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Artisana Organics Hazelnut Cacao Spread?

This was the Merc's top-rated chocolate hazelnut spread in a recent article. The Merc said Whole Foods carried it, but none of the Whole Foods near us (Walnut Creek, San Ramon) carried it. Anyone know which Bay Area Whole Foods do?

P.S. No American spread is likely to match Jean Charles Rochoux's, but we can always dream. When we were in Paris, we found out that he ships to the states, so when the euro is low compared to the dollar...

Local source for Ziploc Fresh Produce bags?

The company quit selling them in the US, but they still sell them in Canada. If you know anyone who's traveling to Canada, get them to help you stock up.

Aug 29, 2014
hoodsmom in Los Angeles Area

Reports on Ramini mozzarella di bufala?

We did the tour in May and had a great time - and the cheese is wonderful. The only places to get the cheese retail (besides the farm itself) are Paradise Foods in Tiburon and (maybe) Dean and Deluca in St. Helena. But I would call ahead. Dean and Deluca is planning to carry it, but Ramini's is a 2 1/2-person operation, so he can't make a lot - and there have to be baby water buffalo for the moms to produce milk. Although the farm tries to have milk-producing buffalo year-round (he has the females birthing in groups), when I checked with Dean and Deluca a few weeks ago, the buffalo must not have been fully cooperating b/c there weren't any babies, so no mozzarella. Dean and Deluca said check back "later in the summer." As for Delfina - we were told (incorrectly by Delfina's, the restaurant next door) that the pizzeria gets Ramini's. But when we stopped to dine at the pizzeria on a subsequent visit, we were informed that they actually don't get the cheese very often - so if you want Ramini's, again, you need to call ahead.

(And indeed, the farm is a "no-kill" operation. He sells animals that don't produce milk to parties interested in keeping the animals as pets or whatever - as long as the animals aren't going to be killed.)

In the meantime, the Danville Costco **finally** is carrying Fattorie Garofalo Bufala Mozzarella again :D

Where to buy Mozzarella di bufala?

We have been waiting for months for Costco to start carrying their Italian import, Fattorie Garofalo Bufala Mozzarella, again and I'm pleased to report that the Danville Costco had it in stock today :D

Where to get Moegino Wafu Tivoli Tivon cookies?

@AsliOmur - thanks.
Actually I just got back from Honolulu. The cookies are at Don Quiote, which despite the name is an Asian specialty store in Honolulu. I bought a bunch, but I was limited by airline baggage charges as to how much I could bring home, so I will definitely head over to J-town. My father still says they're a specialty item available in Honolulu only during the holidays.

Where to get Moegino Wafu Tivoli Tivon cookies?

It being Christmastime, my parents sent me another box. The product code is 4934675001542. The only US online supplier has a minimum order of $1000. Anyone actually seen these in the Bay Area?

Anyone else having trouble ordering from Henri Le Roux?

We're huge fans of Henri Le Roux's caramel and have placed several orders at his website But when we tried a few days ago, we got an error message saying that because of the weight, our order could not be delivered. Reducing the weight didn't help. We've tried using the e-mail contact form w/o success. Has anyone else had difficulty ordering from Henri Le Roux or heard that they're no longer shipping internationally?

Sep 26, 2011
hoodsmom in France

Best Croissant in SF/Bay Area?

Three members of my family did a blind taste test of several East Bay bakeries (Whole Foods Walnut Creek, Acme Berkeley, La Farine Solano Ave, La Boulange Lafayette). Croissants were rushed home and warmed in oven. We just got back from Paris and our "gold standard" for plain croissants is our recollection of the plain croissants at Eric Kayser bakeries. Nothing here is quite like Eric Kayser, but everything was cheaper than a plane ticket to Paris! And on the bright side, we are lucky to live in the SF Bay area b/c there are a lot of good restaurants, chocolatiers and and bakeries that can hold their own (even if in a different way) against Parisian food vendors.

FWIW, here are the results:

Plain croissants:
Winner - Walnut Creek Whole Foods (will update post when I find out who their current supplier is - info wasn't posted). Second choices, all very good - mixed opinions between La Farine (baked at their College Ave store and shipped to Solano), La Boulange and Acme. We all agreed that the La Farine croissant was not as flaky (just look at a cross section), but one family member liked it because it was different.

Pain au chocolat
Winner: Acme. We all agreed that both LaFarine's and La Boulange's offerings were pretty good, but we liked Acme better. Whole Foods didn't have pain au chocolat - at least not today.

Almond croissant
Tie between Acme and LaFarine, altho I personally thought Acme had a slight edge b/c of the almond-flavored glaze. None of us liked La Boulange's (too much almond paste, which gave the croissant a heavy, greasy sensation). Whole Foods listed their almond croissant supplier as LaBoulange, so we didn't buy.

Where to get Moegino Wafu Tivoli Tivon cookies?

My parents, who live in Hawaii, sent me a package of this for the holidays:

I read somewhere on the net that even in Japan, you have to get these from specialty stores and the internet rather than from grocery stores. I've identified an online source of something similar from the same company, but has anyone seen these in the SF Bay area?