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Polk St. Indian Restaurants SF

You can eat in.

"Order online for delivery or pickup!"

I think this just means you can't order online for Dine-in ;-)

It's been years since I've eaten there so won't comment on the food.

about 9 hours ago
drewskiSF in San Francisco Bay Area

KronnerBurger [San Francisco]

The door on the parking lot side was open so I looked in.

Looks like not much has happened since demo or the demo just recently finished.

The place is down to the studs. There's no floor . . . there's a rebar grid in place, ready for some concrete.

My Bay Area Korean Restaurant Rankings/Discussion

This place has been on my list to try for years. Thanks for the reminder!

Plank - JLSq Oakland

that's more interesting that i thought. iirc, the signs surrounding the construction made it seem like just Bocce.

there's an indoor / outdoor Bocce place in the south bay that my company uses way too much for team building events and i was envisioning Plank to be similar.

ok, how about good areas in Oakland?

Oakland Chinatown

708 Franklin St, Oakland

Feedback on New SF app - Go Dish

i'm another snubbed Android user

All-You-Can Eat Korean BBQ at Jong Ga House in Oakland

The Korean for Jong Ga House's "marinated beef" is Jumuluk.

I haven't tried it at JGH, but this is often short rib meat like Galbi with a sesame oil and salt marinade vs. Galbi's sweeter marinade.

ok, how about good areas in Oakland?

davidg1 isn't the OP :)

All-You-Can Eat Korean BBQ at Jong Ga House in Oakland

Ohgane has the glazed potato banchan too. It can be hit or miss depending on when a batch was fried up vs. your meal.

Bowl'd actually sells it as an appetizer. Not sure of the $5 portion's size, but assuming there it's fried to order.

All-You-Can Eat Korean BBQ at Jong Ga House in Oakland

the online menu is a little out of date on pricing, but gives you an idea on other meat options.

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

that looks huge! how much do they charge for a pupusa @ La Palma?

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

Taqueria & Pupuseria Las Americas, Richmond

After being a little disappointed at La Bamba I decided to head down San Pablo to Taqueria & Pupuseria Las Americas. The sidewalk sign said pupusas were $1.75 and con loroco $2.

The dining room is small with 4 tables. There's a large prep area behind the kitchen where it looked like they were getting stuff together for a catering job.

I had some difficulty ordering from the nice older lady at the register. They were out of loroco. So I decided to go a little lighter with Pork & Beans. She repeated "Cheese? Queso? Better with cheese." with a frown on her face as I shook my head. Finally I said "OK. Queso" and her face lit up with a beaming smile.

Then she repeated my order. "3 pupusas. 1 Pork. 1 Beans. 1 Cheese." and I eventually got my order to just one :)

They need to clean/scrape their griddle between orders. The dark spots you can see on the top half of the pupusa were just burnt griddle remnants that I brushed off with my fork and didn't impact the flavor. The dark spot on the bottom was tasty, crisped cheese that had oozed out.

She forgot the pork so this ended up being beans and cheese only, which I was fine with. Nicely stuffed and an even mix of the fillings.

The salsa was the typical thin, mild red stuff. The curtido was sub-par with just shredded cabbage, carrots and a jalapeño slice. It didn't taste like there was any vinegar or other seasonings beyond the jalapeño.

Now if I could have had this pupusa with La Bambas sides . . .


Taqueria & Pupuseria Las Americas
12929 San Pablo Ave
Richmond, CA

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

Taqueria La Bamba, Richmond

It's been awhile since I ate at La Bamba (pre-remodel in 2009) and it was the spot @vespadoggie had guessed up-thread.

All pupusas are currently $2.40. They have a Revuelta (pork & cheese) and a Revuelta con Frijoles on the menu and I got one of the basic Revuelta and a Loroco y Queso pupusa.

The pupusas were not greasy, but the masa tasted a little undercooked. The Revuelta was disappointingly bland. It was light on the fillings with not much cheese and the pork didn't seem seasoned. The Loroco one was much better, though light on the Loroco so it didn't come through in some bites.

I liked the sides. The curtido was tangy from fermentation and had lots of oregano flavor. The salsa is the same that they give with their Mexican food items and was much spicier than the standard thin red salsa most places provide.

Taqueria La Bamba
12345 San Pablo Ave
Richmond, CA

vietnamese [Oakland]

Monster definitely has jalapeño slices available. Ask, if they forget.

If you're heading to SJ for Banh Xeo, give Banh Xeo Ngon a try. Somewhat new place that has a lot of varieties including ones made with Pandan batter (think the green waffles).

They have a great basket of greens with lettuce, perilla, mint, fish mint (diep ca!), and some Asian mustard greens. As a bonus (for me) No cilantro or variants (rau ram) without having to ask. May not be a bonus for others . . .

Banh Xeo Ngon
3005 Silver Creek Rd
San Jose, CA

So Restaurant is back -- Chicken Wings, Potstickers! -- on Bryant St. now -- anyone been there? [San Francisco]

SO Owner Posts New Sign Telling "Hard to Please" Customers to Stay Away

and odd that i couldn't see Moto's posts last night, but i can see them now.

So Restaurant is back -- Chicken Wings, Potstickers! -- on Bryant St. now -- anyone been there? [San Francisco]

Wow, responses seem to have gotten trimmed. I don't remember much controversy in them.

To moto's comment, definitely Shan Dong influenced, being the kid(s?) of San Tung.

Execution has been inconsistent and not as good as the mothership . . . bland zha jiang mian sauce, submerged dry fried wings, tough squid (in the zjm)

lunch in downtown Oakland

Marrow is permanently closed.

just a housekeeping note, since this thread got bumped up.

Rohnert Park to SF --- what to eat along the way?

no lettuce or tomato.

Rohnert Park to SF --- what to eat along the way?

I didn't find the Cubano @ Sol Food had too much mustard. It did have an overabundance of Mayo which I didn't enjoy.

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

Reina's Restaurant, East Oakland.

I thought I was going to Pupuseria Mamachus, but found Reina's Restaurant in it's place. Still serving up Salvadoran and Mexican, I got two pupusas, a Calabaza y Queso (zucchini & cheese) and Chicharron y Frijoles (pork & beans), along with a Tamale de Pollo and Horchata.

You get some thick chips (made in house?) and mild salsa verde while you wait for your meal.

The tamale was just OK. Along with the chicken, there was bell pepper and potato chunks. The moist masa couldn't make up for the dry chicken meat.

The pupusas were so-so. They came out with some burned spots and I thought this was what I tasted when I dug into the pork one, but further investigation revealed the the burned flavor was coming from the pork and bean mixture so was in every bite. Bleh.

The zucchini one was significantly better, though still had the burned masa spots. Too bad loroco isn't an option here.

Typical mild, thin salsa. The curtido was more fermented than I've seen at other recent spots (which I liked) and mildly spicy.

Reina's Restaurant
9102 International Blvd
Oakland, CA

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

Planes de Renderos, Hayward.

Was running an errand in Hayward and finally made it to Los Planes de Renderos. The friendly waitress explained that the owner here was the original owner of the SF restaurant of the same name, but sold it when she opened the Hayward location.

Anyway, they have both masa and rice flour pupusas and all varieties are $2.25 along with other Salvadoran and Mexican dishes. I got a corn pupusa with loroco and cheese and a rice flour pupusa with chicharrón and beans along with some Horchata and a Tamal de Puerco.

I prefer Salvadoran horchata compared to Mexican The morro seeds give it a nuttiness and the version here has a light chocolatey flavor. Very smooth with absolutely no grittiness.

The tamal is wrapped in a banana leaf compared to Mexican in corn-husks. The masa was moist and flavorful. There was plenty of chunks of pork along with strips of carrot and bell peppers.

Here they bring small bowls of the salsa and curtido. The salsa was the typical thin and mild red stuff and the curtido was fresh and crunchy. Despite having a decent amount of red pepper flakes, the curtido was surprisingly tame.

There wasn't that much loroco, so that one was dominated by the cheese, which unfortunately stayed in the pupusa so no crisp griddled cheese bits :(

The rice flour one was thinner and really tough to cut through even with a knife. I turned it over and found the bottom side a little burned up making that half more cracker like. The rice flour pupusa (non-burned parts) was much denser and chewier than the masa pupusa and the filling was mostly bean with pockets of pork.

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

In the Casa Jimenez restaurant, the salsa & curtido is served on the side.

Good amount of loroco in the pupusa. The curtido was heavy on the oregano, but not much else.

Ordinaire Wine Bar/Shop in Oakland

Go to the webpage and click on Events

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

Bocanova has a Pork Pupusa on their brunch menu for $13.

Menu description has fried egg, black beans, cole slaw, pickled onion, and tomatillo. I thought some things would come on the side, but everything came in a big stack, and unadvertised were some crumbled queso fresco and chopped cilantro.

Also, this was a cheese pupusa with the above toppings plus roasted pork under the over-easy egg, instead of having some chicharrón (Salvadoran shredded pork) inside the pupusa with the cheese.

There was a lot going on and the pupusa got lost except for a couple of bites of the edges that escaped the toppings, which I liked because some cheese had oozed out and crisped up on the griddle.

The curtido had visible red pepper flakes and oregano, but neither flavor was very prominent.

It satisfied for breakfast, but is not something I would order again.

Pho Saigon (Tenderloin, San Francisco)

their version was very close to what I got out of Google Translate

Impressing out-of-towners in the East Bay - discussion

sample Commis menu w/ wine pairings

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

i'm surprised everything tasted the same. what types did you get?

Lupita's is my favorite in Oakland. my "go-to" there is the loroco.

btw, Lupita's (or their truck in the parking lot) is where Bourdain ate at on the SF "No Reservations"

Keane aims to reopen Cyrus in Alexander Valley

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Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

In Oakland, Casa Jimenez had a surprisingly tasty, grease-free loroco pupusa. Curtido is pretty average.

Further south in Hayward, Pupuseria las Cabanas has nice pupusas (corn & rice) and a curtido with a little kick.

There's a Planes de Renderos in Hayward too. I haven't tried it yet. Is it related to the SF one?

There's a place in Richmond I like whose name escapes me ATM.