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Good Bakeries in New Hampshire

I'm looking for some good bakeries in New Hampshire. I live in Concord and I know Bread and Chocolate has a nice selection of tarts, cakes, and other desserts. Any recommendations of places to check out? I love a good bakery! Thanks!

Jan 19, 2010
ashbandicoot in Northern New England

Pubs/Bars That Serve Food in Pasadena

Brit's Restaurant and Pub, I've never been but it's name has come up before when I was looking for a pub in Pasadena for my uncle.

1770 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Nov 18, 2007
ashbandicoot in Los Angeles Area

vegetarian and meat eaters unite

Looking for a place where meat eaters and vegans can share a Saturday night dinner. Preferably near Pasadena.


Oct 25, 2007
ashbandicoot in Los Angeles Area

Any real frozen custard in town?

I second Strickland's @ UCI. One of my favorite stops as an undergrad. The people who own the place run it day to day, are super friendly and know the product. Very good frozen custard.

Oct 23, 2007
ashbandicoot in Los Angeles Area

Poll: What restaurants do you eat in most often?

Honda Ya
Thai Nakorn
Rite-Aid (Thrifty's Ice Cream)
Mas' Islamic Chinese
taco stand in Pomona (next to the drag strip)
Felix Continental Cafe
Sakai Japanese Restaurant

Sep 22, 2007
ashbandicoot in Los Angeles Area

Japanese-style ice cream/frozen yogurt

Thank you Chowpatty and bulavinaka for your recommendations, my brother and I will have to try these two places out.

Mikawaya sounds like it might be what he's looking for. I'll report back when we try it.

Mitsuwa's green tea soft serve sounds so interesting I just have to try it. Bulavinaka, love the description of the green tea flavor!

Thanks again!

Aug 25, 2007
ashbandicoot in Los Angeles Area

Japanese-style ice cream/frozen yogurt

My brother recently returned from a trip to Japan and besides raving about the amazing toilets they have, he says he misses the ice cream/frozen yogurt he had there. From his descriptions he said the taste is different than any ice cream he's had before, the consistency is along the lines of frozen yogurt or custard, and has a glossy type look to it.

Anyone know of a place in LA or OC that serves this?


Aug 24, 2007
ashbandicoot in Los Angeles Area