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Do you tip for take out?

Tipping for takeout is very much appreciated. I used to work in a BBQ restaurant and I did take out alone. I did not serve so I didn't get tips elsewhere. And I had to cash out the servers checks sometimes too, and there wasn't tipout for us. For most takeout places they may not work that hard but I certainly did many times (if I wasn't busy I was helping in the kitchen or on the serving floor). I always tip takeout if I can. Sometimes, they don't have a spot on credit slips to leave a tip and I rarely carry cash. In that case, I don't tip. I rarely tip less than a dollar for takeout and depending on size of the order I tip higher. I know it felt like a slap in the face sometimes when I would run my butt of for a demanding customer without a tip, or bust out a last minute large catering order without a tip (including laying down towels and loading the order in the car). So for a large order even on takeout... I'd say a tip is easily warranted. Takeout often does more work than it seems and usually doesn't get paid well. Sometimes I was in the kitchen prepping the order, always had to make drinks (including gallons of tea), bag the order, include sauces, condiments, napkins, plasticware, plates, and pretty much anything else people needed or wanted. That being said... I'd say it was right at or a little less than half that would tip on takeout. Most really appreciated the service I gave though so as with anything... if the service sucks than so should their tip. I know people would often tip me the next time they came in because of the service I gave, so I wouldn't have treated a customer poorly over a tip or made it seem they owed it to me. Honestly, I'd say even 10% might be high (though it depends on the level of service). 5% is usually more than sufficient. Personally, I was happy to get a dollar from anyone.

Dec 30, 2009
toodrunc2no in Not About Food