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Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, Ribeye or New York Strip?

A porterhouse is both a filet mignon and a NY Strip (short loin), so why not get both?

Jul 29, 2013
DanialT in General Topics

Seafood Rustic Inn, Hollywood

The conch chowder is the worst I've ever had.

Hamburger Choo-Choo and Eddie's Pizza

We used to go to Trotta's on Smithtown Bypass in the late 70s. I wonder if they moved? I didn't know they had a location in Dix Hills.

Angus Beef (It's only a marketing term)

That's just pure poppycock. Have you ever bought 80/20 chuck at the supermarket that didn't yield a pan full of grease? Where do you think that comes from, marbling? And CAB beef is not 15-20% fat, so fat has to be added. What you've written here is just utter nonsense.

Also, they're not grinding up CAB steaks to make chopped meat. They're grinding the lesser
cuts and trimmings from CAB carcasses. CAB ground beef is a complete gimmick.

You don't need a label or brand to pick out the top 2/3rds of choice. Just use your eyes. You don't need some official to tell you if a steak has marbling or not.

Nov 22, 2012
DanialT in General Topics

Ft. Lauderdale - New Year's Day Dinner

You're not in the "upscale" area in that hotel, so you'll need to cab it a bit. The best area is Las Olas Blvd, where there is about a 1/2 mile stretch of restaurants, most of which will be open New Year's evening (likely not during the day). Smith and Jones is comfort food and they usually have a band (but call to check as it is a holiday). Big City Tavern has the best "scene" with a large bar and good food and very relaxed. Yolo is another choice. Its about 2 miles so its not nearly as far as commercial.