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Proper English Breakfasts

Any good recs for a good proper English breakfast. Staying near Piccadilly Circus. Blood sausage is ok!!!!

Sep 05, 2012
bukowski333 in U.K./Ireland

Anniversary Dinner

The wife and I are heading over to London for a long weekend to celebrate 5 years together. I looked up Marco Pierre Whites Wheelers at St. James and got mixed reviews. Would love some input, positive/negative, or any other suggestions. My wife's suffers from a fearful palate so we can't be to adventurous or probably a tasting menu. Thanks to all who respond.

Jul 18, 2012
bukowski333 in U.K./Ireland

Place to buy fresh pasta?

you'll be going to more trouble to get it, than to make it. Takes about 30 min. and it really is better.


I 2nd the Bauerwurst. Also, Thirsty Bernie's is worth checking out, they have german style barfood and good beer.

Thirsty Bernie
2163 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22207

Herb Garden for a Novice

Mint does well w/o that much sun too. Wilts w/ too much.

May 24, 2010
bukowski333 in Gardening

pig roast help

Might want to email these people, event planners in the area. Have dealt w/ them a couple times and their pretty resourceful. Might have some suggestions for you. Not sure of any places in/outside the area that would do that all in one.

Italian meats in DC

Arrow Wine in Arlington is good, might not have all the deli meat you want, but I have always been happy w/ the quality there. tons of good cheese too. The Italian Store right down the street from Arrow might be helpful. Then Balducci's in McLean, they have the biggest selection I've found.

Italian Store
3123 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22201

Free for Take Out

Got the night off from my spouse whose a picky eater, unlike me. Any suggestions for good take out, thinking Minerva Express or Four Sisters, but feel like something new. My driving range is from Ballston to Tysons, any suggestions.

Four Sisters Restaurant
Strawberry Ln Falls Church VA, Strawberry Ln Falls Church, VA

Ballston Cafe
4601 Fairfax Dr Lbby 2, Arlington, VA 22203

Dried beans?

I can 2nd ranchogordo for quantity and quality when the beans actually cooked. For some reason I couldn't get all of the beans in a batch to cook, some where left still too al dente if i may. Any suggestions. Tried cooking the hell out of them and soaking overnight.

Need recommendation for Old Town

The Majestic.

PX for drinks??? Pretty cool/chic place. Try to sit at bar. Drinks are amazing, need rez.


Hanks Oyster Bar.

Restaurant Eve. Pricey.

Chart House, on the water. Good place to walk to.

Restaurant Eve
110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Amazing Bday Dinner


Restaurant Eve.

Restaurant Eve
110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

Mushroom Season

Balducci's in McLean gets fresh Morels during the season. Got some really good/big (3-4 inches) ones last week, but they need to re up, all the good ones are gone last time I checked on Monday. Might be worth a shot instead of waiting for the farmer's markets. Plus that store is awesome.

600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Wineries that will ship?

Chrysalis Winery, which is near Middleburg. I have gotten wine shipped to me from them before. All of their wine's are pretty decent, my fav is their Sarah's Patio Red, perfect for antipasta. Albarino's good too, but the Patio is the best deal.

Apr 06, 2010
bukowski333 in Wine

Where to buy a suckling pig?

haven't tried them out, but they got recomended. let us know how it goes.

Paris, Dijon, Sancerre, Beaune

thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately we ruled out Sancerre b/c it's a 3 hr dr. and we want to spend the most time we can out of the car. Stinks b/c Le Chat looked really good, luv places like that. Defintely going to hit Ma Cuisine, got a lot of good reviews per what I found on net to add to urs. do you all know of any good hotels at reasonable prices??? found a couple, but were leaving it pretty wide open, not booking till we get there since it's non-tourist season.

Feb 19, 2010
bukowski333 in France

Where to buy canned pumpkin?

You can buy some butternutsquash and then boil it and mash it yourself. Most of the time the canned is butternut anyways and then you can control the taste more and don't have to deal w/ the perservatives. .

Paris, Dijon, Sancerre, Beaune

going to this three cities next week. I'll be in Paris for four days and the others for a day each. Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for places to eat or wineries to visit while am down there. Can't afford top rated restaurants, just need good food for the Euro. Any suggestions??? Pate and headcheese welcome.

Feb 17, 2010
bukowski333 in France


Saw the article in the post today, just wanted to see y'alls opinion. Anybody have any experience w/ the butcher or delicatessen??? Want to see if it's worth the hype.

New to Courthouse, Arlington, VA

thanks for all the suggestions. Tried Pho 75 last night just for something quick and I was satisfied and surprised. Looks a little run down, but aesthetics aside pretty darn good for the money you put down. Looking forward to tryin all the suggestions, thanks again!!

New to Courthouse, Arlington, VA

Just moved here from Richmond, right near Rays Hells Burger, which I tried the other day and made me feel like it was my 1st time eating a burger. Dying to try Rays the Steaks, but wanted to see if there are any other good local restaurants around the Courthouse area. Just looking for a good feel and moderate prices. Any suggestions.