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Pasteurized vs Ultra-Pasteurized

cookingschool: There is a much bigger difference between pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized and that is ADDITIVES. In addition to heating at a much higher temperature, the government designation "Ultra-pasteurized" allows for the addition of additives like polysorbate 80 (a bitter-tasting emulsifier which was once thought to cure baldness (1980's) if massaged into the scalp), Carrageenan (which is seaweed), cellulose (which is processed wood pulp), and sodium citrate (another bitter chemical). NEVER WONDER WHY CREAM IS HARDER TO WHIP if you have to deal with this crap.

Pasteurized cream contains no additives. Depending on where you live in the USA, you can easily purchase it at Trader Joes or Stew Leonards. However, if you don't live in the New York area, you can get it from any supermarket. BUT you have to do two things:
1. You have to make friends with the dairy manager of your local supermarket.
2. You have to purchase between a half dozen or a dozen quarts.
Your supermarket dairy manager can purchase pasteurized heavy cream any time they want but they don't because pasteurized cream has a MUCH SHORTER shelf life and is much more unforgiving of poor refrigeration and other mishandling.
If you work for a large corporation with an on-site cafeteria, the manager of the cafeteria can also accommodate your request but, again, you have to purchase 6 quarts.

Nov 09, 2012
bobbymak in General Topics

Sugar Buns in Nanuet NY

Thanks Michelle. I'll put that on my list next time I travel up there (I'm a Manhattanite and I have to either 1) rely on the kindness of friends who live up there, or 2) wait until I have rent a car and have a reason to go up there!)

Sugar Buns in Nanuet NY

JR Black. Thank you for your suggestion. Turns out my town was totally wrong! It was Nyack, not Nanuet. (Hey, give me a break. I was having a senior moment!) And the bakery was on Broadway and it is called the Runcible Spoon. The pastry which I was referring to was the "Morning Bun." Very, VERY Yummy!
Thanks for your help. It was my memory that was flaking out on me!

Sugar Buns in Nanuet NY

Not swirly buns and definitely not in Congers. Although you have piqued my interested and I'll have to take a trip there.

This place was in Nanuet, probably on Broadway.

Sugar Buns in Nanuet NY

There was a bakery that made these huge (appx 5" diameter) sweet rolls called "sugar rolls" or "butter rolls" I believe the bakery was on Broadway but I can't remember the name of the place or even if the name of the sweet bun was called SUGAR bun or Butter bun.


Be on TV, Help a CHOW Editor

• There are no decent chicken wings in new York City. Anywhere!

I'm not talking about spice rubs or dipping sauces. I'm talking about basic prep. Why is it that every diner, bar and take out insists on partially frying the wings hours before they're ordered and then thrown into the fryer again right before serving thereby guaranteeing a tasteless, shoe-leather-like consistency. Is there anyplace in this city of 8 million that doesn't fry wings into dry fossilization?

Aug 08, 2011
bobbymak in Features

Where to purchase Liquid Nitrogen [moved from Home Cooking]

Where can I purchase liquid nitrogen in the NYC area?

I want to try some molecular gastronomy techniques.

Yes, I am the NEW Ferran Adria!


Jun 19, 2011
bobbymak in Manhattan

Pick-a-peck: produce pointers

Pineapple Myths: 1. Plucking a leaf off of the crown of the pineapple does NOT indicate ripeness. It actually indicates a pineapple that is starting to go bad! Myth 2. Pineapples do NOT ripen. They go soft and then go bad. They are picked ripe. If you leave them on the table for a few days the flesh turns translucent and starts to ferment. Keep it outside of the refrigerator for a few more days and you'll wind up with mushy pineapple wine. When you purchase a pineapple it should be ready to eat. Refrigerate them as soon as you get home. Oh, and twist off and dispose of the crown first. There's no reason to keep it affixed to the pineapple. Color: Buy them gold colored, very firm and have green leafs in the crown with little or NO brown discoloration. Green pineapples are nice to garnish a cocktail with because they absorb the flavors of the drink but they are NOT fun to eat. Finally, don't be afraid to do a blind tasting of pineapple. Some famous TV "experts" have said that the gold color on a pineapple means nothing. Or that spending more for a "brand name" pineapple is wasted money. NONSENSE! Do a bind tasting between gold and green pineapples. Do a blind tasting between brand name pineapples and other brands. See for yourself. Your palate knows the truth!

May 27, 2011
bobbymak in General Topics