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Chowfind: An authentic tasting 'Instant' Singapore Laksa Noodle La Mien good enough for Chowhounders!

125% of daily fat!!!

no wonder it tastes so good!!

but dammmm!!!

" Dragon Boat Fusion Chinese " - May be the BEST of the new bunch?!!

That makes NO sense unless they totally forgot to steam the pancakes.. I would have sent the duck back after 15 minutes!!!

Yang's Chinese Seafood Cuisine, Markham - An Impromptu Giant Lobster Feast

Once again thank you for your review!! They are so so helpful in my choose of places to eat!!

Chowfind: An authentic tasting 'Instant' Singapore Laksa Noodle La Mien good enough for Chowhounders!

I've been looking there for the past month.. No luck either!!

Affordable Lobster in Toronto

the only choice is rocklobster. where else can you get lobster rolls in toronto?

'Chuan Yu-Home' - Some AWESOME tasting Sichuan food!!

Thanks Charles,
Once again a great review. Definitely gonna try this place out. Thanks again!!

Is SkylineR33 still around?

I just went there a few days ago as well due to these posts on chow hound.. Their giant lobster "maggie" style is delicious!!!!

" Dragon Boat Fusion Chinese " - May be the BEST of the new bunch?!!

Charles, if you don't mind me asking, how much was the meal for 6?
Thanks again always for the awesome reviews.

Touhenboku Ramen

Santouka has the best ramen in my opinion but its also the most expensive :(
the pork jowl meat is sooo good!! and the brooth is the best!!!


Celery overwhelming.. way way too watery.. not enough lobster flavor.. so so sandwich. I prefer the filet o fish mmmm

Porcetta & Co - so good it should be banned!

sorry guys.. im one of those people who throw away 'the fat'.. i can't stand to even bite into it.. just gimme my pork.. no fat .. no skin.. ughhh... love their sandwiches tho!!!

Your favourite grocery store in GTA (chain or otherwise?)

T&T and Metro :)

Xiao Long Bao

what do you mean its fake?

Best Bi Bim Bap in the Annex/Koreatown

Cause its open 24 hours :)

I love their pork bone soup!!

ISO Crawfish and Blue Crabs

Just came back from T&T, they had live blue crabs for 3.99 / lb

Red King crab in Toronto

Thanks everyone! I'm sure my wallet will be lighter soon :)

Red King crab in Toronto

Anyone know where I can find some good King Crab legs in Toronto? Not the 1 year old froozen crap that goes on sale in Metro or Loblaws once in a while.

Thanks :)

The Dumpling House on Gerrard

The title is a contradiction..

"Freshly made frozen dumplings" ??


Its not fresh if they freeze it after... just saying

Santouka - Are there still long line-ups?

dont go on a friday during lunch hour and you'll be fine.. average wait is around 20-30mins

Hero Certified Burgers....What the $^%#!!!!!

I actually like this place. I went to the Queen and Spadina shop around 3am and there wasn't many people in it. I order the largest size burger with the usual toppings and it came out delicious. The biggest downfall was that afterwards I went online to see how much fat it contained and the patty alone contained 60 grams of fat... uh... never again... i wanna puke just thinking about it.. but the burger was quite tasty :)

Toronto Ramen Roundup?

Why is Santouka's pork so fatty... ugh... I love the soup and noodles but the pork... umm.. dang it...

Pizzeria Libretto - Awesome pizza!!!

What i really can't figure out is that they say it takes 90seconds to cook the pizza? Then why would it take 30minutes for them to make it..

Pizzeria Libretto - Awesome pizza!!!

The coma.. definitely the coma.. Why oh why did I not try this place before....

Best Chinese Bakery on Spadina for Fruit and Cream Cake?

I second Kim Moon, they've been open forever and I've never had a problem there with the cakes. Ive been ordering their fruit and cream cakes for my moms birthday for the past 8 years.

New Burger Joint @ Yonge & St. Clair - BYO Artery widener!

Ugh.. how do people eat these things? I feel a heart attack happening just reading the menu!!

Why do foodies like the McD's Filet o' Fish?

Its soooo good, especially when its fresh..

it tastes very light and fluffy... not fishy at all.. smooth.. fluffy.. light.. ahhh... loved it as a kid and love it now...

Who does not like McDonalds!! ?

Feb 23, 2012
setofdueces in Chains

Pizzeria Libretto - Awesome pizza!!!

Just tried this pizza joint on Ossington and Dundas with a friend from work

and ordered the home made sausage pizza.

OMG was it good.. probably the best pizza I have ever eaten. Fresh and flavorful and worth every single penny!!.

I bought the beet caprese salad as a starter but i didn't really like it.. very ordinary.. but the pizza blew me away.

The gellato was pretty good too for desert.

salad 5/10
pizza 10/10
dessert 7/10 - nothing special


I'd return just for the pizza!!

repeat? HELL YES!!

Emperor Chinese Cuisine - Very enjoyable family dinner ( with photos )

Uh.. why was the door locked? and was it unlocked after you guys went in?

I love Crab Cakes!

RUTH CHRIS's.. By FAR the BEST crab cakes I've ever eaten!!.. I would say their crab cakes are better than their steaks!!! soooo soooo good!!!!

Best Hot and Sour Soup????


Just wondering what else you ordered and how was the food? I live pretty close and may frequent this place if its good. thanks :)