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Give us 2 days notice, and we can make sure foie gras is available for your visit. That said, this is all about variety.

Simple Bistro

We'll always have our regular menu. The tasting menu is an add-on to give Masayuki more at his disposal to work with.

Simple Bistro

The menu will vary in courses according to ingredients. In cases where we're using foie gras, uni, or other premium ingredients, it will be 4 courses; otherwise, it will be 5 courses. We are considering a wine pairing option, but we want to see how the public receives the menu first.

Simple Bistro

The tasting $50 tasting menu starts on January 14th. In the meantime, we continue to offer our $40 prix fixe menu.

Canoe .. Is it worth it

Sorry, that was our previous menu. Our latest menu is now online at: