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is it rude?

Yes, I think that is verrry rude. Im at a big diliema as far as friends of mine who are rude without a clue also. I have a certain friend who comes to cookouts and parties that I throw and she always politely asks what she can help with or can she bring anything. However I find it very rude that she later claws through the trays, dishes, frige etc. looking for her leftovers to wrap and take home at the end. I think this is very tacky and would never do this at someone's party. The last party i had in November was when she announced upon arrival that she would be taking whatever was left of her 2- $7 bottles of wine; home. My solution: I've told her she doesnt have to bring ANYTHING to the next get-toghether. I've allowed everyone else to bring what they want.

Is this rude of me?

Dec 30, 2009
hostess in Not About Food