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tarry tavern dinner

On a very busy day of the year-Mother's Day-we were the last table and enjoyed a very tasty meal at Tarry Tavern. Thanks to the hospitality of the owner my MIL was super thrilled. Service was good and all the food combinations were interesting and enjoyed by all. Love the use of different ingredients (sunchokes, wild rice, farro, swiss chard, salsify, dates etc.)
Thanks for the extra TLC Henry. We hope to be back soon! Be sure to try the Gnocchi and desserts too! They are doing a class for WCC in the Fall.

Any Westchester/CT Restaurants with live MUSIC???

I live close by but it is too noisy from the bar scene so have not gone back. But food was ok. will try again when can sit outdoors.

Good food in Ardsley?

Try La Catena in Ardsley where the Japanese used to be. It is very good and the chef is very nice. He also has done classes for WCC continuing Ed that have gotten rave reviews. Check out the next one for Spring

La Catena in Ardsley: Any feedback yet?

GLad it was as good as our class. The chef is very nice and the bartender of which you speak took our class even though she works there. She is super. He is doing another class in the Spring. come join in the fun!

La Catena in Ardsley: Any feedback yet?

He made clams casino, and a Portobello mushroom in a balsamic reduction, Vittela Alla Sorrentina-Veal Scallopine, Prosciutto, Eggplant, Mozzarella in a brown sauce; Red Snapper Livornese-a light marinara sauce with capers, anchovies, and green olives; and Chicken Paisano-simmered in vinegar peppers, served with crisp potatoes. Homemade La Catena cheesecake made with Gran Marnier. All were very good. Take the class in the Fall.

39 John St, Kingston, NY 12401

Diners in Armonk, Briarcliff, Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Mt. Pleasant, and Pleasantville?

Have not read all 43 posts but...Mt. Kisco Coach best food around and not just diner food. Steaks, fish, duck specials. Has organic selections also. Nice people and cleaner than most diners.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

NY border of Stamford so that is the closest one...only 15-20 minutes. But understand about the thread thing...I def. have noticed the prices increasing a lot each time I go about every other week or is a bummer. really liked the product selections...

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

I think whole pay check is also coming to Mt. Kisco...wish it were Trader Joe's instead...Shoprite everyday stuff but not thrilled with produce. Like quality and service at Scott's Corners in Pound Ridge. Meat is good. It is a small market.

Best Value Grocery Shopping in Westchester?

Some things have been creeping up in Stamford since opening but they say it the cost of the gas driving the prices.

Any Westchester/CT Restaurants with live MUSIC???

Opus 465

Opus 465
465 Main Street, Armonk, NY 10564

La Catena in Ardsley: Any feedback yet?

I agree with the name thing as it sounds like the Mexican that was on the parkway many years is in fact a very good Italian restaurant. The chef recently did a class for WCC continuing Ed in the restaurant and the food was terrific. He is doing another class in the fall. Taste of Westchester program.
They fun some great price specials also.

Lemon Tree in Dobbs Ferry

Oishii in Mt. Kisco is super and great service too.

Lemon Tree in Dobbs Ferry

Happy that my husband's work (Gotham Design in Dobbs Ferry) designing many of the downtown restaurants you mentioned is a big part of the vital community in Dobbs Ferry. It is amazing the buzz surrounding many of the DF restaurants in prominent food publications. Many of the great reviews have the town on the map. The spaces they house are a hit too!

Fancy Lunch in Westchester

The Cookery is amazing. Hope you get there.He and many other local chefs are doing cooking demos for WCC adult education A Taste of Westchester program.
You get to eat what they show you how to make in their restaurant. Fun classes.

Red Velvet cake in Westchester

The Cupcake Kitchen in Irvington makes RV cupcakes them every weekend with cream cheese frosting. They take orders for RV cakes and can do any style.

Moderne Barn Rest. in Armonk?

True the place is spectacular in design. The woodwork is most amazing. The family is most gracious going table to table. My parents were with us and they did return to give it a second try a week later but were again disappointed with the food only. As a matter of fact they left there and went to the diner for dessert. Dad also hated the matzoh ball soup. As dad says you can't eat the service. But the service was terrific on both occasions. I had the beet salad with strawberries that was very good but some of our orders were a miss. We hope that time will help the kitchen to be as lovely as the decor. We will try it again in a month or so to see if the food has gotten better.
Rexford-funny accident that the dessert you had was spelled desert as it was very dry!

Lemon Tree in Dobbs Ferry

We finally got to try this Asian "find". It was very good. The service is great. We got to sit outside and the bi-fold windows were open which made us feel still a part of the bustling restaurant. The downtown is a fun place to be and this restaurant adds to the great choices. The Jazz concerts on the water start next Wed. Lemon Tree is a great "to go" spot to bring a picnic down to the waterside.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week--Your Picks?

I was fortunate enough to be able to be a guest blogger on Small Bites for Liz Johnson. It made me go to many more than I usually try. Friends and family were recruited to try new spots with me. I made it to La Panatiere(disappointed), Sweet Grass Grill (very good see blog on SB), The Cookery (amazing can't wait to go back), Rye Grill (beautiful surroundings see blog on SB), Marc Charles Steakhouse (great dinner and chef), X20 (great views and a visit from Peter Kelly), Zuppa (one of the best tried with a party of 20), Tramonto (see blog on SB), and a new place Rainwater Grill (beautiful interior see blog on SB). In all we had a fun 2 weeks but happy it happens only once a year. Many of them said that they might be keeping a pice fix menu for awhile so check them out. The most creative food and marrying of ingredients was The Cookery. The service and attentiveness goes to the manager at Zuppa, Edi Dedi. He was amazing at juggling us all. The views are still top notch at X20 and meeting Peter himself was a nice touch. Sweet Grass Grill was also creative and delicious. Thanks everyonoe for all your input throughout the last few weeks. It is fun reading what FOODIES think. Great cooking demonstrations are offered from WCC continuing education. They take place with chefs in local restaurants and then you get to enjoy the prepared food. Check it out at I hope to see you at some of these great demos.

Lemon Tree in Dobbs Ferry

My husband at Gotham Design in Dobbs Ferry did the designing of the build out for this new restaurant. They have designed the look of many of the downtown restaurants in Dobbs Ferry. All that has come back to him is that the food is super and very different from the norm. Everyone he has talked to in regard to this new space has had favorable reviews for the space itself and the food. We can't wait to try it!

Yet Another Ridiculous Asian Fusion Bistro in Mt. Kisco

Mt. Kisco Oiishi has been consistantly good for the past year. I am not a sushi eater but have witnessed some beautiful displays on other plates. Their other food is delicious and the service is superb. The lunch special is a great value and well worth the trip. Don't let the outside appearance next to Dunkin' Donuts fool you, as inside is a modern decor. I visit other Chinese places and are always dissappointed in comparison. WCC is hosting a cooking demonstration there on 3/13. Go to to look at the offerings and sign up. Again, I would definately try Oiishi, it is worth it.

Chinese in Westchester

Oishii in Mt. Kisco is where it is at. In WP Aisian Temptation is good too.