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Hyde Park, NY tomorrow for lunch?

Crew in poughkeepsie next to the big beer store (Half Time) just south of IBM might fit the bill better than anything thats been mentioned. Hyde Park Brewery is a great option but i disagree with the poster that said the food is good.

Buffalo Wings in Dutchess County?

southside restaurant in poughkeepsie north of IBM in the TJMaxx shopping center has good wings, they also have a super super hot variety.

Handshakes Grill on 82 in Hopewell is ok too.

Noahs Bar in poughkeepsie has free wings on fridays 5-7 or something like that, dont expect to get any though unless you go when Marist is not in session.

Last time i was at golden rail the fryer wasnt working, but they do have the best selection of beer around.

Dec 29, 2009
k47k in General Tristate Archive

Tacocina--now a full service restaurant in Wappingers!

I tried Tacocina tonight after reading hudsonvalleyfoodblog post. It was great. i had been to the one by los hornitos and tony's gyro once a while back and wasnt impressed, the new place is great, cant wait to go back and try everything else on the menu. I had the Spicy Pork, Tongue and Salty beef in that order. after i ate the spicy pork i said to myself "i shouldve gotten 3 of these". Then i ate the Tongue and said "i shouldve gotten 3 of THESE". the salty beef was good too.

Tamale and burrito were good as well.

Dec 29, 2009
k47k in General Tristate Archive