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The 10 Best Foie Gras Dishes in New York City

I was really expecting to see Norma's on the list. They have a fabulous breakfast item: Foie Gras Brioche French Toast With Asparagus and Mushrooms. The first time I saw it, and of course ordered it I was sold and quite a surprise. The foie gras is perfectly cooked with a crusty sautéd outside and buttery outside. It is hard for me to order something else here despite how wonderful and imaginative the breakfast menu is.

Jan 29, 2013
drmagic in Features

Suggestions for restaurants in Gachibowli/Hyderabad

My wife and I are going to visit our daughter who is taking a semester at the University of Hyderabad. We are looking for great restaurants to take her to (she'll be saving money as she will be there for 6 months and then going to Europe before returning to the States. She has eaten at the Spice Junxion in the Taj Hotel which she said was great.

We are interested in both places that serve Hyderabadi food and food from the rest of Andhra Pradesh.

We were also thinking of doing some day trips outside of Hyderabad so I was thinking that outside the city there might be better places to find good food representative of Andhra Pradesh.

BTW we are leaving on Sunday.

Thank you.


Jul 16, 2012
drmagic in India & South Asia

Where can I find good pupusas in southern CT?

I know of two restaurants in Bridgeport that make pupusas. I don't know their names or exact addresses. The only one I've eaten at is near the University of Bridgeport on Main St. south of I95. It looks like a tiny neighborhood corner pizza place but is Salvadorian. With a steam table and makes pupusas to order. I teach at UB and had never eaten here until I was in Orange County CA and read in a local magazine about the best of. One of the "best of" was the best pupusas. Having never heard of a pupusa I knew I had to go. They were great and the ones at this place on Main are to. They have meat, cheese or meat and cheese. They come with a slightly spicy cabbage and tomato "salsa" which is great. I've also had pernil, one time, which was also really good.

I was on a bike ride with my daughter and passed by a Salvadorian resturant on Fairfield Ave. heading from Black Rock towards downtown when i saw the sign. I stopped in a got a take out menu. I've not eaten there yet and don't remember the exact location - it might be a bit south of the Super Stop & Shop - I know it was on the south side of the road (or that might be eastern side as the road turns north). It's on my list to try sometime. They had a full menu of Salvadorian foods. Where the "pizza" place near me had less items.

As a general rule if one wants So and Central American food in Southern CT- Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford are the places to go. There has been an influx in recent years of people from south of Mexico to go along with the many Mexicans who have migrated to the area and brought their cuisines with them. For example I've eaten at 2 Purvian restaurants in Bridgeport and one in Stamford. Also eaten at Colombian restaurants in Norwalk and West Haven. The Peruvians in Stamford are more upscale but the rest were not intended for the local gringos which is usually my cue I should go. If their English is worse than my Spanish (I studied French) then I'm in the right place. :)

Feb 27, 2010
drmagic in Southern New England

Why Do People Always Order Ginger Ale When They Fly?

There is a great history of ginger ale in America in the Wikipeida story on Vernor's ginger ale. I'm from Buffalo NY originally and thought for years that Vernor's was from Buffalo (wrong Detriot) becuase I never saw it anywhere else. Can't get it further east than Buffalo. If you get a chance it's far more gingery tasting than the dry type.

Ginger can be an effective treatment for nausea

Feb 26, 2010
drmagic in Features

Black Rock Tavern & Moe's on Black Rock Turnpike Fairfield CT

Moe's is a fast food chain which they call it southwestern I'd call it Tex-Mex. You know burritos, tacos, quesadilla. Here's their corp. web site

I've eaten at one of their outlets in Long Island a couple of times a few years ago. The food's not bad but nothing to pine for. That location had been one of the company's other restaurants, which I liked better but they dropped that pan Asian chain from the corp roster. Moe's is a franchise operation from the same company that does: Carvel, Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s - inspiring?

As far as restaurants in Fairfield, I think they will probably draw people from northern Fairfield & Easton/Trumbull who might have gone to LaSalsa er I mean Mr. Salsa. They are similar but I don't think that Moe's cooks their proteins a la minute (or is that short order) :)

Vegetarians will like Moe's as they offer tofu in addition to beef, pork, & poultry but they don't have any seafood as Mr. Salsa does. Moe's has the salsa bar but less varieties I recall. (I do LOVE Mr. Salsa's roasted tomato salsa) Also Moe's is more like Subway where you tell successive "cooks" what to add to your meal at different stations. The photos on their web site will give you the idea.

Final comment about Black Rock Tavern having put myself through grad-school by waiting tables in a few restaurants I've learned one should rarely eat at a restaurant until the staff has made the unlucky adventurous early dinner suffer for a few weeks. There are definitely new restaurants that open day one with a front and back of the house staff that work as parts of a Swiss watch but I've found that is usually only the high end restaurant or one that moves experienced staff from an older location to jump start a new outlet.

I saw a video somewhere about how Nobu or maybe Morimoto served up the entire menu to the wait staff at huge expense before they opened their doors to ensure everyone knew what they were selling. I recall that the cost was hundreds of thousands to do this. I have also been to a pre-opening dinner at a NYC Thai restaurant where likewise the entire menu was served to friends of the owners.

One restaurant I worked in it took me a couple of weeks to get the timing right on when to turn in an order so that the runner brought the main course out a reasonable time after soup/salads. And then it also depended on which line cook and what day of the week. I know that some of those customers got what looked like a bums rush or food so slow they thought we were growing it. In the end I learned the system. Just think of a whole wait staff doing that in a new restaurant.

So I'll wait a few more weeks before I give the Black Rock Tavern a try.

Happy New Year

Jan 01, 2010
drmagic in Southern New England