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Overheard: Is Costco coming to Middletown, CT?

Uncertain Opening Dates:


source: http://addictedtocostco.com/costco-lo...

Greenwich/Stamford First Date

Would you consider going a little further into Port Chester? IMO better food at a better price

Reasonably priced 12-qt. Stock Pot?

zackly, saw your dino's sous vide recipe and wanted to know how it turned out? Small world, we also share the same local forum as well (I'm in wilton). If you care to share by either updating that post or emailing me (username at gmail) I'd appreciate either

Mar 01, 2015
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Sicilian pizza in Stamford

I keep gazing at locali across the street from my office window and wonder why I haven't tried it yet. It seems above my "norm" but I'll try it as a treat in the near future

Sicilian pizza in Stamford

what are you talking about? That still sounds like an incredibly awesome deal.
*edit* I thought you typed beer instead of soda. This now makes it less worth it, but still worth it IMO

Sicilian pizza in Stamford

wow has this topic become a hot bed...Looking forward to seeing what others will mention. Remember this is regarding sicilian specifically, but I think pizza talk in general should be permitted

Sicilian pizza in Stamford

like WhatsEatingYou said, renapoli is a solid choice in terms of quality and reliability. They are also really extensive with their menu (the balsamic reduction they have is off the chart). Bruno DiFabio also re-opened amore in stamford and modernized it, but recent reviews have me concerned


Budget-friendly party for 90 people in Fairfield area?

might want to give AMG catering a call...


Ships Restaurant Westport, CT (back in the day)....

at a chinese restaurant? Sounds...odd

Citarella in Greenwich!

their website says they have silver tip roast (sirloin cut). I thought silver tip was from the chuck, not the sirloin. In addition, I am wondering if this is tri-tip.


I'm looking for tri tip in the area. Costco has pre-seasoned morton's which I though was pretty good and at $7/lb, nice as well. Restaurant Depot in PC does not have it. Shoprite and trader joes has it but they cut it into small pieces and charge $9-$10/lb, $7 according to SR's shelton location online

Any suggestions would be great. I don't love driving down from wilton but will drive if necessary

Greenwich Area Food Delivery


I think that's all you'll need

alternatively, just noticed a groupon for bella nona: http://www.groupon.com/deals/bella-no...

I'd go for bella cucina over bella nona for the record.

Calzones in CT--where do you find the good ones?

letizia's pizza on the wilton/norwalk border is quite good given the location.

Fresh seafood lower Fairfield County?

fjord is also in new canaan, I have always had a positive experience with pagano's. They moved to SONO IIRC

Q's Restaurant, Norwalk, CT

their website is damn near impossible to find, but here it is:


having a 914 telephone # threw me (westchester county


also, they did it wrong regarding facebook and twitter. It simply links to the home page, not their specific one.

Cricket in Stratford, Ct.

there are actually 2 floating around. 1 that involves ketchup/mayo/red pepper flakes and another that involves cooking/onions/etc.

*edit* here are both of them if you wish to try:

saute 1 cup vegetable oil 1.5 tablespoons garlic powder, 1.5 tablespoons crushed red pepper and 2 medium onions chopped until the onions are soft, add the 3 cans tomato soup and 28 oz (large can) tomatoe puree, stir and simmer for 1.5 hours, refrigerate overnight.

The other one being equal parts mayo/ketchup and red pepper flakes to taste.

Working in Greenwich - Nearby lunch options for take-out/delivery

I love that you left nothing next to planet pizza. It's overall solid but nothing stands out about it that deserves mention.

Acuario in PC is also phenomenal and worth mentioning

Alpen pantry is amazing. The owner is a little off track but makes a mean sandwich, and the random condiments he stocks are a bonus.

Having lived and worked on the ave, penang is great, pasta vera also good (albeit a little pricey). Kira sushi has lunch specials that are enormous for under $10 (menu looks updated but the chicken teriyaki lunch bento came with chicken teriyaki, vegetables, shumai, california roll, salad, rice and miso soup)

"Cute" inexpensive lunch spot in Southern Fairfield county?

from what I recollect EVERYTHING in that cafe was for sale. Furniture, art, everything had a price tag on it (even the table you had your beverage/food on)

"Cute" inexpensive lunch spot in Southern Fairfield county?

absolutely agree to meli-melo. Just try to get there during non-peak times unless waiting in a sea of people is something you enjoy.

Musings on the relatively low activity on Southern New England Board

wow, I remembered the lobster man the other day driving up rt 7 from wilton to danbury. Used to remember passing him all the time and was amazed he did business for so long.

One reason I think this part of the board is a wasteland is because of the shift from the metro NY board to "new england" and "new york".

Honestly I don't care about anything outside of fairfield and westchester county. The fact that my hometown board was forced to be generalized into "new england" threw that right out the window.

Anywhere in CT to buy local chicken or grass fed beef

bell and evan's is pretty local and readily available


Where to get Chinese takeout in Old Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk?

The place off of exit 5 is Hunan Cafe (in the CVS plaza). I had dim sum there once and was pleased, but my opinion a little weighted as they are the only place in the area that does dim sum at all

Fairfield County Neighborhood Italian Restaurants-Solid Food with reasonable prices

Paper plates in the dining room of a restaurant? Even boston market serves your meal on a real plate with silverware.

Eats near Greenwich?

if you have access to a car I would suggest heading into port chester for at least a few meals. Acuario I feel is the best peruvian/seafood around (and incredibly well priced), Tarry lodge seems to be hyped up/popular (I have never been). Panang Grill off of Greenwich avenue offers nice lunch and dinner specials and is quite reasonably priced. Bar Taco is decent, parking on nights/weekends can be a little tricky. I feel there are more "authentic" places in Port Chester if you simply park and walk around (really nice in the current weather).

Q (BBQ) in Port Chester has weekday lunch specials and delivers in my opinion. They even have a hand washing station in the middle of the dining room to wash all that sauce off your hands.

I am not saying there aren't any good restaurants in Greenwich, but having lived there for a good 8 years left me jaded, and always willing to drive into Port Chester when I wanted something authentic and affordable

Ridgefield, CT dinner

I have always been sketched out by that indian restaurant in that motel on rt 7. How either of those places have survived since the 90's (grew up K-12 in wilton and moved back now being 30) is beyond me.

Simple Fish House in SW CT

Nola in norwalk or the Whelk in westport seem like appropriate places



el charrito if you're in Riverside or stamford (if the truck is open yet).


ISO, Asian Supermarket in SW CT

I remember that large asian mart in NJ, there was an asian department store in the same parking lot.

Nothing really in S/W CT (a few asian and japanese marts in Norwalk and Greenwich). If you want a full blown asian market I suggest H-Mart which is in Hartsdale NY. It's like the costco of asian markets but very fresh and quite reasonably priced

Great Food near UConn

wings over storrs


Lunch in Greenwich

if you can only walk there are a few nice places nearby. Douro (mediterranean)is a really nice, high quality venue for a great value.

Further down you have the Ginger Man (American, solid but not outstanding), Terra (Italian) which I feel is higher priced but quality

Penang Grill right off of the ave (chinese/etc) which is superb and a good value as well. Terra and Penang have lunch specials, the others I know serve lunch.

That's my spread for lunch within walking distance of library at least.