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Seeking recs - cinnamon buns in Baltimore

My niece will be visiting from out-of-town for her birthday. She has requested cinnamom buns for her birthday breakfast. We have plans for 9:00 a.m. so a visit to a restaurant is not a good option. Does anyone have recommendations of a place that I can pick up some cinnamon buns to serve at home. The birthday girl is turning 6 so the ooey-gooey, icing covered type is preferable. I am happy to heat them up at home.

Vegetarian recs in Berryville, VA and surrounding area?

Thank you all very much! I really appreciate your recommendations.

Quiet dinners in Baltimore?

Meet 27 in Remington is my current 'food crush. Laid back. Good food suitable fro those with many different dietary restraictions.
The one draw back is that, at least temporarily it is BYOB.

If I go to Baltimore, MD what kind of foods are the known for other than crabs and crab cakes? Thanks.

Berger cookies

Vegetarian recs in Berryville, VA and surrounding area?

My husband and I have planned a last-minute trip for next week to a hotel in Berryville, VA. We plan to visit some historic sites and vineyards. Does anyone know of restaurants in the area that have good vegetarian options? Recommendations for hole-in-the wall venues or fancy restaurants are welcome.


Mount Vernon/Baltimore

There are many good choices in and around Mt. Vernon. Some of my favorities are The Helmand (get the pumpkin appetizer), Feast @4East and Brewer's Art. I prefer Brewer's Art for the bees rather than the food. In my experience the food quality is uneven. As a whole I prefer their bar food.

Brewer's Art
1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Restaurants/bars in Scranton

Second the Old Forge pizza recommendation- Revello's or Calarusso's.

Visit Carmella's for a great Italian meal. . No website - hard to - find - so worth it!

Eat pierogies. The majority of places serve them. Be sure to ask if they're handmade.

Revello's Cafe
502 S Main St, Old Forge, PA 18518

May 26, 2010
maceda in Pennsylvania