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El Mono Fresh in El Cerrito

the short lived place above Fondue Fred's was Tumi. it was one of the sons from the family that runs Sazón in Santa Rosa and his wife.

Doug's BBQ- are they open again?

good point on BART sight lines

Doug's BBQ- are they open again?

+1 Think this is the case.

best french toast in SF Bay Area?

Bocanova in JLS has a good french toast. Thick cut brioche and custardy in the middle topped with fresh fruit and syrup.

Daniel Patterson to step away from Coi, as Chicago chef enters

The full changeover will be in January

Pizza Margherita: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2015

OK. Pizza style definitions aside, the main point of the post was the quality vs. prior visits > 1yr ago.

Has their pizza gone downhill?

Korean Panchan in Oakland/Berkeley?

Casserole House on Telegraph sells their Kimchi. Not sure on current, but used to be Cash Only.

Mien Tay [Oakland]

Do they stick the egg roll into the soup as part of the dish, or did you do that for capturing the picture?

ChiMek | Korean Style Chicken Coming to Santa Clara

mekju is Korean for beer

A review: E&O Asian Kitchen in San Francisco

re: Parking-> There's a parking garage right next to E&O, so need to lose teeth & nails.

Where to get Hiyashi Chuka in South Bay/Peninsula area

Where have you tried?

I've seen it at Maru Ichi (Mtn View), Izakaya Restaurant (SJ), and Kumako (SJ). I've only had it at Maru Ichi and enjoyed it, but it was years ago so can't comment on specifics very well.

Top 5 restaurants in San Francisco...?

Saison was $80 when this NYT article was writen in Feb 2010. $180 chef's table in kitchen.

iirc, it started <$80 when they started in 2009

Bibimbap: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2015

Spoon Korean Bistro, Albany

After looking at tm's Bold Italic link I returned to Spoon to try the "Organic Works" Bibimbap (BBB) which has organic fruits & vegetables over a bowl of rice (menu has vegetarian, not vegan, listed). I remember this on the Bowl'd Solano menu, but don't think it's on the Bowl'd BBQ Telegraph menu.

Online menu is out of date with prices of $11 for regular BBB, $13 for Dolsot and $12 for the Organic. Current is $12 for regular, $13 for Dolsot and the Organic has gone up to $15 (+2 to add protein).

Anyway, I went for the Organic + Mung Bean Pancake (bindae duk) for a protein.

Apple slices, cherry tomatos, orange bell peppers, kale, purple cabbage, blueberries, dried cranberries, yellow & purple cauliflower, a couple types of sprouts, something that looked like baby parlsey (but didn't taste like parsley), pickled daikon, a small clump of spring mix, petitas, and sprinkle of crushed almonds made up the colorful array of toppings. The server didn't ask rice preference and this was on a bed of white rice (vs. mixed grain (+$1 on menu)).

The bowl was good on it's own and better with the gochujang sauce mixed in giving a sweet / heat combo. The gochujang sauce was on the sweeter side and took a fair amount to get to the medium spiciness I was looking for.

Six banchan were provided along with a small bowl of seaweed soup (Miyuk Guk). They were good, but the cabbage kimchi was too fresh (under-fermented) for my taste.

Best Korean in Santa Clara (or in general South Bay/Peninsula)?

It's a relatively common condiment with Bo Ssam (boiled pork wraps (diner constructed)).

Photo from Ohgane in Oakland, where they didn't have "gool" in the menu description, but the Bo Ssam dish also had raw oysters.

They also gave Saeujeot with an order of Soondae Guk (blood sausage soup)

Bibimbap: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2015

agree with no dolsot for this.

that's like the time i got Chirashi on steaming, un-seasoned rice (Sushi Park, Park Blvd, Oakland)

Bibimbap: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2015

That sounds like Hwe Dup Bap, which is the Korean spicy equivalent to Japanese Chirashi. Was there gochujang sauce mixed in?

BTW, I've found this dish at a few Korean owned sushi spots

Bibimbap: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2015

Sahn Maru, Oakland

Decided to try something new and got the lunch Tofu Bibimbap ($10.95 / $12.95@dinner), non-Stone Pot. Dolsot version was (iirc) $14.95, with no cheaper lunch option like the regular BBB.

Like tm's dish at Ohgane, this comes with the toppings in a larger bowl, separate from the bowl of hot rice. I was thinking they might doctor up the tofu, but this was just chunks of plain firm tofu which you can kind of see in my blurry picture under the roasted seaweed.

I like the greater control of the mix you get with the separate rice bowl, but there was a generous amount of veggies including mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, carrots, radish, and sprouts plus the roasted seaweed and fried egg so even mixing in all of the rice left a very good (for my taste) balance of toppings to rice. Egg was a little overcooked and just a little runny yolk to mix in.

You also get a bowl of seaweed soup (Miyuk Guk, which I'm pretty sure has a beef broth so vegetarians beware) along with a thing of not very spicy Gochujang based sauce and eight banchan.

Best Korean in Santa Clara (or in general South Bay/Peninsula)?

7 years late, but the salty, fermented mini-shrimp sauce with the raw oysters & pork (Gool Bo Ssam) is called Saeujeot

Hippie history? Seeking info on 1970's SF restaurant where no talking was allowed!

Sounds something like Karma Kitchen that was (is?) at Taste of the Himalayas on Shattuck in Berkeley.

Pay what you want or think your meal was worth and Pay It Forward to those who eat after you.

French Fries: SFBA Dish of the Month December 2014

Juhu Beach Club, Oakland

I forgot about this DOTM, but had the Masala Fries with lunch today.

Coated with a garam masala type of blend which I liked, but had a limp consistency that I didn't enjoy.

The tamarind ketchup was pretty light on tamarind too.

KronnerBurger - Oakland

I found the patty in my burger underseasoned and, because of the rare-ness, not juicy. I liked the burger OK from the combo of ingredients (cheddar mayo, grilled onions, pickles), but wasn't wowed.

I order my steaks rare / black&blue, but burgers I like more cooked to get a little more texture & juiciness from rendered fat. This would have been better for me with a little more time on the grill.

KronnerBurger - Oakland

yesterday was 2 beers, both 12 oz with no other size options listed.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Been once. Wasn't impressed.

Light on fillings. Dry thit nuong (grilled pork).

May need to give another shot.

Best Sandwich in Berkeley?

Yadi is where?

Party tray needed for this Sat: Vietnamese egg rolls, EBAY

For the archives.

I trolled my reviews on Y**p and found Anh Hong in Berkeley and Champa Garden in Oakland make their fried rolls with rice paper wrappers.

Not sure on party trays for either.

Party tray needed for this Sat: Vietnamese egg rolls, EBAY

Rice paper && fried?

Or are you talking about fresh summer rolls (goi cuon)

Party tray needed for this Sat: Vietnamese egg rolls, EBAY

I don't think they use rice paper wrappers

Fermented Fish Soup BUN MAM @ Bun Mam Ha Tien in San Jose

Seems like some variations in styles.

The versions I've had in Oakland, like Soc Trang, have had clear broth that was probably strained.

The ones I've had in San Jose were darker / murkier and more pungent. There I think some of the disintegrated fermented fish is left in the broth?

Box and Bells [Oakland]

Vo's in Oakland has re-opened

closed for good for couple months now. maybe Banh Mi shop in different location?