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Let's talk about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I was at the 'fresh-and-wild' grocery store at spadina and king and I noticed they had a bottle of carm evoo for sale.

Let's talk about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

hmm.. I didn't really notice the 'where can I buy' aspect of your post. My restaurant gets that olive oil from a weird seemingly shady Portuguese guy. I'm not really sure where - if at all - you can get it retail.

Fine dining in Toronto?

For french fine dining, in Toronto, I personally don't think you can do better than Opus. Especially if you're big on wine.

If you want something really traditional there's Didier

Let's talk about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I know you said italy or greece, but Carm has al EVOO from the douro region that is really good.

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

That's probably because kingston is a bit of a wasteland when it comes to restaurants.

Chez Piggy is not what it used to be.
Pan Chanco is mediocre at best..
The River Mill has turned into a retirement home cafeteria..
Chien Noir is alright, but it's pricey for what it is.
Casa Dominico is probably the best thing the town has going for it... what else is there, really?

Dim Sum Downtown Recommendations

Lei Wah Heen is, by far, the best dim sum in the city - if you're willing to pay.

Best place for French-style pastries?

I've heard good things about bonjour brioche @ 812 Queen Street East

never been though.

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

Aunties and uncles
le petit dejuner
saving grace

Best Fine Dining in Toronto??

Wow, really? I went to lai wah heen with my chef and a group of high end cooks and we all thought it was an incredible experience. In fact, outside of a tasting menu I had at Opus, I would say it was my favourite dining experience.