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best coffee and/or best pastry within a 10 minute walk of Union Station?

I agree with your assessment here... for the PATH as well I like the coffees as MosMos -Commerce Court East tower... some serious lines here sometimes..

Farenheit for sure when I have 10 or so minutes to walk one way (from yonge/king) - thus from Union is about 15.

Business dinner & roundtable options near Old Montreal

thanks!.. I think we'll go with Toque... cheers.

Business dinner & roundtable options near Old Montreal


In the fall, my firm will be conducting a consultation/round-table for 30 clients +/- 5 or so.

The requirements are:
• Business-orientated (ie. quiet)
• Must have a private-Room
• Seats 25-35 ppl
• Near Westin hotel

Any ideas and thoughts are much appreciated!


Best Portuguese Chicken / Churrasco

I'm a huge fan of the stuff, not just for taste, but one of the better bang for your buck cuisines.

I'd like to think I've had take out at most of the "popular" or "well known" places, but I think I stumbled on one that trumped them all:
St. Matthews at 527 Rogers Rd (by Old Weston). I only had a chicken and medium potatoes, but the chicken flavour just had this extra taste that was a tad different (in a good way), the sauce was extremely tasty and the potatoes excellent. I'll look forward to sampling more of their offerings!

By background my other favs are:
O Barraidino (Landsdowne)
Costa Verde (Oakwood)
Estrela (Keele)

I'm still looking to try Churrasqueira Martins on Rogers (they have a sit down restaurant beside it - anyone been?)

That said, I still often go to Sardinha O Rei dos Frangos just because it's a tad cheaper and the portions are the biggest I've found, but I do find the chicken a bit dry at times.

First time - 2 dinners & 2 lunches (from Toronto)

Thanks - Do you say this because it doesn't taste good or that it isn't "authentic"?

First time - 2 dinners & 2 lunches (from Toronto)

Hi All,

Coming from Toronto for two days later this week - I'd be interested in a few recommendations on either 1) something would be hard pressed/impossible to find its equal in Toronto, and/or 2) something standout. 3) Probably not Chinese (unless I'm ridiculous in omitting this cuisine)

As I'm there for business, there is a good chance the meals will be solo.

How does Kingyo Vancouver stack against Toronto's? Is it recommended for the type of restaurant?

Vij for Indian?

Anything else?

I'll be downtown focused, willing to take short cab rides if necessary.


Dinner for Thursday night

Thanks EaterBob!

Dinner for Thursday night

OK - I'll have a look - thanks.. I could go "a little" more expensive should that equal high quality. I do agree though Holder is great for the price.


Dinner for Thursday night

Thanks for the reply... as mentioned - similar price-point to Holder, and something "different' than a typical Toronto restaurant (ie. no Chinese food).

Willing to cab - but don't have to should there be good options around as well.


Dinner for Thursday night

Hi all,

I travel to MTL once per month on business, and go to Holder restaurant frequently. Would be looking for something of equal cost. Staying @ Westin (near Holder), but can cab it if there is good option. I'll leave it in your good hands to recommend something (I like everything) - but perhaps something "different" from where I'm from - Toronto.


Food events Toronto - Where to find them in advance?

Yes I know - just noticed it.. thats what happens when I write in a rush...


Food events Toronto - Where to find them in advance?

Sorry if this has been covered, but is there a good resource (website to discover where upcoming food events will be happening in Toronto? I see many that are posted last minute, but say for some that require advanced tickets etc.

Thanks in advance!

PS - know of any good ones coming up? :)

Montreal this Sat-Tues - Cheap Food/Good Coffee - with 3.5 month old!

OK, so I'm back from MTL, and thought I'd update. We managed to get to a few places listed mixed in a couple of home cooked meals.
Fairmount Bagels - thought perhaps that they had more "full sandwich" type of meals as I went there for takeout on the way out of the city. Fortunately, they had the cream cheese/salmon which I adore, wife not into the salmon (in general). I also grabbed a 1/2 dozen for the road. (Kem Coba? close to Fairmount was packed, so as we were in a rush, no chance of trying)

Bocadillo - I think they weren't too bad - I believe I had pulled pork, and wife a chicken marinara-type sandwich. Friendly staff - and reasonable combo for $24 together. I think I lived the Arepera on Duluth more, albeit I had that a year ago...

We actually did make it up to Nostos - about 20 min from where we were at. I'm not sure if it was BETTER than some options in Toronto, but it was comparable to some of the ones I'm fond of (Pantheon, Astoria). I liked their salad as it was a bit different from what I usually get here. We had calamari + spanokopita apps, wife had butterfly shrimp meal, and I had a meal (pork + chicken). Portions, flavour, presentation all very nice for a casual resto. Very good to bring the little guy too :)

Lastly, I did try Romados on Sunday. I called ~730pm, but they werent taking any more phone orders. So I walked over and waited 30 minutes or so..... I DO think that this is now my new favorite Portuguese chicken! I was very surprised even with all the reviews. The way they kept it very moist, and the flavour profile was just a bit different that what I've had here in Toronto. The fries are very good as well! As a frequent eater of chicken places in Toronto, I would rather sway to eating potato/rice over fries (former common here) but that is not to take away from the meal I had. VERY impressed!

Sadly, didn't really have a chance to hit up and ice cream or coffee joints, but all noted for next time!

I come to MTL once/month on business (stay downtown) so this was a good mix.. thanks all for your help!

Montreal this Sat-Tues - Cheap Food/Good Coffee - with 3.5 month old!

I like this Nostos idea.. I will definitely try to fit this one in!

St Viateur - I've been, unless it was Fairmont (cant remember) :), I guess I should go back....!

Any any brkfst recommendations?

There is supposed to be an abudance of mid-east (lebanese etc) food as well in MTL, correct?

Montreal this Sat-Tues - Cheap Food/Good Coffee - with 3.5 month old!

Yes, I don't mind the distance, as we can "sightsee" on the way...perhaps we can stop by on the way out of the city when going westward....

Montreal this Sat-Tues - Cheap Food/Good Coffee - with 3.5 month old!

Yes - Arerepa I've been - very cool joint!

Montreal this Sat-Tues - Cheap Food/Good Coffee - with 3.5 month old!

Actaully Pupusas is one of my "go to" foods here, there is a few good joints. It may not be top of my list, but it's good to throw in my back pocket in case I do get a craving while there. thanks for the suggestion.

Montreal this Sat-Tues - Cheap Food/Good Coffee - with 3.5 month old!

How does Romados compare with anything in Toronto (if you know)?

Montreal this Sat-Tues - Cheap Food/Good Coffee - with 3.5 month old!

Hi all,

Coming from Toronto, will be with wife and small 3.5 month old (hopefully sleeping while we eat).
Looking for cheap, rather casual (takeout or suitable for the young one) - for any breakfast / lunch / dinner / snack / coffee break suggestions.

WIll be staying in the Plateau area. But will have car so I can drive, or take transit - not an issue at all.

Open to anything that is either 1) very good 2) very "Montreal" and/or 3) something difficult to find in Toronto.

On a side note - if there is anything special in the Mexican and also Central American cuisine, I'm open to suggestions.


"Valdez" by Steve Gonzalez opening.. in a month?

So, how come their website can't say anything about the menu or anything about the resto?

King's Tacos & Tenoch Mexican -both on St. Clair W - both excellent

Here is the website:

I'm fond of Alambre tacos.

The Quesadillas are small and suitable for an app, and I enjoyed the tostada de tinga.

The Breakfast dishes are quite nice too :


I've been itching to go on a Sunday when basically everyone is ordering the lamb barbacoa...

King's Tacos & Tenoch Mexican -both on St. Clair W - both excellent

I've read a lot about Mexican over the years. Fortunately, the quality (and variety) has improved in Toronto over the past few years with the likes of Playa Cabana, Grand Electric etc.

For a simpler, and very authentic (and casual) experience, I highly recommend:

1) King's Taco (St Clair W, just west of Dufferin)
The owners are extremely pleasant, and bring a chain (or 4-6?) restaurants from Chihuahua state in Mexico. The flavours are strong, and tasty, the portions are very generous, as are the massive amount of complimentary "real" nachos with 3 salsas they give you prior to dinner. Avg price is $11-14.
FYI- no alcohol.

2) Tenoch (St Clair W, just east of Oakwood).
Service has been a bit slow, but I feel its worth it for their food. Just like above, very casual atmostphere - they may have a few other dishes that KT doesn't, plus sometimes I like eating 3 tacos instead of the 4/5 that KT serves. No free apps though. At least there are cheap drinks. Avg prices $10-15.

I've eaten at KT about 7-8 times (so-so busy during week, PACKED on weekends), and Tencoch 4-5 times, always fairly busy, but closes at 730 Tues-Thurs(!), 1030 I think weekends. Both have a very strong Hispanic patronage (if that means anything to you).

Even though they are simple restaurants, I totally think that it's worth the drive/TTC up to check both out as they are standouts to most of the competition.

Holy Chuck... Priest has nothing on this place.

2-3 times a week! How many calories are you eating? :)

Yes, I think HC is top-notch, my only qualms is that I don't feel like eating a burger for another week at least afterwards, and their somewhat fast-food over-simple dining area. For that, I very much like Stockyards (great burger too- just different, but has a "fun" atmosphere).

Asada Mexican Grill

Cool - it's right where I live - I'll try to eat there in the upcoming days and post back...

Good and Fun Restaurants for a small group of couples

Sorry! We are late 20's, early 30's so our idea of fun would be a simliar aged-crowd, and then go to a lounge after.

Thanks again.

Good and Fun Restaurants for a small group of couples

First time poster...

Looking for a fun, and reasonably priced (not too casual, but not fine-dining) restaurant for a group of 4 couples. Hopefully good food too! Any cuisine is OK, as long as it is in a "fun" part of town so we can go out after.

Many thanks in advance.