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Ramen broth to take home?

I'm planning a dinner party in a few weeks, and I'd love to serve tonkotsu ramen as one of the courses. The problem is I've never made the broth before and I've heard it can be a pretty serious undertaking.

Does anyone know where I could buy just the broth and assemble my own? (Or have any experience making the broth and could assuage my fears?)

Thanks! - Rebecca

Aug 11, 2013
rebecca_f in Chicago Area

cool food/cooking magazine for ipad

hi chow friends! i'm trying to find a cool digital food magazine for ipad to give as a holiday gift. trying to think outside the cooks illustrated/bon appetite world, but something a little sexier. more artful. anyone have any insight? thanks! - rebecca

Dec 12, 2012
rebecca_f in Food Media & News

Can I cook with smoked shrimp shells?

I bought some amazing smoked shrimp at Calumet Fisheries in Chicago, and I'm wondering if i can stretch their delectable flavor even further by cooking with the smoked shells in a tomato sauce or broth. Has anyone ever tried?

Feb 27, 2012
rebecca_f in General Topics

Banh Mi Chicken Burger

whoa wayyyyyy too salty! ew. i would almost say inedible. Definitely leave the salt out!

Jul 28, 2011
rebecca_f in Recipes

School Lunch Mockery

you could also try adding some bento-box touches to her lunches too. making lunch FUN might help take the "weird" out of it, i bet!
try blogs like this:

Apr 08, 2011
rebecca_f in Features

Where to buy dried hominy?

i've recently purchsed some at supermercado, specifically one on west north ave (around 3300w, perhas?), but sorry i cant remember then name. i'm actually cooking some right now, and man it's taking forever! i soaked it overnight, and it's now been simmering for 4h+ and the kernels have just started to pop. did i do something wrong?

Feb 17, 2011
rebecca_f in Chicago Area

where's a good place in chicago i can get my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer repaired?

so, yesterday i managed to damage my kitchenaid mixer while attempting to extrude some pasta for a dinner party. while it still runs, it makes a loud clicking noise that is definitely not normal. does anyone have a recommendation where i can take it to be repaired in chicago? thanks!

Oct 10, 2010
rebecca_f in Chicago Area

HELP - chili cookoff is coming, and i cant use pork in my chili verde!

ah good one, ferret. my experience with veal (or beef, for that matter) is pretty limited. suggestion on what kind to get?!

Feb 02, 2010
rebecca_f in Home Cooking

HELP - chili cookoff is coming, and i cant use pork in my chili verde!

hahah yeah - i know that's an option, but not one i can pull off. a little to self-serving!

Feb 02, 2010
rebecca_f in Home Cooking

HELP - chili cookoff is coming, and i cant use pork in my chili verde!

ok guys - time to crack out the big guns.

i'm in a chili cookoff next sunday, and i was going to make some delicious chili verde that was sure to kick a**. i've just learned tho, that one of our attendees does not eat pork, which means using pork shoulder is out.

my usual recipe is to roast the ground shoulder (and bones if i have them) in broiler, and once good and crusty, toss all into a pot with roasted tomatillos, etc. can i substitute another protein? perhaps a combo of beef and chicken? i'm worried chicken will be too lean ...

- rebecca

Feb 02, 2010
rebecca_f in Home Cooking

Chicago Restaurant Week - February 19-28, 2010

i'm definitely interested in RW but will need some recommendations. last year i checked out aria (totally underwhelmed), aigre doux (very nice), and onesixtyblue (fantastic). seasoned RW people, post away! help the rest of us!

Jan 13, 2010
rebecca_f in Chicago Area

Massimo's Organic Gourmet - anyone know about it?

wow, this is exactly what i wanted to hear! i will post their reviews after i send them some massimo deliciousness. :) - rebecca

Massimo's Organic Gourmet - anyone know about it?

hello chowhounds - has anyone had any experiences with Massimo's Organic Gourmet? i would like to send my friends, who are proud new parents, some delicious organic meals to enjoy while they concentrate on their new son. my internet searches of places in SF that delivery organic meals have resulted in lots of results ... but none of them stand out as being the #1 crowd pleaser. Massimo's seemed to have a really good variety of options, but few reviews! does anyone have any experience with this place, or can recommend another place? i'm looking for a place i can order 4-7 pre-made, organic, dinners to be delivered in Bernal Heights. thank you!