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Best poutine in Manitoba?

Oh and if you're vegan but still love poutine - check out Boon Burger Cafe at 79 Sherbrook Street 204.415.1391 for their delicious vegan poutine (vegan cheese and gravy) served on baked sesame fries. Delicious!

Jul 01, 2010
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces

Best breakfast joints in Western Canada

Black Sheep Diner - 540 Ellice Ave - great farmer's sausage and omelettes
Falafel Place - 1101 Corydon Ave - diverse offerings from eggs and bacon to falafels and shwarma; noisy busy vibe
Stella's - 166 Osborne Street - good non-greasy breakfast and sandwich options
Fresh Cafe - 775 Corydon - great bison burger and bison or turkey sausage - all made in house. and yummy fresh juice bar

Oh and I've heard that Gasthaus Gutenburger (2583 Portage Ave), a German place serves a very hearty brunch.

More pricey brunch buffet options:
Fort Garry Hotel - 222 Broadway - massive offering of food - omlette station, meat station, lots of hot food, breakfast food, seafood, dessert table with chocolate fountain
Terrace Fifty Five - 55 Pavilion Crescent in Assiniboine Park
Gates on Roblin - 6945 Roblin Boulevard in Headlingley

The Gates on Roblin
6945 Roblin Blvd, Headingley, MB R4H 1A2, CA

Jun 13, 2010
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces

Winnipeg Burgers

Yes, the Juniors is located around the city but the best ones are located on 785 Street Mary's Road in the south end and the downtown one on 558 Portage Ave near the U of W. The burgers are pretty good there!!

Jun 13, 2010
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces

Winnipeg Burgers

I like VJs and Juniors for the classic Winnipeg fat boys and cheeseburgers. Fries at both places at great too. For another great burger, I like the Albert Diner on 48 Albert Street - amazing flavours without being overly greasy (no chili on top though).

I've also heard great things about Mrs. Mikes on Tache and Dairy Delight on 467 St Anne's Road - two places I'm dying to try.

I didn't like the Daly burger on Corydon though.

Jun 13, 2010
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces

Best poutine in Manitoba?

If you're in Winnipeg, I like the one at "the Albert Diner" in the Exchange District on 48 Albert Street. They make a fab one for $5 with crispy fries, New Bothwell cheese curds, and vegetarian gravy. I love it! Otherwise, all the other poutine places in Winnipeg use mozzarella and sometimes a cheddar mix in there (the one at Juniors is a nice greasy mess!). Cheese curds is very rare here for some reason. Also, "le Garage cafe" on 166 Provencher in St. Boniface also serves up a poutine with cheese curds. But I prefer the Albert Diner one.

May 25, 2010
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces

Wanchai - recommendation for good eats?

Hi - just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for good eats in the Wanchai area. Delicious food at a decent price (doesn't have to be dirt cheap).

Also, wondering if anyone has tried "Tim Ho Wan"? Any must tries? I know it'll be a long wait, but is there a recommended "optimal" time?



Seems like you got a lot of good recommendations already. But thought I'd add a few more suggestions. You can do take out for all of them.

If you like Vietnamese, I like Phuong Nam on 883 William Avenue (further than where you're staying but good food there). Here is their menu.
Also I love the pho at Viva on 505 Sargent. It is possible to do take out pho as I have done that numerous times and I live here. The ice vietnamese coffee is strong and lovely at both places.

I have not found a good place for chili or deli either in Winnipeg.

If you like sushi, I recently tried Wako Sushi Cafe on 875 Corydon and they do take out only (just a couple of chairs for a quick meal). Great inexpensive sushi. I didn't expect much from this place but it was good. Umi sushi on 1659 Kenaston near the Walmart is also pretty good - I like the alaskan roll and tiger roll there.

I love Lao Thai on 79 St. Anne's Road. Not much in terms of decor but it serves amazing Laotian and Thai food there! I love the souk-gai (chicken ginger soup that's pretty spicy if you order it at a level 3 or 4). Also love the Gang Keo (chicken green cury) and the thome-yam soup. Every dish is under $10 there. If you can't eat spicy, I'd go for the dishes that have no chili pepper beside it or if they let you choose - pick 1 only.

I heard that Mrs. Mikes on Tache in St. Boniface is good (haven't tried it yet and they may be closed now that it's's just a shack). VJs is good too but may be closed now that it's winter. I love the fries at VJs too.

Also like the Burrito del Rio on River Avenue in the Village. Great shrimp tacos there! it's casual dine in and take out.

As for pizza, I wasn't too impressed with Diana's pizza...even though they say their pizza won some international competition. Pizzeria Gusto is decent gourmet pizza but kind of overpriced for what you get and of a dine in restaurant. Value for money and decent pizza, I like Cafe 22's pizza hotline on Corydon. I know lots of people like Santa Lucia pizza - they put a lot of toppings and meat on it (not my fav but lots of people like it). There's one on 532 Waterloo near your end of town and a few more splattered around the city.

Jan 01, 2010
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces

israeli couscous in winnipeg?

The bulk barn is a good idea, they carry a lot of items there. There's a few around the city - like near Polo Park area on Empress and one in the south end off Kenaston but north of McGillivray near the Costco.

The Scoop n Weigh on Taylor Avenue (close to Kenaston once again) is another place that may carry it too.

As for Maxxxyp, I have never tried Gunn's bagels but I heard those are decent. Not a Jewish deli but I really like eating at the Falafel Place on Corydon.

Jan 01, 2010
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces

israeli couscous in winnipeg?

I've never looked specifically for Israeli couscous but here are some specialty stores that may sell it. Try calling them.
- la Grotta on 1360 Taylor Avenue (204) 982-9461
- Stephen & Andrews on 384 Academy Road (204) 487-7300

Dec 30, 2009
dineoutgal in Prairie Provinces