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Chinese food in London...

1. Sichuan Kitchen by All Saints DLR is ny favorite but it's a bit hard to reach.

2. Can't say but I back skewer specific suggestions for Food House or Silk Road. Both are amazing for far more than skewers.

3. Royal Palace in Canada Water/Surrey Quays.

Aug 23, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Authentic Thai Food in London - Have not found a single one!!

Pics of the above meal. Good not great.

Essarn sausage from the drink snacks menu was the best dish. Good pork belly curry but lacking in potency at times. Good som tam.

Quite average clams, nam prik felt very westernised and just plain good watermelon and dried prawn dish.

Aug 17, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Pride Halal, Queens Market, Upton Park

Have they re-opened? They closed down and were replaced by a Gujju place a few years ago. No more amazing lamb samosas as far as I knew.

Aug 17, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Good Bengali Food In London?

Hi Santosh,

I actually do not know of any W Bengali restaurants in London, however there is a supper club.

Darjeeling Express. Not sure what their schedule looks like at the moment.


Jul 29, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Best Indian for Lunch in London

I don't really rate anything in Tooting these days besides Apollo Banana Leaf. East Ham has a lot more variety and the far better eateries (i.e. Lahori Nihari for Pakistani Punjabi, Thattukada for Keralite, Anjappar for Chettinad, Hyderabadi Spice for Hyderabadi biriyani and other Hyderabadi dishes, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa for Pashtun food, R. D. Dabeli for dabeli, vada pav and pani puri, etc.

Do you go to anywhere in Tooting besides the above 3?

Otherwise I agree on Dishoom although I do admittedly grab a lot of brunch there now that I have one near me. Food is good, better than anything in Manhattan (though not in Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx), and it's convenient given all the central locations.

Is Dishoom a Parsi cafe in the image of Britannia or Cafe Military? Absolutely not, comparing the two is an insult to the food at the real places, but it is a good restaurant with cleaned up and sanitised Indian dishes that are at the least well intentioned in their nods to authenticity (and I may have been really harsh on their chicken berry pulao when I last had lunch there as I literally ate at Cafe Britannia in South Bombay about 72 hours earlier.) Still, very much acceprable to good rather than great and not hugely authentic.

Apologies for the wall of text. In short, Dishoom is acceptable, but if you want to revolutionise your opinion of authentic Indian cuisine then it is not the place to go in London. If you want something in central then it is definitely adequate. This is coming from a native New Yorker who has eaten a lot of South Asian food in New York, London and more recently India.


Jun 25, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Best Indian for Lunch in London

If you want something more legit (basically the same quality as you'd get in India) try Lahori Nihari (Pakistani) in Upton Park or Thattukada (Keralan) in East Ham. A lot has been written about them and they blow away the NYC scene (Neerob, a Bangladeshi place in the Bronx is the only London level place I have been to back home.)

Jun 23, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

High end Indian in London?

7 is a generous food rating for Gymkhana albeit we may have ordered badly (though it was their set menu so you would expect they would put stronger dishes into it.)

Good cocktails and good paneer at least. The bread is horrid though.

Apr 23, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Return visit to London (researched!!)

Also near Finsbury Square is Patty and Bun for pretty strong burgers. I second the Jugged Hare in that area.

Only a short work away is Duck and Waffle for breakfast (or very late nights) which is not amazing, but is worth a visit. Also not far is Jago off Brick Lane which I had an exceptional meal at this weekend.

I am not familiar with 805, but the Bronx has much better Senegalese and Francophone West African food than London and Paris out classes both. Let me know if you want some Paris Francophone West African recommendations.

I found Gymkhana really underwhelming but Peter and I may not have ordered that well. Indian food wise, London has so many amazing places (i.e. on par with what you would get in India at genuinely good establishments) but they are neither centrally located nor glamorous.

I would go to Koya (I am biased towards this place as I love it so others can shout if you do not think it's a destination meal) as NYC has much better ramen and soba, but Koya is a league apart for udon and innovative small plates.

Apr 06, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

South Indian with Cocktails/Good Atmosphere

There's a lot of very good Keralite, Deccan and Tamil food in London (so much so that I struggled to find better food in Kerala at times - while I did find better places it was very much the top 10% of places I ate at with the lower 90% being inferior.)

Myself and others have written a great deal on these places in East Ham (with shout outs to some other areas like Apollo Banana Leaf in Tooting which I know has a big following) but none of them are glamorous, Thattukada is the only BYOB I know, and they are all more akin to the "A/C restaurant" or "family restaurant" designation in India than an upscale establishment.

Thattukada and Hyderabadi Spice are actually both much cheaper than a lot of high end eateries in Bombay or Bangalore which is also quite comical (Thattukada is ca. 1200 INR for dinner for 2 - I think Ling's Pavillion in Bombay cost more than that.)

Mar 22, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

24 hrs in Liverpool


Sorry if I came off as being somewhat insulting towards Toxteth. I like it over there but I am only ever in Liverpool for work so I'm generally walking to and from dinner at 8pm or later and I am definitely less adventurous in Liverpool than I would be in London.

The thing I remember best from Middle Eastern Restaurant was like a Yemeni chicken biriyani which was very good. I've only been twice.

As for Mr Chilli, I have had a few duds there, but they do some stuff really well.

- Lamb with cumin (probably the best version I have had in England)

- Do fu with fish

- Ma po do fu

- Double cooked pork

- Crispy dry fried chicken (bone on)

- Water cooked beef

Some pics.

Feb 23, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

24 hrs in Liverpool

Mr Chilli is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole of the UK.

Middle Eastern Restaurant in Toxteth is also very good but the area is less than glamorous (i.e. I have to change out of a suit into a black hoodie with trainers if I go after work when I'm up in Liverpool)

Feb 21, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Trip to Italy in London- where is great espresso

Italia Uno does pretty good coffee in an environment far more akin to Southern Italy than the deepest depths of hipster hell (i.e. almost refreshing lack of WiFi and Macbook Airs.)

Good sandwiches too. I wouldn't say the coffee is ethereal, but it's as good as you would get at a little café in Palermo.

Feb 09, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

(London) Food House - Shaftesbury Avenue

Pic for good measure

Feb 09, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

(London) Food House - Shaftesbury Avenue

The chilli oil noodles with lamb are very good here, albeit my forays out of noodle territory have been less stellar.

Feb 08, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Jerk Chicken [London]

I still trek out to Tasty Jerk for my fix, albeit far less frequently.

Feb 02, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Best biryani in London?

Agreed. I quite like their akuri albeit it needs more (any???) spice.

Jan 17, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Best biryani in London?

My 2 cents

- Keralan Chicken Biriyani at Thattukada

- Mutton Biriyani (non-fancy) at Hyderabadi Spice.

- Mutton Biriyani (fancy) at Dishoom, served in individual sealed pots, however I strongly suspect this is a cosmetic touch to finish a pre-prepared dish

- Bangladeshi style mutton biriyani (khacchi biriyani) at Hajji Nanna Biriyani

Jan 15, 2015
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Sichuan Peppercorns


Dec 31, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Rincon Criollo -- Havana in Queens

It's nice to see this post re-appear. Anyone else been lately? How are the specials these days as they used to be the standout stuff.

I haven't been to this place since I was about 18!

Dec 25, 2014
JFores in Outer Boroughs

American-type Dill Pickles in London

I'll take a pic when I'm back in town and next in East London. All the ones I get are in Cyrillic.

Again, blanking on the name but the most common Polish pickle brand (even Tesco often has these) does them. Red jar tops, red and white label. The one with only garlic and dill on it are basically the same as American full sour pickles. Be careful that you don't get the sweet ones.

I'll post a little photo highlight reel when I'm back in town as I buy all of these by sight. "The visual guide to not spending £7.50 a jar on American style pickles."

Dec 23, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

American-type Dill Pickles in London

Bit of a thread revival. I eat a lot of dill / garlic pickles and you can always get them at very low prices from Eastern European shops. I find Russian brands to be the closest to what you would get in he US, however even the most widely available Polish brands come close.

I think I used to pay under £3.00 for a jar the size of a pumpkin in East Ham so this route definitely does not break the bank.

Dec 23, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

[Liverpool, Albert Dock] Any reccs?

Tried Salt House Bacaro a while back as I work in Liverpool pretty often.

I had a crab linguine, black pudding with chicken liver pile up of sorts, and 2 of their signature scallops which were raved about in an opening review.

It was all good, but nothing I can remember wanting to write home about (hence this post prompting me to chime in months later.) It was my first ever Italian meal in Liverpool so perhaps I cannot judge.

Nov 26, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Restaurant Le Taliet [London]

Sadly I think it shut down, but worth a try if you head over. Lots of other alternatives nearby if it's closed.

Oct 23, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

The Cooks House , Good Burmese- Herne Hill (London)

One of the most exciting places I've been to in a while. Thanks!

Pictured are lephet (pickled tea leaf salad), shan noodles, mohinga, and grilled fish with sesame rice and morning glory. Everything was excellent.

Will look to update in more detail.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Shoreditch Brunch Round Up - Ozone (4/5)

Very strong coffee here, although I would almost expect better as they roast their owm beans. I still rate Tried and True over Ozone when it comes to flat whites.

Excellent food to date.

Kedjeree with smoked haddock and a poached egg was delicious. The golk of the egg mixed well with firm grains of basmati. High quality smoked fish which I believe they make in house.

Only complaints are that the portion is small and given the price they should definitely be removing coriander leaves individually from the stem before using as garnish. Perhaps I'm being pedantic but it would make a difference to this dish.

Smoked salmon benedict over sweet potato bubble and squeek cakes was delicious. Again, perfectly cooked poached eggs without a hint of vinegariness. Nice runny yokes. Very tasty bubble and squeek cakes studded with soft meaty veg. House made smoked salmon - all in all a lovely dish.

Definitely recommended.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Shoreditch Brunch Round Up - Dishoom (4/5)

Lovely setting although a world removed from a real Parsi cafe. Nice outdoor terrace area.

Service was extremely efficient and coffee/tea came very quickly. Their latte was excellent and it reminded me of good coffee in India (which is rare to be fair.)

Akuri was creamy and delicious although the spicing was a bit bland compared to India. It would have been really excellent with even half a green chilli chopped into the veg mix.

If ordered in Bombay it would likely come with normal white bread (probably from Yazdani) but here it came with nice toasted and buttered pav. I won't complain.

Egg and bacon naan roll was also very good.

Would definitely go back for breakfast. My atrociously cynical nature still stops me from trying Dishoom for dinner.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Shoreditch Brunch Round Up - The Book Club (1/5)

The service at this establishment is horrible. I am not one to ever care about service (I'm the guy who used to get his own cups and dishes from the kitchen at Thattukada if things seemed to be going slow), but this seriously needs to be stated.

Food was acceptable, I had a pleasant salad with bacon, fried black pudding and two perfectly poached eggs, but the experience was ruined by the fact everything else arrived about 30 minutes later.

Avoid like the plague for brunch. Quite possibly the worst ordering and staffing system I've ever seen. Either 2 employees were too hungover to show up to work and so they decided to wing it with a single waitress for a busy Sunday brunch or their floor/shift manager is useless.

Will follow up with additional places.

Oct 19, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Wonderful "not fancy" asian places in London ?

Where in India?

Regarding this post:

Thattukada in East Ham for excellent Keralan staples and drunk food

Lahori Nihari for the best North Indian / Pakistani bread in London + excellent haleem, chicken karahi, seekh kebab, and halwa puri on Sundays

Nalas Appakadai for appam and seafood curry

Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa for Pakistani Pashtun food - concentrate on chapli kebab, mancha pulao or Kabuli pulao and naan

R. D. Dabeli for vada pav, pani puri and dabeli

Gram Bangla for authentic Sylheti food - specialties are anything with karela, fish chatni, keski mas (small fish) and most other non-fried fish items eaten solely with rice

Hajji Hanna Biriyani is another Bangladeshi place which I have been meaning to write up for the last few weeks. Excellent khacchi biriyani and borhani, a drink generally made for Bengali weddings which reminds me of my (non-Bangladeshi) teenage years (in Brooklyn. Seriously, it does.)

Any questions, just ask. The above cover a smattering of geographies, but all are east.

Oct 16, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Wonderful "not fancy" asian places in London ?

How far are you willing to go for really good Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi food?

Oct 11, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland

Delicious dosa and Chettinad game curries at Anjappar in EastHam

The appam at Nala's are amazing but the curries aren't life changing.

Sep 28, 2014
JFores in U.K./Ireland