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The Cooks House , Good Burmese- Herne Hill (London)

One of the most exciting places I've been to in a while. Thanks!

Pictured are lephet (pickled tea leaf salad), shan noodles, mohinga, and grilled fish with sesame rice and morning glory. Everything was excellent.

Will look to update in more detail.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Shoreditch Brunch Round Up - Ozone (4/5)

Very strong coffee here, although I would almost expect better as they roast their owm beans. I still rate Tried and True over Ozone when it comes to flat whites.

Excellent food to date.

Kedjeree with smoked haddock and a poached egg was delicious. The golk of the egg mixed well with firm grains of basmati. High quality smoked fish which I believe they make in house.

Only complaints are that the portion is small and given the price they should definitely be removing coriander leaves individually from the stem before using as garnish. Perhaps I'm being pedantic but it would make a difference to this dish.

Smoked salmon benedict over sweet potato bubble and squeek cakes was delicious. Again, perfectly cooked poached eggs without a hint of vinegariness. Nice runny yokes. Very tasty bubble and squeek cakes studded with soft meaty veg. House made smoked salmon - all in all a lovely dish.

Definitely recommended.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Shoreditch Brunch Round Up - Dishoom (4/5)

Lovely setting although a world removed from a real Parsi cafe. Nice outdoor terrace area.

Service was extremely efficient and coffee/tea came very quickly. Their latte was excellent and it reminded me of good coffee in India (which is rare to be fair.)

Akuri was creamy and delicious although the spicing was a bit bland compared to India. It would have been really excellent with even half a green chilli chopped into the veg mix.

If ordered in Bombay it would likely come with normal white bread (probably from Yazdani) but here it came with nice toasted and buttered pav. I won't complain.

Egg and bacon naan roll was also very good.

Would definitely go back for breakfast. My atrociously cynical nature still stops me from trying Dishoom for dinner.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Shoreditch Brunch Round Up - The Book Club (1/5)

The service at this establishment is horrible. I am not one to ever care about service (I'm the guy who used to get his own cups and dishes from the kitchen at Thattukada if things seemed to be going slow), but this seriously needs to be stated.

Food was acceptable, I had a pleasant salad with bacon, fried black pudding and two perfectly poached eggs, but the experience was ruined by the fact everything else arrived about 30 minutes later.

Avoid like the plague for brunch. Quite possibly the worst ordering and staffing system I've ever seen. Either 2 employees were too hungover to show up to work and so they decided to wing it with a single waitress for a busy Sunday brunch or their floor/shift manager is useless.

Will follow up with additional places.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Wonderful "not fancy" asian places in London ?

Where in India?

Regarding this post:

Thattukada in East Ham for excellent Keralan staples and drunk food

Lahori Nihari for the best North Indian / Pakistani bread in London + excellent haleem, chicken karahi, seekh kebab, and halwa puri on Sundays

Nalas Appakadai for appam and seafood curry

Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa for Pakistani Pashtun food - concentrate on chapli kebab, mancha pulao or Kabuli pulao and naan

R. D. Dabeli for vada pav, pani puri and dabeli

Gram Bangla for authentic Sylheti food - specialties are anything with karela, fish chatni, keski mas (small fish) and most other non-fried fish items eaten solely with rice

Hajji Hanna Biriyani is another Bangladeshi place which I have been meaning to write up for the last few weeks. Excellent khacchi biriyani and borhani, a drink generally made for Bengali weddings which reminds me of my (non-Bangladeshi) teenage years (in Brooklyn. Seriously, it does.)

Any questions, just ask. The above cover a smattering of geographies, but all are east.

Oct 16, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Wonderful "not fancy" asian places in London ?

How far are you willing to go for really good Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi food?

Oct 11, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Delicious dosa and Chettinad game curries at Anjappar in EastHam

The appam at Nala's are amazing but the curries aren't life changing.

Sep 28, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Kimchi in London

Kimchi Village in New Malden is really good and makes a huge range of their own stuff.

Aug 16, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Ba Shu (former Local Friends), Bethnal Green

Interesting. Any relation to the original Ba Shu in terms of chef?

This place has re-branded a lot. Used to be Red Bar with a Dongbei chef doing mostly Sichuan food (and a not so hidden nightclub upstairs.)

Aug 16, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Aberdeen Recs?

Musa's not Indian. Nouveau Scottish if anything (if that is a cuisine.)

Jul 09, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Aberdeen Recs?

A few suggestions from a chunk of last year spent working in Aberdeen 5 days a week.

- Musa: Probably the best restaurant in town. Quite refined dishes with quality ingredients - particularly fresh seafood. Immense beer and whiskey list.

- Shree Bheema's: Quite a good Keralan run place - go for Tamil staples andd ignore the bog standard British Indian items.

There is quite a good chippy at the lower end of Union Street on a side road but I would struggle to remember the name. It's near Rustico which is to be avoided.

Jul 07, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

American style pizza?

Sfincione and deep dish are very different animals. Serious Galapagos Islands effect on that strand of pizza evolution.

A bit like saying takeaway Chinese can owe its roots to Cantonese cuisine.

Jul 05, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Tried and True - Putney/Barnes - London

Excellent Kiwi breakfast establishment on the Upper Richmond Roaf roughly half way between Putney and Barnes stations.

Delicious smoked salmon benedict with house made hollandaise and perfectly done poached eggs (pictured.)

Strong menu overall including a monsterous pulled pork corn bread benedict which is very good, but the pulled pork could use a slightly more vinegary BBQ sauce to cut the sweetness that most of the ingredients throw at you.

Highly recommended and arguably my favorite flat white in London.

Jul 05, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

What to send to a girl in UK

I'm from the States and I have consistently been asked to bring back mini Reeses Peanut Butter cups (especially the dark chocolate ones although I don't know how 6 yr olds rate those.)

You can't get them here as far as I know.

Jun 27, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Tea shop-Postcard Teas in London

Second to none in London. Excellent tea from small producers across a wide range of types and regions.

Jun 11, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Top Taste vs Gourmet San. Suggestions?

Howabout Sichuan Kitchen? ;-)

I'd go with Top Taste. Been to both, haven't been to Gourmet San in ages, but it has always been the sort of place I went to for 2-3 specific things (preserved pork and chives for example) as the menu has weak points.

Jun 09, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Genghis Khan - Korean Chinese - New Malden [London]

Some photo uploads... Also, just had the seafood and chilli noodle soup. It was fantastic! One of the best dishes I've had in New Malden (although if you know me then you know the idea of noodle soup + rich spicy broth + loads of seafood means I might be a bit biased.

Really good dish although basically all squid, 2 small prawns and 2 muscles. Lots of veg. Good chew to the noodles.

Jun 03, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Cheap Groceries in London?

Just noticed you'll be in King's Cross. Green Lanes is quite accessible for shopping that is both good quality and cheap - great Turkish food there too.

Brixton is a quick Victoria line journey and the food/bar scene there is very good.

May 31, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Cheap Groceries in London?

I can confirm that Brixton has gotten slightly more expensive for groceries, but Queens Market is still extremely cheap. It depends on what you want and where you live - similar places exist north, south, east, and west.

May 30, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

[Manchester, city centre] Yagdar Cafe

Sounds interesting. Are these places Punjabi?

Only caveat here is being OK with everything tasting "same-y" because of the price. For 3.50 to 4.50 in East London you will not have that issue.

May 04, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Genghis Khan - Korean Chinese - New Malden [London]

The spicy seafood noodles were very widely ordered at Genghis. Most tables had at least one diner eating them.

Apr 28, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

[Wrinehill, Cheshire] Hand & Trumpet

Not adding any value here, but the above sounds truly terrifying.

Not quite "Bucksburn chain pub carvery" level terrifying (also known as Bucksburn Manor or more simply the worst meal of 2013) but not terribly far off. At least a horrid salt strewn carvery which was virtually inedible is priced at about £4 and has a far lower chance of inexplicable juxtapositions involving rocket and pineapple.

Apr 28, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Genghis Khan - Korean Chinese - New Malden [London]

Hi Peter. Hope you're well.

The rendition at Genghis was much more the fried onions in your picture than anything else. It was pretty good (and popular) but not particularly varied. Lots of sauce and lots of fried onions.

Felt a bit like a Korean Chinese takeaway's try on zhajiang mian.

Apr 28, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Cheap, African, Asian, South Asian, and of course French - Paris

Seems to have successfully moved as per her Yelp activity now. You scared me there - I love that place.

Apr 27, 2014
JFores in France

Su La - Korean BBQ - New Malden [London]

Hi all,

I finally managed to get to Su La which is a Korean BBQ place in New Malden that actually does their cooking over charcoal. Now, this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. I will start this post with the following words of advice.


Caveat covered. Let's begin.

BBQ is only cooked inside after 8:00pm so plan accordingly. If you don't mind leaving it to the grill man in the back then you can order your (still cooked over charcoal) BBQ before 8:00pm.

Panchan consisted of kimchee, bean sprouts, tasty dried anchovies with shredded radish, etc. Above average kimchee, but Jee Cee Neh is still the neighborhood leader for panchan.

- Rice cakes in spicy sauce: This standard Korean starter / comfort food dish is a particular favorite of mine. The version here was one of the best I've ever had; the sauce had extra kick, the rice cakes were perfectly cooked, and the dish came strewn with large quantities of sliced fish cake. Really good rendition.


- Sam gyup sal: The weakest of the meats, hence me covering it off first. Not super flavorful and lacking in the char / smokiness of other items. This place seems to do beef better.

- Beef ribs: The single best thing we had. Tender and flavorful beef ribs which were marinated and coated in a sauce prior to grilling. Cut up via scissor by your waitress and covered with loads of sesame seeds. Probably the single best Korean BBQ item I've ever had in London. Great smokiness from the charcoal.

- Bulgogi: Strong version. Tasty and made all the more flavorful by an above average level of fat. Somewhat nutty in flavor although I am unsure as to whether or not that was down to a marinade. Pretty good.

Everything came with lettuce for wraps, some standard issue sauces (e.g. fermented bean paste, sesame oil with salt/pepper, etc), etc.

I would really like to explore this menu further as the BBQ was great and their "Authentic Specials" section looked like it had some really interesting dishes (e.g. fermented skate with boiled pork and kimchi... tripe, octopus, bo-ssam, raw crab, etc.)


This place is very Chowdown-able and would arguably be better suited to 8 of us heading down there for a big mean as opposed to Limster and I trying to eat the entire menu in one sitting.

Apr 27, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Genghis Khan - Korean Chinese - New Malden [London]

Hi all,

Just covering off a Korean Chinese restaurant that I've been meaning to write up for ages.

Ghengis Khan:

Limster and I went here a few weeks ago for dinner. The place was packed and we did have to wait quite a while for a seat, although this was admittedly a good sign in an area where many restaurants are half (or fully) empty.

Dishes included:

- Korean zhajiang mian: Extremely sauce, but without the meat topping one wouild find in a Chinese version. Nice taste and a generous portion, but slightly bland. Not sure if I would get this again although it appears to be a major stalwart dish which many tables ordered.

- Sweet and sour pork: The real deal, Dongbei / Korean Chinese sweet and sour pork. While the sauce was a bit on the gloopy side, the flavour itself was clean and delicate. Very nicely fried pork (this place loves its deep fryer and uses it well.)

- Mushrooms stuffed with prawns: Dried Chinese mushrooms which were reconstituted and stuffed with minced prawns. Strong prawn flavour coupled with a mushroom umami. Easily the best dish of the evening, although quite high in price.

- Fried dumplings: Deep fried jiaozi with pleasantly crispy outside. Interior was not as moist as would have been ideal, but good flavour overall.

Panchan consisted of bean sprouts, quite good kimchee and the first salad with ginger dressing I've seen since Japanese places in the US when I was about 9 years old.

Apr 27, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Vietnamese places on Deptford High Street, Deptford, London

I have eaten here quite a few times now and the pho with raw marbled beef ia outstanding. Very strong broth, the noodles are made in house (not dried) and the meat comes as a large pounded cutlet of beef which cooks entirely in the soup. It is delicious and the meat literally shreds when pulled apart with chopsticks.

They also have a few items I have only seen in Paris such as Vietnamese "ravioli" with mushrooms and beef, banh cuon filled with beef, bean sprouts, Thai basil, etc.

Apr 20, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Xi'An Cuisine (Deptford, London)

Long time no see.

From what I can tell they're open 7 days a week, but I suspect they close when they want to. If us and another Chinese table weren't in there by the time that they left then I think they would have shut.

Mar 28, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Jee Cee Neh - Korean - New Malden [London]

Hi all,

Another quick write up (which is more likely to mean that I type a huge amount of unedited content into a box and click "Post" rather than a few brief bullets. Sorry.)

Limster and I went down to New Malden for what turned out to be some fantastic Chow'ing (as evidenced via the Spicy Island post as well as through the fact that I have some delicious Korean snacks from Kimchi Garden in my fridge.) We found a number of interesting looking establishments, but we settled on Jee Cee Neh as it looked extremely busy, the menu was arguably more interesting and the interior was quite nice.

The banchan assortment came free of charge and was vastly superior to anything else I've had in New Malden. Standout items included very good kimchi which appeared to definitely be made in house as well as a great dish of crunchy pickled radish stems which appeared lightly pickled and intermixed with an extremely large number of fresh oysters. This dish was a great surprise and came free of charge. Very tasty with an oceanic brightness that was mellowed by a warm kimchi like background and the pleasant crunch of radish.

Janchi guksu had delicious wheat based vermicelli which could have done with a tiny bit less cooking, but which was win a lovely clear broth that was redolent of anchovy (likely dried / preserved) and seaweed. Very umami like broth and extremely pleasant overall.

Ssam (was about 1/3 the cost of what you'd pay anywhere fancy in Central London or NYC, but let's not even start) took roughly an hour for the restaurant to prepare, but it was a lovely dish overall once served. Unctuous slices of steamed pork belly came with an assortment of condiments, more of the oyster / radish banchan, napa for wraps, and other sides. The meat was delicious, although not particularly strong in flavor. Pleasantly textured and overall very enjoyable and great money for value, but primarily a "sum of it's parts" style dish as making your own perfect wrap of pork, raw garlic, fermented bean paste, chili pepper, and so on was the key.

Mar 24, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Spicy Island, New Malden, London

Thanks for that! Sounds like we may have found ourselves an illusive Sinhalese Sri Lankan place.

Mar 24, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland