarding frugal living, and I feel bad that I am having a hard time with the amount I have when they are trying to live off of 10-20. I also find that it doesn't exactly translate as I do not need to be that restricted.

I think the one thing I need most help with is the concept of meal planning. Finding a theme and being able to buy all the stuff for that theme that will make meals for a week.

food budget (cooking just for me) 50$ a week or 200$ a month.

Healthy as humanly possible using only regular grocery stores

no butter and a min of oil (olive)

Love vegetables,beans,lentils etc. and willing to experiment with exotic grains.

Don't know how to cook fish but would prefer it as a main protein source along with low fat turkey and occasionally chicken. I only use lean ground beef to flavor chili. Dislike pork.

full time student so breakfast needs to be fast and healthy and lunches need to be portable in an insulated lunch bag. leftovers are ok.

Access to fully stocked kitchen as far as garlic/onions/potatoes/condiments(basics) and cooking utensils.

I am willing to do prep work if I knew exactly what to do.

All of this put together should mean that I could eat almost like royalty (for a student) but because of my lack of skills It all goes to waste. That bothers me more then anything else. The waste of it. So please, any advice at all would be welcomed.

Please help resolve this difference of opinion- raw ground turkey (not frozen) left on counter for hours still ok if cooked?

Yes, though it comes in a tube type thing that I am not 100% sure of its airtight qualities.

Best Hangover Cure?

Judging from the amount of responses you have several options and suggestions to choose from. I would like to add my own - the following is a tea. You can find the ingredients online or at your local health food store. Results are best if you drink it before you go to bed after drinking but it will still work wonders if you already have a hangover. Its pretty much just a super boost for your liver and detoxing the alcohol from your system. It will help hydrate and in general help your body get back to normal.

I never measure amounts but try 1-2 tablespoons of both Dandelion and Burdock root, a pinch of fresh or dried ginger and simmer in a small pot for at least 30 min for best results. It tastes very earthy and pleasant but you are welcome to add honey if you like.

Dandelion is great for your liver, burdock is for your blood and ginger is for your tummy. The first two are actually weeds and burdock is used as a vegetable in some Asian cooking.

Please help resolve this difference of opinion- raw ground turkey (not frozen) left on counter for hours still ok if cooked?

My boyfriend and I have differing views on food safety. There is one thing in particular we disagree on but I will admit I do not have the "science" to back up my opinion. Me saying "I don't know why you are wrong but you are!" is not exactly iron clad proof. I would love your thoughts on this and by all means if I am wrong I'm wrong=)

Wonderful boyfriend in question enjoys cooking sometimes. He will buy raw ground turkey (not frozen) and leave it on the counter at room temperature for hours. Even overnight once. His logic behind it is that "wont cooking kill anything anyways". His worst offense was trying to cook it after it was left out all night and then left in fridge (still uncooked) for over almost 2 weeks. He was finally persuaded by the fact that the expiration date was 10 days passed.

I tried to answer with some sort of "well its a numbers thing" but when it comes down to it my common sense is whats screaming at me not to and I do not have an actual answer. I have eaten his food without getting sick plenty of times and it has lots of spice to it (yum) is that a factor?