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slider buns-seattle

I'll second and third the Kings Hawaiian rolls. Great for sliders.

Feb 03, 2010
kanton in Greater Seattle

Report (partial) re: creative eats for solo near Seattle waterfront Marriott

Salumi does make the best sandwiches in Seattle. Great choice.
Paseo is second on my list so congrats if you hit both... just be sure they don't run out of bread.
Have you been to Pok Pok in Portland? Is it worth tracking down?

Jan 22, 2010
kanton in Greater Seattle

Great New Find in Wallingford

No. I work in TV.
Do you work there?
I do live about 2 blocks away and like what they brought to the neighborhood.

Jan 21, 2010
kanton in Greater Seattle

Great New Find in Wallingford

Anyone else hit up Avila on 45th in Wallingford? I've been a couple (3) times now and have walked away impressed.
-Get a seat at the bar and you can watch all the action in the kitchen... heck, I even threw a couple questions at the cooks
-House made bread is dense and flavorful... last time I was served some caramelized onion bread which was divine
-Portions have been generous... even two picks from the Small Plate menu was enough to fill me up last time
-Playful menu... Savory Pumpkin Pudding, Bone Marrow Beignets, even Tater Tots with a twist
-Delicious food
-Nice atmosphere

It's my new favorite spot in my neighborhood. Anyone else been?

Jan 20, 2010
kanton in Greater Seattle

Best Burgers in Western Washington?

Call me wrong, but I'm pretty sure The Counter par cooks their burgers. BIG NoNo for me. This left the meat lacking juice, and had an off-putting texture. I won't be going back.

Dec 29, 2009
kanton in Pacific Northwest